Call of Duty discounts on PlayStation Store start today

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Call of Duty discounts on PlayStation Store start today

Two-week sale on games and DLC, including Ghosts and Black Ops II

Make sure you visit PlayStation Store today and over the next two weeks to pick up discounts on iconic titles and DLC from the Call of Duty franchise! These discounts go live today once the store has updated and will run until 25th March, so make sure you grab them while you can. Enjoy!

Full games:

Call of Duty Ghosts (PS4)
Was €69.99/AU$99.95/£54.99, now €47.99/AU$69.95/£37.99
Call of Duty Ghosts (PS3)
Was €69.99/AU$99.95/£49.99, now €44.99/AU$64.95/£34.99
Call of Duty Ghosts and Season Pass Bundle (PS4) (Not available in Poland, Russia, Ukraine)
Was €109.99/AU$159.95/£84.99, now: €94.99/ $129.95/ £69.99
Call of Duty Ghosts and Season Pass Bundle (PS3) (Not available in Poland, Russia, Ukraine)
Was €109.99/AU$159.95/£79.99, now €89.99/AU$129.95/£64.99
Call of Duty Black Ops II
Was €69.99/AU$99.95/£59.99, now €24.99/AU$29.95/£19.99
Call of Duty Black Ops (Not available in Bulgaria, Hungary, Qatar)
Was €49.99/AU$69.95/£39.99, now €24.99/AU$29.95/£19.99
Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare (Not available in Bulgaria, Hungary, Qatar)
Was €29.99/AU$39.95/£19.99, now €19.99/AU$24.95/£15.99
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
Was €29.99/AU$39.95/£19.99, now €24.99/AU$29.95/£19.99
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (Not available in Bulgaria, Hungary, Qatar)
Was €29.99/AU$39.95/£19.99, now €19.99/AU$24.95/£15.99
Call of Duty Classic (Not available in Bulgaria, Hungary, Qatar)
Was €14.99/AU$21.95/£11.99, now €11.99/AU$17.95/£9.69


Call of Duty Black Ops II Apocalypse
Was €14.49/AU$20.95/£11.59, now €6.99/AU$10.35/£5.49
Call of Duty Black Ops II Revolution
Was €14.49/AU$20.95/£11.59, now €6.99/AU$10.35/£5.49
Call of Duty Black Ops II Uprising
Was €14.49/AU$20.95/£11.59, now €6.99/AU$10.35/£5.49
Call of Duty Black Ops II Vengeance
Was €14.49/AU$20.95/£11.59, now €6.99/AU$10.35/£5.49
Call of Duty Black Ops Annihilation (Not available in Bulgaria, Hungary, Qatar)
Was €14.05/AU$20.35/£11.19, now €6.99/AU$10.35/£5.49
Call of Duty Black Ops Escalation (Not available in Bulgaria, Hungary, Qatar)
Was €13.59/AU$19.95/£10.69, now €6.99/AU$10.35/£5.49
Call of Duty Black Ops First Strike (Not available in Bulgaria, Hungary, Qatar)
Was €14.05/AU$20.35/£11.19, now €6.99/AU$10.35/£5.49
Call of Duty Black Ops Rezurrection (Not available in Bulgaria, Hungary, Qatar)
Was €14.05/AU$20.35/£11.19, now €6.99/AU$10.35/£5.49
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Collection 1
Was €14.05/AU$20.35/£11.19, now €6.99/AU$10.35/£5.49
Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Variety Map Pack (Not available in Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE)
Was €9.69/AU$13.95/£7.79, now €4.99/AU$7.35/£3.99
Call of Duty World at War Map Pack Bundle (Not available in Bulgaria, Hungary, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UAE)
Was €24.25/AU$35.95/£19.39, now €12.99/AU$18.45/£9.99
Call of Duty World at War Map Pack 1 (Not available in Bulgaria, Hungary, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UAE)
Was €9.69/AU$13.95/£7.79, now €4.99/AU$7.35/£3.99
Call of Duty World at War Map Pack 2 (Not available in Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UAE)
Was €9.69/AU$13.95/£7.79, now €4.99/AU$7.35/£3.99
Call of Duty World at War Map Pack 3 (Not available in Bulgaria, Hungary, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UAE)
Was €9.69/AU$13.95/£7.79, now €4.99/AU$7.35/£3.99
Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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  • No love for Vita?

  • did you guys replace a shooters sale with another shooters sale? oh you guys are giving me a headache….

