Theatrical brawler Foul Play coming soon to PS4 and PS Vita

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Theatrical brawler Foul Play coming soon to PS4 and PS Vita

Your first look at Mediatonic’s out-there beat ‘em up

Hello there! Mediatonic here, checking back in on the PlayStation Blog after a long absence. Some of you may remember our PSN Minis. If you do, it’s highly probable that we love you. If you don’t, that’s okay too!
We’re very excited to lift the curtain on our return to Sony platforms with Foul Play, coming soon to PS Vita and PS4! In this encore performance, we’re thrilled to announce a Cross Buy release hand in hand with some exciting new difficulties and optimisation for each platform.
Foul Play is our theatre based beat ’em up where Victorian Daemonologist, Baron Dashforth, recreates his adventures for the stage; brawls and all!
No expense has been spared for the Baron’s one night only spectacular show and it’s a game that rewards performance over pummelling, as every strike and combo has to keep an eager audience entertained!
You don’t have a conventional life bar, but a “Mood-o-Meter”. Keep it filled with audience pleasing action and you’ll be met with cheers, whoops and hats in the air aplenty! Miss your cues, get beaten around by the adversarial actors and you’ll find yourself booed off stage…
Join the Baron and his assistant Mr Scampwick in co-op play wading through hordes of combat trained actors in a variety of menacing (and/or ridiculous) costumes.
The various plays of the night represent the scarcely believable, but ENTIRELY ACCURATE tales of Baron Dashforth banishing daemons. The lovingly crafted sets vary from the automatons of Atlantis to werewolves on the misty moors of Somerset and even a cult inadvertently starting the great fire of London!
Now we’re in the process of making sure everything looks great on the PS Vita display and in full 1080p for PS4 with our 60FPS animations. We’re not quite ready to announce what day will be opening night just yet, but if you’ve got any other questions I’ll be happy to answer them in the comments!
We had a lot of fun playing with the conventions and limitations of the theatre for such a grandiose tale. All in all, we can’t wait to bring our brawler, characters and humour to Sony platforms. If you want so see how we’re getting on, check us out on Twitter, Facebook or our official website!

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  • Looks cool. Would you say the combat/speed of the game is fast like Scott pilgrim vs the world or more slower paced like double dragon neon? Either way I’m down going to be my first beat em up on vita.

    • Hey croze343! I am personally a big fan of Scott Pilgrim vs the World – I’d say Foul Play has a fast pace but also a strong narrative element between the action heavy scenes so a little bit of both!

  • Loved Who’s that Flying? any chance of a native Vita port?
    This looks brilliant too, will be there day one.

    • This is our first foray onto the Vita so we’ll have to see how it goes! We’re always so happy to hear of people loving our PSP Minis! I know they’re still in permanent rotation on my Vita. Thanks so much for the continued support! :D

  • @croze343 Played it on PC. It’s more like Scott Pilgrim mixed with Puppeteer. Plus, you can’t die, no matter what happens. More than any other recent brawler does this game factor in high scores.
    Will Devolver Digital also publish this on Sony systems?

    • Hey Ductos! We have some higher difficulties in the new versions of the game that might up the challenge and result in a few curtain calls if a challenge is what you’re after! :D
      The Sony platform versions of the game are being published by Mastertronic. We’ll be playable at EGX Rezzed on the Mastertronic stands along with some of our Devolver pals showing Hotline Miami 2!

  • Nice this looks sweet, now all we need is an HD version of Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess with possibly with a couple of new levels pleeeeeaaaasssseeee :-)

    • Every time someone remembers Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess, letalone requests an HD version, we are pretty overjoyed! :D Thanks so much for the support of our Minis!

  • Nearly brought this on Steam the other day, happy I didn’t has I would much rather have a portable version on my Vita. Looks like a day one purchase for me guys, can’t wait

    • If you have a PS4 as well, you’ll get both versions for the single price label! We really appreciate your support – we’ve always had a soft spot for the portable systems and after our PSP Minis it’s an absolute joy to be bringing this game to the Vita!

  • From the house that made some of the best Minis games I wait nothing more than great. Cross-buy, Cross-save and Cross-play pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

    • Ah, HomessaHomen – that bit about people who remember our PSN Minis at the top of the blog post? That was clearly aimed at you :D Thanks so much for the continued support!
      Foul Play will indeed be Cross-buy – one price for both versions! Additionally, Cloud save sharing means you should be able to share your campaign progress across both versions! Hope that’s what you’re after. :)

  • Hey Luke not a problem I like to support games that deserve it, I know M(P)SMP must be good and not just me liking it as my girlfriend got obsessed with it as well and she is very hard to please, so if this is anywhere near that good this is a must buy for me

    • Pug-zilla is now a name we can get behind for SO MANY REASONS! Glad your girlfriend could share the M(P)SMP joy – I hope Foul Play’s a hit for you two as well! Maybe you guys can play in co-op! :D

  • @Ductos You had me at “mixed with Puppeteer”.
    The game looks awesome guys. Sadly I never played any of your PS Mini’s *hides behind curtains* but I’ll be sure to buy this day one! :)

    • Thanks so much! If you did want to check out any of the Minis, they’re playable on Vita! Something to tide you over until opening night! :D

  • Any 3d support please?

  • Any 3d support please ?

  • Alas, I bought this game on Steam’s weekly sale last week, and I’d much rather play this on my Vita, as it’s the perfect kind of game for me to play on the go! Well… If it’s cheap enough on Vita, maybe I’ll buy it again! Regardless, this surely is a title I welcome to the world of PlayStation :)

    • Well either way, we very much appreciate your support! Hope you enjoy the game – if you think it’s a good fit for Vita and choose to buy it again then well… that just makes you all the more awesome in our eyes :D haha!
      Thanks for the positive comment – even happier to be joining the world of PlayStation with reactions like this!

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