Pre-order Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes on PS3, get Peace Walker HD

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Pre-order Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes on PS3, get Peace Walker HD

Limited time offer starts today on PlayStation Store

On 20th March, Big Boss – the Legendary Soldier, will be landing on your PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 with Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes; the highly anticipated first part of the Metal Gear Solid V experience. We are really excited to bring Hideo Kojima’s latest creation to your consoles and, because we would like all our players to make the most of it, we are offering a pretty sweet deal for all PS3 owners who pre-order Ground Zeroes via PlayStation Store.
The Metal Gear saga is known for its deep and compelling story, its gallery of unique and faceted characters, as well as being at the forefront of innovation, which have all secured the series a permanent place within the Gaming Hall of Fame and in gamers’ hearts. We are extremely proud to have such a strong and enthusiastic fan-base, who are constantly showing their love for the franchise. But there has never been a better time for newcomers to immerse themselves in the Metal Gear Solid Universe!
The main protagonist in Metal Gear Solid V is ‘Big Boss’; the ultimate soldier, a man of honour constantly on the battlefield. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes follows the tragic events of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (released on PSP in 2010), which featured Big Boss in command of his own military group: ‘Militaires Sans Frontières’, the creation of its headquarters ‘Mother Base’ and introduced us to key characters featured in the MGS saga.
To give everyone the opportunity to discover the story of Big Boss and the events leading to Ground Zeroes, we teamed up with Sony to provide you an amazing offer, available to all PlayStation 3 users. Pre-order Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes on PlayStation Store and receive a digital copy of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD for free!
The offer will end on 20th March 2014, so you know what you have to do now. Whether you are new to Metal Gear or a veteran of the saga, you cannot miss the opportunity of (re)discovering what makes MGS such a unique and well-loved game franchise.
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2 Author Replies

  • Not bad, although I still can’t understand how come Peace Walker HD didn’t end up on the VITA?

  • What about a PS4 pre-order?

  • You searched for: Ground Zeroes
    0 Matches
    EU PS Store is a joke, there are no PS4 games in the “Coming Soon” to pre-order despite Infamous and Ground Zeroes coming out next week.

  • Ridiculous sale! I should get Ground Zeroes for free, as well as Phantom Pain, and a PlayStation 3 to play them on! What is my Plus subscription for otherwise?!
    Nah, just playing with you guys! :P Great sale and should help flesh out the universe for new adopters – I’d bite but I’ve already pre-ordered on PS4 so the PS3 will have to be content with South Park and Lightning Returns for the minute :D

  • So if I pre-order for PS4, I can’t get Peace Walker HD for PS3?
    This doesn’t seem to do a very good job of promoting the PS4?
    Also @TheLegendOfMart, it’s hardly surprising, since it’s Wednesday, and the store updates on Wednesday, and this announcement was made on Wednesday, before the store does it’s weekly Wednesday update, so I’d say that later on this Wednesday the store will show Ground Zeroes. (just for clarification, this post was made on a Wednesday).

  • @Helrain and the PS4 has been out for 4 months and still hasn’t been any games in “Coming Soon” section.

  • Rather bizarre, have to say. PS4 people can’t pre-order, they pay £10 more, and they don’t get any sort of extra for free. Sets a bad precedent.

  • I’d like to know:
    1) Why no PS Vita version of MGS Peace Walker HD? Plz Kojima-san, we don’t want the unplayable PSP version…
    2) Can’t we buy the PS4 version of GZ instead?
    3) When The Phantom Pain is released in the future, will the GZ prologue be included in the full game?

  • * Jat1210 12 March, 2014 @ 11:34 am
    What about a PS4 pre-order?*
    for PS4 preorders you get a “price-match” to the US price lol

  • Riiight, I would pre-order Ground Zeroes IF I ACTUALLY COULD. Wait, I wouldn’t as I have Peace Walker on both HD Collection and Legacy Collection, and I don’t plan on buying GZ for PS3. Not that anyone in EU can, anyway.

  • Good deal but not interested.
    The pure concept of Ground Zeroes is meh and probably it will costs 29,9€ while I would pay 19,9€ for the whole digital package on PS3.
    I don’t own a PS4…still but I see more and more people complaining about they’re being unable to pre-order.
    Come on. Fix the digital market SCEE. .-.-

  • What no pre order incentive on PS4 Lol Konami is making this game into a hard sell , I hope there is a sale for Peace Walker HD when Ground Zeros comes out .

  • I have the BluRay PS4 version pre-ordered. Why, being the most expensive version, doesn’t it include a Peace Walker HD download code for PS3 and the digital PS3 pre-order (the cheapest one) does?

  • “Pre-Order Ground Zeroes on PS4 and get… nothing”
    oh well, at least it’s 1080p 60fps..

  • This is an interesting offer for PS3 owners but you should really review your offers across your platforms for those who also own Vitas and PS4s. I should be able to pre-order this for my PS4 and still get Peace Walker HD for my PS3 the same way I should be able to pre-order Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster for my Vita and still get the DLC for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII on my PS3.