  • Another pointless and crap sale – you cant even give half of what the US is able to offer in terms of sales or pricing.
    Chris can you provide an actual response to customers regarding the changes to plus:
    in last few months:
    Removed one ps3 game despite quoting earlier in the year that the ps4 would not impact on the quantity or quality of ps3 offerings.
    Changed the number of yearly updates from 13 to 12. You did this one quietly never acknowledging it until last week. EU used to get 13 to makeup for the fact that the Us igc contained more games.
    Didn’t update the yearly vita igc despite stating you would do so before the end of the year in an earlier blog post.
    You are also now not offering Driveclub- though i’d prefer a full game to a extended demo anyway

  • Prices look terrible compared to a similar CoD sale in US this week (Spring Fever 2014). Your Black Ops II is £19.99, their Black Ops II is US$35.99, which is about £21.65, but they include the Revolution map pack DLC (which you are selling £5.49). Your PS4 Ghosts is £37.99, theirs is US$39.99 (£24.06); similarly for PS3 Ghosts. I didn’t compare the rest but that seems to be the trend.
    And no PS Plus discount in your promo?

  • Call of Duty Ghosts (PS3) – Amazon £29
    Black Ops 2 – Amazon £21
    Black Ops – Amazon £15
    Modern Warfare – Amazon £11
    Modern Warfare 3 – Amazon £14
    Modern Warfare 2 – Amazon £12

  • why is it only collection 1 dlc for MW3? what about the other three which are still £11 each

  • Nothing for VITA… again.

  • This sale is beyond terrible. Shame.

  • I’ll have to agree with other commenters; this sale is pointless.
    However, I know its not your fault Sony! Its like this on every platform; when a CoD sale goes up the prices are still ridiculous, and the developers/publishers of the games are to blame. They don’t seem to realise that a CoD game can be below £5 digitally like they are in stores. Shame really, I’d probably give BO2 a go if it was under a tenner on here!

  • Classic crappy Activision sale. Hey Activison, don’t bother next time ok?

  • I hope they are just saving up a good variety of games to go on sale in the next few weeks.

  • This sale has sold its soul to the Devil.

  • €25 instead of €30 for a couple of those games is not a sale…. its an INSULT. jerks!

  • xxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyy

  • hello… ?!?!?!?
    vita users speaking….
    anyone can hear us…?
    There were not vita games on last two sales… please, send us a ray of hope… will it be any vita sales on the near future?

  • Telltale’s Walking dead : 300 days and season 2 sale please.

  • I’d bite Black Ops Declassified for 5€. Oh well.
    Seriously though. Nothing for the Vita is really disheartening. There was no 2nd anniversary sale and almost nothing last week (though I grabbed Jacob Jones so it’s something).

  • @VEZ1R_TR It’s almost as it Activision were desperately trying to claw some sales away from a larger EA FPS coming out this week……can’t imagine why ;-)

  • Im confused again :)
    So here we get 22 euro discount on the game alone.
    Call of Duty Ghosts (PS4)
    Was €69.99/AU$99.95/£54.99, now €47.99/AU$69.95/£37.99
    And here we get 15 euro discount on the game + season pass.
    Call of Duty Ghosts and Season Pass Bundle (PS4) (Not available in Poland, Russia, Ukraine)
    Was €109.99/AU$159.95/£84.99, now: €94.99/ $129.95/ £69.99
    Shouldnt the 2nd discount then not be at LEAST more than 22 euro ? Or does it get more expensive cause the pass is included ?
    I dont get it ;x

  • That’s a pretty (CENSORED) sale
    If Activision would have thrown CoD:BO:D for vita out there for 10 euros i would have gotten it, but i doubt we’ll ever see it that cheap considering they still have the guts to charge 20 euros (on sale no less, regular price is more) for the first MW, which is now nearly 7 years old.
    @SCEE you guys might want to consider not doing a sale at all if this is the best activision is willing to do on prices, every single one of the sale prices is well above retail, and it’s kind of insulting, it just creates a lot of negativity on the blog/in the community.
    Speaking of which, are you guys ever going to address the complaints about the regression in PS+ service (one less PS3 game per month, one less update per year, and a general lapse in quality on the Vita front)? It would be nice to at least have SCEE acknowledge that you are hearing us, even if you cant fix it right away, but every single comment on the blog here is ignored by SCEE staff.

  • why can’t we get just the ghosts season pass on sale without the game? why these stupid bundles?? And i agree with the rest here the prices for the older titles are still way too high

  • call of duty classic 12€ instead of 15€ ??? how many years old is this game ? :D i wasted more money reading this blog post in my worktime.

