Watch_Dogs release date confirmed in new trailer

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Watch_Dogs release date confirmed in new trailer

Plus, PS3 and PS4 hardware bundles unveiled

One of the most highly anticipated titles of 2014 is back online! Today Watch_Dogs resumed communications with an all-new story trailer featuring our protagonist Aiden Pearce and our launch date!
Over the last few months, our development team has been working non-stop to fully realize their ambition and polish Watch_Dogs to live up to gamers’ high expectations. We’ve been absolutely itching to show and tell you more, and we’re finally ready to do just that! Today, let’s take a look at the first new video we’re releasing since going offline.
In Watch_Dogs, Aiden Pearce, our clandestine vigilante, harnesses the smart city of Chicago using his smartphone. In addition to being a skilled hacker, Aiden can be quite persuasive in getting the information he needs using his wit, along with firearms, vehicles, and a stun baton. However, in his work Aiden stumbles upon a dark underworld he was never meant to see – the cost of which takes a deadly toll on his family.
Now, Aiden is hell-bent to exact his revenge on those who wronged him, and he’s using every tool at his disposal. The world he lives in is hyper-connected, with all elements of infrastructure under the surveillance and control of an omnipresent digital system – the Central Operating System (ctOS) – that Aiden has learned to manipulate at his will.
We’ve also met some of the other key players in Watch_Dogs’ story: a seductive enigma in Clara and a tinkering free-spirit in T-Bone; what remains to be seen is exactly how their paths will converge in Aiden’s quest for revenge and justice against those who wronged him. Together, they’re up against powerful moguls, ruthless crime lords, crooked cops, and other clandestine hackers – no small task.
Now, we know you’re hungry for more information. In just a short amount of time we will be able to show you more of Watch_Dogs’ interweaving plot, breakthrough gameplay, and enhanced features – trust us, it’s all fantastic. That said, we are pleased to say we can finally reveal the date on which you’ll be able to get your hands on Watch_Dogs and start hacking your way into Chicago’s darkest corners and most complex networks. Check out our new trailer above to access this highly valuable information.
We will be releasing a multitude of new videos, plot pieces, and splices of information. To receive them, stay connected with Watch_Dogs on Facebook and Twitter.
Remember, everything is connected.
We are also pleased to announce that exclusive Watch_Dogs bundles for both PS4 and PS3 will also be available for launch on 27th May. And remember, you get an additional 60 minutes of exclusive gameplay on PS3 and PS4 only available on PlayStation.

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  • is there a PS3 to PS4 upgrade program?

  • @crusher915: Why would there be? The upgrade program was for releases prior to the PS4 launch. You can now simply get the PS4 version.

  • Will the Spec Ops edition of Watch Dogs be available for PS3 and PS4 27th May? If so, will it be available to pre-order now?

  • I’m just curious as to whether Abstergo will play a part in this due to that nice little hint about them using the ctOS System in AC4.

  • Sorry, it’s Desec edition and not Spec Ops edition!!! My bad!!!

  • Hey Mike two questions if you will.
    1. Is the exclusive content just the 60 minutes of extra gameplay or extra costumes etc.
    2. Off topic but do I need to complete or have played ac4 to play freedom standalone?

  • Hi Mike :) will Watch_Dogs avatars be available on EU PS Store?

  • The 60 minutes is extra content that unlock some exclusive costumes.
    Looking forward to getting my Descet edition of this game :)

  • Ummmm, have the graphics been scaled back a little? Doesn’t look a good as the first trailers.

  • COOL:P Shame the PS3 isn’t cheaper tho now, at still?! £199.99 for the 500GB model. It should be £129.99 by now(+ the 12GB £99.99) Oh well, PS4 version for me anyway;)

  • Wow, this is coming sooner than I expected, very excited!

  • @Hexahedronaut
    You don’t need to have played AC4. That’s why it’s standalone, a game in itself.
    If you’re on about playing it in relation to the story, it’s not required to have played AC4, but it certainly adds more to the depth and construction to your view of the character if you have.

  • Even for the past gen doesn’t look impresive.
    When can we see a ps4 trailer?