  • Been wanting to preorder this game for months, but TO THIS DAY the games hasn’t shown up on the PS Store and when I look for It I only get:
    Metal Gear Rising: Revengance
    Metal Gear Solid
    Metal Gear Solid: Peace Maker
    Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
    Why would you make it harder for people to buy your games? I just don’t get it

  • What?! No love for PS4 owners? Boooo!!!

  • i’m searching ps store and… nothing happend. where is this offer? Sony pls

  • Shame not on PS4, i’ll get this for ps4 still….once the price comes down

  • EU PS Store… There are no PS4 games in the “Coming Soon” to pre-order. Nevermind Infamous SecondSon and MetalGear Ground Zeroes coming out… NEXT WEEK.

  • No GZ on PS Store. No GZ on PS Store. Give it a break. The Store will be updated later today. Stop acting like fools.

  • ouch. £10 cheaper on ps3, and Peace Walker HD thrown in for free. So happy i got my ps4 now :( /Shafted

  • Are we going to see a PS4 pre-order as we????

  • why are people saying the game isnt in the uk/eu store coming soon section on ps4,perhaps the fact the uk/eu store on ps4 hasnt got a coming soon section would be the first hint lol.scee should start updating the ps4 store when you look at the scea store that has gotten better since ps4 launch yet uk/eu store is stuck in a rut it hasnt even got a “new this week” section.
    as for ps4 pre orders on the store i remember one of the blog folk say a few weeks ago that they are “looking into adding pre orders on the store” i dont see what needs looking into as other sce regions can do it but that all adds into the scee lack of effort in parts

  • Sorry and is this a day 1 on PS4 Store cuz i want a digital copy for my PS4,

  • Cool offer for those who want to play GZ on PS3. I’m waiting for my physical PS4 copy though.

  • This game is a joke and worth 5€

  • £25 for the PS4 version of Amazon UK for those looking to pre order, digital is probably gona be higher and for a 2hr game…….I think I’ll get the retail version.

  • Bloodthirsty go to store, press games then under new press coming soon………

  • 2 hour game is 2 hour game. Only fans will buy it. PS4 edition is already available to order for 20UKP in online stores…

  • I’ve been searching for the pre-order in the EU Store but i don’t find anything… How can I pre-order the game?

  • And for those who pre-order PS4 version…nothing, yeah
    Bearing in mind that PS3 is also cheaper (why?), it’s hardly fair for PS4 owners

  • @TheLegendOfMart im on the store now (uk) I press games and the only options I see are top games, featured add ons, playstation plus, ps3 to ps4 upgrades, all games & add ons, and a section for new or coming soon option

  • @TheLegendOfMart, There is no “New” section under “Games” on PS4 store in the UK. Like BTM I have been searching the store for a pre-order but no luck.
    I have instead decided to pre-orderd a physical retail copy from Amazon UK. As much as I really wanted to d/load this & play immediately upon release I couldn’t pass up the opportunity once amazon told me it was the last day before they could guarantee delivery on release day & in the past sent out copies early… :D

  • no more than 5€ for this demo

  • @musachi86 thanks for confirming I was right, I knew I wasnt blind lol

  • Can’t find it in the store >_>

  • Hang on, when is the game released?
    20th or 21st?

  • To the authors of articles like this, please spare your self the hassle of a million ‘Cant find it, this sucks’ comments and mention that it won’t be live until the store updates, its obvious for most of us, but the rest haven’t figured it out.
    This is a great offer and i’m really pleased, keep up the good work!

  • Cant find ground zeroes on EU PS store … Or this is only valid for people living outside EU??

  • Nice offer but a shame that it isn’t being offered for the PS4 version.

  • It really doesn’t make any sense to sell it this way, why can’t the deal extend to the PS4? Sure some people might not have a PS3 but who cares? It’s not like it’s any more expensive.
    I was actually about to throw down a pre order, thinking I could pre order the PS4 version, but now that I realize I can’t get the version I want I’m going back to doing what I had already planned on doing: waiting for the inevitable price drop after a few weeks and picking it up second hand.
    You wanna save this? PS4 pre order with Peacewalker HD for PS3 or a DLC PS4 bundle with at least a discount on the DLC price.
    Goddamn it Konami what were you thinking? Surely the PS4 version nets you more profit.

  • Does the offert really start today? The store was already been updated and no ground zeroes :/

  • never mind about all this,what the heck is going on with the ps4 network! cant sign in,store not working,doesn’t show friends list,bf4 not working,i reset my router 3 times and still got the same rubbish….fix it! not amused!

  • Peace Walker by itself is easily worth 20 euros, and the PS3 version is the best way to play it. Definitely a nice offer!

  • again, nice offer, but if i will buy the game, i will do it for ps4

  • I literally check the store every few hours so I can pre-order it. When can I expect to actually see it? Not trying to sound spiteful but maybe you should’ve put it up on the store before or soon after the article was posted.

  • Seems like I’m not the only one who just can’t find the game in store. What are we supposed to pre-order, air? Weird…

  • Thanks for the great news Sony! :)
    One question: will this offer be available in the United States?
    Thanks again~

  • Oh yes, and much kudos to Konami, of course! ♥

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