Watch_Dogs release date confirmed in new trailer

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Watch_Dogs release date confirmed in new trailer

Plus, PS3 and PS4 hardware bundles unveiled

One of the most highly anticipated titles of 2014 is back online! Today Watch_Dogs resumed communications with an all-new story trailer featuring our protagonist Aiden Pearce and our launch date!
Over the last few months, our development team has been working non-stop to fully realize their ambition and polish Watch_Dogs to live up to gamers’ high expectations. We’ve been absolutely itching to show and tell you more, and we’re finally ready to do just that! Today, let’s take a look at the first new video we’re releasing since going offline.
In Watch_Dogs, Aiden Pearce, our clandestine vigilante, harnesses the smart city of Chicago using his smartphone. In addition to being a skilled hacker, Aiden can be quite persuasive in getting the information he needs using his wit, along with firearms, vehicles, and a stun baton. However, in his work Aiden stumbles upon a dark underworld he was never meant to see – the cost of which takes a deadly toll on his family.
Now, Aiden is hell-bent to exact his revenge on those who wronged him, and he’s using every tool at his disposal. The world he lives in is hyper-connected, with all elements of infrastructure under the surveillance and control of an omnipresent digital system – the Central Operating System (ctOS) – that Aiden has learned to manipulate at his will.
We’ve also met some of the other key players in Watch_Dogs’ story: a seductive enigma in Clara and a tinkering free-spirit in T-Bone; what remains to be seen is exactly how their paths will converge in Aiden’s quest for revenge and justice against those who wronged him. Together, they’re up against powerful moguls, ruthless crime lords, crooked cops, and other clandestine hackers – no small task.
Now, we know you’re hungry for more information. In just a short amount of time we will be able to show you more of Watch_Dogs’ interweaving plot, breakthrough gameplay, and enhanced features – trust us, it’s all fantastic. That said, we are pleased to say we can finally reveal the date on which you’ll be able to get your hands on Watch_Dogs and start hacking your way into Chicago’s darkest corners and most complex networks. Check out our new trailer above to access this highly valuable information.
We will be releasing a multitude of new videos, plot pieces, and splices of information. To receive them, stay connected with Watch_Dogs on Facebook and Twitter.
Remember, everything is connected.
We are also pleased to announce that exclusive Watch_Dogs bundles for both PS4 and PS3 will also be available for launch on 27th May. And remember, you get an additional 60 minutes of exclusive gameplay on PS3 and PS4 only available on PlayStation.

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