  • Je déteste ce jeu….J’aurais tellement préféré voir un lego en promo…
    I hate this game…I would have so much preferred to see a lego in special offer..

  • @Basket21 its because activision does not discount the current season pass, ever.
    tho in your example they actually do by 3€ which is kinda weird and NEVER happened before.

  • No love for Vita makes me really sad :( I really hoped for some good deals this week…

  • Joke of a sale. CEX prices:
    Ghosts – £25
    Black Ops 2 – £12
    Black Ops – £5
    MW3 – £4
    Call of Duty 4 – £4
    MW2 – £3

  • I know this will never happen but people need to stop moaning!
    Will physical copy’s nearly always be cheaper? Yes!
    Will the eu prices ever match the us? No!
    You all know these facts and yet you still moan like union loving postal workers.
    The answer to these issues is simple. Just buy cheap second hand stuff from Amazon and make an us account to get the cheap us stuff. You can buy us credit online so it’s extremely easy. I know that will only be useful on ps3 but it is still better than nothing.
    Lastly if you lot are really that miffed by the sale and ps+ IGC then just sell the PlayStation and get an xbox so you can moan on there forums instead.

  • Wow. Not that sales aren’t appreciated, but when the original price is so high and the discount brings it to normal retail prices, it’s not really a sale.

  • As always, no love for Vita. Where’s our Black Ops Declassified discount?

  • Once again, no love for Vita. Does this terrible discount count as the Deal of the Week?

  • @vectormatic How is the sale ‘insulting’. If you don’t like any of the prices ignore the sale. I’m not interested in CoD so instead of complaining about the CoD sale I wait for the next sale. And how can you complain about the free games you get every month. Most get plus for 30 pound on sale, and get like 5 games a month, you wouldn’t believe someone could complain about this.

  • @RoboAddy You say that as if you’re entitled to a discount. If you want the game then buy it

  • Call of Duty 4, released nearly seven years ago, available for just over £4 on Amazon – “discounted” to £16. Really?

  • To all the people wanting a COD:BOD (Vita) discount, it was on sale for pretty much all of February……yet you’re all acting like it hasn’t ever been on sale……

  • @fmykdisbad
    If you’re wasting so much time reading in work, seeing as how time is money, you could always not post multiple times to call people “jerks” like a petulant child – just a thought!
    I will honestly never understand this mindset – if it’s cheaper somewhere else, surely you could just…buy it there instead?
    Really? For the love of Kutagari, can we not stop complaining about that already? If you’re not happy, don’t renew, or purchase a different console.
    Reading blog posts is becoming increasingly depressing lately – it’s like measured thought, logical arguments and fleshed out opinions don’t exist any more, they’ve been overtaken by “righteous crusaders of truth” who “will not stop until they get answers!”

  • @alex115
    There are no ”free games” under a paid (€50 ≈ $68) subscription. Get your facts straight.

  • @Alex115
    About the “free” games, i paid for my subscription, when sony said it’ll be 3 ps3 games, with 13 updates a year, now they are altering the deal from their side, without any form of explanation even. I am more concerned about the lack of communication then with the fact that i’ll have less games, if Sony just changes stuff like this without any form of communication with the subscribers, what’s to say what will happen next?
    It was 20 euros, while games like Killzone have gone for $10 in the US, and resistance BS was 15 euros last year, both games offer much more single player content then CoD, so excuse me if i didnt jump at the chance to spend more twice of what i think declassified is worth to me.

  • Games as old as COD4 and World at War should be getting permanent price drops and a sale on top of that.
    I hope the person who decided the prices has the decency to explain them.
    And for those hoping for a black ops declassified sale, you would have been disappointed anyway. The game is listed at a shameless £44.99 on the store, so even at half price it would be more expensive than retail.

  • Not interested in CoD or in any other shooter.
    As I promised I buyed Leviathan, Citadel and From Ashes for ME3. It’s near impossible to see DLCs discounts.
    I would buy TWD: 400 Days if you discount it.
    Other things I would be interested:
    – Monkey Island 1&2 SE
    – Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD

  • @LionheartRonin
    Following your own mindset: Would you stop complaining about that already? If you’re not happy with what is discussed by the users on this blog, you could go and present your complains elsewhere.