  • For those complaining about the quality, it’s a video.
    The previous ones were sharper because they were recorded gameplay.
    These are compressed, edited cutscenes so that lowers the quality when it comes to compiling the final video. Furthermore, Youtube compression forces even lower quality and 30fps or lower. It’s never full HD, never has been.

  • I’m sure Mike Madavi will agree with me that videos are never a representation of the final product.

  • Let’s wait for a ps4 gameplay then. So far it look’s like a ps+ freebie at the best.

  • @jac3k5
    You must be one of the spoilt people who always expects something for nothing.

  • Hey thanks Max.

  • @Carl-G
    What planet are you on? I never envisaged myself defending Sony in here seeing I’m the eternal moaner but 200 quid for a 500 gig PS3 with a game or two lobbed in is a fair deal I’d say.
    I’ve had all 3 different models this gen, always kept em in good nick to get a top price on selling them when upgrading. I managed to sell my 60 gig Foreman with a couple of rubbish games, Far Cry 2 n Ghostbusters I believe, for £120. Upgraded to the 160 gig slim which was £250 RRP at the time. Sainsbury was doing 20% off all consoles and with another 15% from a pal’s staff discount card it cost me £170 so £50 it cost me.
    I got the GTAV 500 gig super slim bundle last September. As I’d had my slim customised by aliens stole my console for around 100 quid 3 or 4 years ago so I managed to flog it for €150 by itself to the games shop in the precinct here in Eisenstadt. The new’n came with a copy of GTAV and TLOU for £199 plus 6 quid shipping from Amazon. Because I’d pre-ordered the GTA Collector’s Edition in England months in advance I was able to sell both games to mates over here for €30 each. So at the exchange rate at the time my latest PS3 cost me 20 quid…..that’s how you work it, simple eh?

  • @MaxDiehard
    Are you just some Ubi troll?
    I’m taking infamous Special Edition because it’s worth the price.

  • Then stop complaining that it looks like a PS+ Freebie. It’s far from it. Look at my previous post regarding video compression.

  • The prevoius gameplays I saw’re from youtube as well, so I’m not buying your story.
    Why are you accually care what I think about this game? I don’t care what you like and I don’t try to stop you from purchasing the game.

  • What you’re not getting is that this video isn’t gameplay. It’s cutscenes that have been edited and compiled into a compressed video and then compressed again by Youtube, vastly lowering the quality.
    I care because people slander without giving a reasoned response and it frustrates me. I use my experience as a developer to help educate those with unfounded claims.
    And why would I be stopping you from purchasing? I’m doing the complete opposite, trying to restore your faith in the game.

  • Finally a release date! Good luck with sales Ubisoft. Keep publishing those great games.

  • I hope there are enough PS4 bundles. My Killzone console bundle was cancled on me 4 weeks ago and I actually gave up trying to get a console in The Netherlands. If only I wanted a Xbone because a short trip to Germany has tons of them unsold in the stores.
    Can’t you buy some production capacity lines from MS, at least they could make a small profit and million would be able to buy a PS4.
    If I can’t get the bundle I wait for the next one and see the game in Plus after 9 or 10 months to promote Watch Dogs 2.

  • @OttoT
    Amazon got some more PS4 and Camera stock in earlier today. You should check on there.

  • @MaxDiehard
    Just to reming you:
    “Let’s wait for a ps4 gameplay then. So far it look’s like a ps+ freebie at the best.”

  • So they’ve thrown the nextgen version of the game into the trash and went with an up-port instead? This looks nothing like the reveal.

  • ^that^
    Loved the first trailer, now it looks and ‘sounds/reads’ like it was to ambitious, how are they going to implement that crazy driving game if this ones to hard?.. prob still be good, but i was waiting for outstanding, always fall for it, every time.

  • Looks terrible in terms of graphics, so many cut scenes i have seen that were a lot better early on this year. This just looks [deleted], i take it it will be ported from ps3 to ps4!? I cannot believe it is out on ps3, i really regret buying ps4 there is no need for it at all apart from all the free games like warframe and dc online which i could of just played on pc. No doubt about it this game will be free on ps+ by christmas this year, so ill wait till then cheers

  • So all the previous trailers were pre-rendered, huh?

  • Wow, talk about a big difference. I remember in the reveal last year i was stunned, all those reflections, dynamic stuff, wind lights etc so much going on. You know, the video where he went inside the night club, one on the first ones. Now it looks very close to gta V gfx wise (excluding character models which are obviously better). Anyone else noticed that?

