Gran Turismo 6 update adds new features today

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Gran Turismo 6 update adds new features today

Multi-monitor support among additions and optimisations in Update 1.05

Hi there GT fans. Today, developer Polyphony Digital has rolled out a brand new update for Gran Turismo 6, adding new functionality to the game and incorporating feedback from you, the community.
Here’s a rundown of what you can expect to find in Update 1.05, which is available for download now:

Additional features in the Open Lobby

  • Time Trial, Drift Trial, and Free Run have been added to the Race Type option within Room Settings of the Event Settings screen.
  • It is now possible to Filter by Performance, even when Car Selection Method is set to Filter by Make or Filter by Category.
  • It is now possible to select Karts in one-make races held on weather-enabled tracks.
  • Players can now check regulation settings in the confirmation popup dialogue before entering a room.
  • In the Race Alone mode for the Qualifier, cars other than yourself will appear as lines (as will cars other than the one in focus when only spectating).

Multi-monitor compatibility

  • Multi-Monitor Settings has been added to the Start Button>Options>Display options.

Car Search

  • A Car Search feature has been added to the CARS section in My Home. You can specify the desired parameters to search for a particular car in the Car Dealerships.

Sale of racing gear in individual colours

  • The sale of Racing Gear has been changed from full colour sets to individual colours. Some of the pricing for racing gear has changed accordingly.

Kart adjustments options expanded

  • Traction Control is now available to adjust in the Driving Options. Skid Recovery Force is also now available.
  • Brake Balance is now available to adjust in Machine Settings. Only the rear can be adjusted in Normal Karts, while both the front and rear can be adjusted in Shifter Karts.

Other improvements/adjustments

  • An icon that shows the login bonus stage (one to five days in succession) has been added to the top of the My Home screen and the prize-receiving dialogue.
  • The increments of the Front/Rear Torque Split in Car Settings has been changed from five to one.

Gran Turismo 6 will be updated automatically when loaded while online. More details on each of the above features, and all previous updates, can be found in the online manual on

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  • Useless. No new sounds, no buy.

  • @Alphaembryo
    That is supposedly coming out in June some time. To patch in new sounds.

  • So, you’ve rolled out an update an hour before scheduled maintenance of PSN? Well that’s helpful…
    In case you haven’t figured this out yet Sony, everybody else can do maintenance without taking the service down for lengthy periods every other week, so why can’t you? Now you are asking people to pay for it in order to have online gaming, there really isn’t any excuse – either keep the service up, or start handing out refunds…

  • @Zoryu_of_Setsuna
    Thank you for that info. Lets hope this is true.

  • @hackenbacker The GT6 maintenance and patch was this morning…

  • They need to sort out the credit situation and drop the pathetic attempts at encouraging microtransactions in a game for which we paid full retail price. GT5 gave us repeatable seasonal events to earn money for cars we wanted, unlike this money-grabbing travesty that is hardly worthy of the title GT5.5 rather than 6.
    Never buying another game in this series.

  • Any chance changing the way you play music in the game? i.e if you play music from your hard drive on the PS3 every time you start a race it goes to the next music track then you leave or finish a race it starts the next music track etc etc i.e it would be better if the music just continues when you go to races or leave races. Apart from that it’s a stunning looking game :P

  • I hope PD have the pulling power to get logitech on board for GT7 on PS4. Didn’t bother with 6 despite my interest, the digital price was disgusting.

  • Horrible support by Sony and PD. There is ZERO communication apart from these blog posts which frankly doesn’t even cover half of the changes they’ve done. I understand that you, Penrose Tackie, can only say what you’re allowed to say but this silence on when the back-of-the-box/advertised features is coming, why the feb. update with the Zahara track has gone missing, no community feature update ect ect is really detrimentral to the game. Someone is not doing their job. If this is how Sony and PD is treating their customers then I say the rather soft sales of GT6 is well deserved. The silence is turning to vitriol among the GT community and no one close to the franchise seems to care. Absolutely appalling.

  • I couldn’t agree more with some of the comment’s above and would like to add that the recent update is absolutely pointless when the game doesn’t even work properly, and after this update it is seeming some of the community are having trouble even playing the game.
    When In an online lobby connection is untrustworthy at best.
    Split timing in “free run” tell’s you silly time’s if you do not hold the fastest lap.
    Tyre’s change in grip level and durability after a pit stop.
    The camber setting’s don’t seem to work at all (0 is the best value to have?)
    How about fixing the game before adding features?
    There was of course 1 issue with the game you could fix quickly because it was cutting profit, I bet if any of the above directly affected your profit’s they would be fixed by now. Well keep ignoring these problem’s and it will start to affect future profit’s as there are not many gamer’s out there that want to pay for an incomplete game and GT6 is really starting to ruin the PD and GT names as I am already thinking about Forza.

  • GT5 is a massive game and I’ve not even completed all the races on it. However, after reading your comments, I’m thinking that an upgrade to GT6 right now is not necessary.

  • Is anybody haveing problems with GT6? I tryed to play it last night & tonight. It tells me that it needs a update & when I click ok it just shuts the whole system down. Not happy cause I just want to take some cars for a drive :(

  • I’ve not seen any blog posts regarding the closing down of Gran Turismo 5’s online servers and removing the ability to download paid DLC. Will people who have bought the DLC be refunded? Sony taking down servers for a game that is still fairly popular is worrying and shows just how volatile console gaming online is.

  • @Serpantino
    You thought that was bad? Check out what they did to the MotorStorm servers and the Pacific Rift ones too. Well whatever moves the next man to the sequel, I guess.

  • Will there ever be proper endurance races in GT6?

  • I do actually enjoy the game there are a lot of good points to it but the bad ones are very bad
    The glitching in the game is wide spread and one of the guys that has been racing with us scince 5 cant seem to get an answer. I have seen the same glitch with other players. Also the tyre wear , squeal and pit boxes not opening (not so bad now) realy are the painful things that are turning me off the game. Instead of giving us all this extra stuff how about fixing the basic stuff first.

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