  • Call of duty has never had decent sale prices so i’m not surprised. Activision just don’t feel the need to do sales on it. not the store teams fault. I don’t understand why they bother doing them though. The drops don’t even match retail most times they can’t get that many sales can they?? Surely it would be better for the time and effort to go to negotiating sales with different publishers and their games instead
    Can we get a post from the person who actually makes the decisions RE plus this region? clarifying the issues we have? Actually acknowledging the fact we have them would be a start. Chris’ silence on the matter leads me to believe he has no role in at all apart from the title ‘plus content manager’ and that he’s the guy that types it out. If he does he’d be at least able to say something right?

  • @Alphaembryo
    So, to clarify – I should go elsewhere to find the relevant content that I come here to find, and which is presented here, in order to avoid the non-relevant ramblings of the great disgruntled masses who seem under some delusion that they are entitled to a certain price or a certain amount of free items?
    I’m going to go with no. Thank you for the suggestion though, although I reserve the right to only offer two complaints about the constant whining per month as opposed to three in future, and to do so only 12 times a year as opposed to 13.

  • This is a joke. You had a two week sale of Battlefield… and now you give us a Call of Duty sale … And I don’t know if there are any other game series that were put on sale so many times.. Do you know that there are people that like to play other games then this Battlefield, CoD, or Killzone you are forcefully trying to feed us? When can we expect something different worthwhile to appear on sale?
    What about PS VITA??? The last good thing that you did for this handheld was put Muramasa on sale, and Soul Sacrifice in the IGC. But that was already 3 MONTHS ago! I would like to remind you, that just before that sale and PS PLUS update the situation with ps store sales and IGC were tense. We won’t remain silent just because we got a SINGLE good month over a half of a year! Everyone still remembers the VITA annual games situation (any new information on this?).

  • I hope these aren’t the only sales this week..
    People complaining about prices should know Activision has never been big on sales, remember them lowering the price of [prototype] to £31.99 5+ years after the game came out was a typical Activision “bargain”

  • @LionheartRonin
    Entitled only because we were promised when we signed up to the service. Its all very well of you to say don’t renew but what about the service i already paid for. Thi sis about how you treat your customers – i still think pluys is great value for money, but when its not teh service I agreed to pay for then, yes, I have a problem. Who is to say they wont make future changes contrary to promises they have made. In addition I think it fair that we should be able to voice our concerns/complaints regarding a service, and I am sure Sony would rather hear those than lose lots of customers and not know why.

  • @LionheartRonin
    As I thank you. But unfortunately, as long as SCEE is not addressing the issues regarding psn+ changes, you are going to see more raging customers, who were promised something else of what they are getting. But you have every right to keep complaining, so keep on doing that.

  • Seriously though maybe its time sony started taking PS Vita owners seriously, we’ve paid a lot of money for a piece of hardware, which is great, but we’re being ignored in the sales, ignored in the yearly plus, given overpriced mobile games and ports of old games that are unexciting at best I had a PSP for its lifecycle and loved it, I just feel like PS Vita is a forgotten entity, cant all afford a PS4 you know, give us something to be proud of.

  • @Sicmay @Alphaembryo
    They have addressed the issue – it has been stated multiple times that they are unable to speak to the topics you’ve asked about, and I assume that’s because the decision has been made at a higher level.
    At this stage, it’s safe to assume that the changes have been made, and it will not be reverting to the previous situation. Hence why I said feel free to not renew – if you feel you have a legitimate complaint, then there are multiple avenues you can follow for that in regards to false advertising and misrepresentation of goods. However, I’m guessing you know that as you agreed to a private subscription service that is subject to change at any time, you understand that this isn’t an option.
    So by all means, continue to voice your concerns – but understand that they have been addressed to the best of the current staff’s capability, and I doubt you’ll be getting the Sony CEO on this thread any time soon.
    Honestly, I wouldn’t even mind too much if it was restricted to a logical argument on a relevant Plus thread. It’s the fact that it’s permeated every thread on this blog and the rampant me-too-ism that happens in a comment thread environment that’s so irritating.

  • @UK_Rocklance
    Boo hoo. Your government imposes a 20% VAT, and the US prices don’t include sales tax (its determined by each state).
    Stop comparing prices in totally different countries. I know a lot of people here do it, but it really doesn’t make as much sense as people seem to think it does. You aren’t being gouged based on where you live. You simply live in a different economy with a different tax system, and even your bricks-and-mortars retailers have got a earn a greater return to run their business, pay their workers, their bills and their taxes.
    Digital prices for new releases will always at-least-match physical prices in your country because publishers still depend heavily on physical retail, and physical retail can’t compete when they can’t match digital pricing.
    This is a good sale. Everyone should be grateful. Heck, I don’t even like Call of Duty. But whatever.

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