  • Not sure if linking is allowed in the comments, but for comparison (E3 2012 watch dogs)

  • @MaxDiehard
    Video compression has nothing to do here. When you watch the same compressed E3 2012 youtube vid, at 720p i might add it looks leagues ahead of the new trailer in 1080p. Also you can watch any movie trailer at 480p and u will see ‘perfect realism’. Ergo its not in the color copression/aliasing/fps drop/resolution.
    Its in the graphical effects (Ambbient occlusion, reflections, Global Ilumination, dynamic lights and shadows, shaders, ANIMATION, dynamic physics like wind affected objects and trees in the first trailer, dynamic reflections) and those effects were obviously downgraded. Still hope for the best from this game.

  • What means * after “EXCLUSIVE GAMEPLAY”? Is it timed exclusive?

  • Confirmed to be PS4 footage looks pathetic graphicly for a next gen game!, for me graphics are the least important thing but I’ve learned my lesson from aliens colonial marines so sorry ubi but pre order canceled.

  • @Fred This is the new I want to see
    “Yearly games for PS Vita Release date confirmed along with an apology from SCEE. PS3 games that where missing will also be introduced at the ratio of 2 extra per month until all the missing games are put in”
    This would show us, costumers, that SCEE has them in the right place.

  • @blackout_pt
    Your comment is not related to this post. Fred has already stated the rules regarding this matter.

  • @MaxDiehard
    Fred and Chris once stated that the introduction of PS4 in ps+ will not have any interference on the setting of IGC, that was a lie because after the introduction of PS4, IGC lost one ps3 game every month (no plausible explanation was given and it’s not a question of money because american subscribers still get 3 ps3 games every month).
    Fred and Chris once told us that the ps yearly games would be replace before the end of 2013. By December 2013 and stated that “They didn’t feel it was the right time to replace the games” and about 4 days ago Chris stated that “There are no plan to replace the yearly games for vita in the IGC”
    Giving the constant lies that the Blog team has been feeding us, they have 0 moral authority to make any rules what so ever about our complains out of topic. If they want us to stop flooding post with the complains, simply address them in a plausible way.

  • I’m looking forward to seeing some proper footage. Hands-on previews have mentioned a downgrade from the visuals of the reveal, hopefully not by much though.

  • @MaxDieHard I’ve searching for Fred comment laying out the rule with mentioned (just to so my love for the rule). So feel free to post the link to comment here.
    @Fred in the remote chance you “feel” like replying to me, please that that rule. I’ve got tons of “love” to show your boss right now.

  • @blackout_pt
    I’m not going to discuss this here. It’s not relevant to the post.

    Fred Dutton 4 March, 2014 @ 4:04 pm
    Hey folks. Can we stay on topic and respect the hard work that Robin and the team at Ronimo have put into making this game and this announcement post?
    Part of my job here at SCEE is to harvest all the feedback from you guys around our announcements and make sure they’re read by the relevant people here at PlayStation. I’ve done exactly that with all the comments in the Plus post – that’s a promise. If we have any updates around the Plus service I’ll make them in a dedicated post, not under a thread about a really cool MOBA game called Awesomenauts. If you have further comments you’d like to make, please make them in the Plus thread, the weekly recap post, Tweet to @PlayStationEU, or even come to me directly via @FredDutton. Thanks everyone.

  • Fred Dutton 4 March, 2014 @ 4:21 pm
    Yes, the issues are definitely very clear and, like I said, they have been passed on. At such a time as I have anything new and useful to add beyond this, you can be sure I’ll pass it on immediately. And yes, you are of course absolutely welcome to keep reminding me/us – that’s why I’m here, and I’ll continue to raise concerns the community has. That said, it would be great if you kept it to the channels listed above rather than taking over an unrelated post from a hard-working third-party developer. Apart from anything else, they’re more likely to be read that way and not fall foul of moderators ;) Thanks!

  • @MaxDieHard thanks for the info, I’m already following Fred on Twitter and send him a message. If an official reply from SCEE doesn’t come quickly them I’m back and the “flooding topics policy”.

  • Looks bad, I ll pass

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