Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition is coming to PS4

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Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition is coming to PS4

Brilliant platformer gets an expanded edition with new levels and fresh powers

Hey everyone. Greg here from DrinkBox, where we’ve been locked away in our studio hiding from the harsh Canadian winter and dreaming of hot sun, sandy deserts, and bandanna-clad cacti. We’re excited to finally announce we’ve been working on a new version of Guacamelee for PS4 – the Super Turbo Championship Edition!
If you haven’t played Guacamelee before, we’re talking about a Metroidvania, brawling platformer where you play as a Luchador that harnesses the powers of a legendary mask, two meaty fists, and an arsenal of wrestling moves to battle an evil army of the undead. But did you also know you can turn into a chicken? And nothing hinders the forces of darkness more than being pecked in the knee by angry poultry.
If you have played before, you may be wondering “What makes this Edition so super? So turbo? Or so championship…py?” For starters, let’s chat about new powers.
First up – INTENSO! (When you say it, picture you’re a soccer announcer screaming “GOOOOOOAL” into a microphone. It works. Try it.) Pummel baddies into bone meal to fill your combo meter, then unleash INTENSO for a brief (but highly satisfying) boost to the damage and speed of your attacks, as well as your movement.

Save it for when you’re almost down for the count and explode groups of enemies into festive showers of boney fireworks, or trigger it as soon as it’s charged to blaze through areas demolishing solo bad guys.
Still hungry? Everything’s better fresh, so we’ve also polished up the combat and added some upgrades, expanded Juan’s story with two brand-new, huge levels, and added a three-headed, one-man Mariachi-band boss – plus a new class of Elite enemies.

Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition comes out for PS4 this year.

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  • Any chance these new additions will also make it to the Vita/PS3 version via a patch/DLC?

    • There’s a lot of new content in STCE that changes the game so DLC isn’t really possible. Both new levels are part of the story progression and the new moves and game tuning change the original game.

  • Great news. I hope the new content came via DLC for my Vita.

  • Agreed with above, I’d pay another £5 or so for this extra stuff on Vita.

  • Cross-Buy ?

  • OMG I can barely count the number of play throughs I’ve had of this game on my Vita. I absolutely love it. I can’t quite put my finger on why I think it’s so great. Maybe it’s the simple enough combat and yet it’s so immensely satisfying. Wonderful. Very much looking forward to this new version on my PS4.

  • When are we likely to see this Greg?

    • I hate to give “soon” as an answer, but we’re in the process of fine tuning the game, giving it that last bit of polish so that it’s up to the quality level we’re happy with. But glad you loved the first – I think you’ll like this one as much (hopefully more)!

  • Having already platinumed the game on Vita, and bought the Diablos Domain DLC, how much will the PS4 version cost? Any incentives/discounts if you already own the base game?
    I’d love to play it again on PS4 but only if it’s got a major update with a ton of content.

    • We’re investigating getting it to fans who bought the original at a lower cost since we really appreciate their support. In terms of content, I’d put it around 25% more – two new levels, a new boss, two new moves and a new class of enemies. It’s all integrated into the main story too so it will make another playthrough worth it.

  • This tempting, even though I thoroughly beat the vita version

  • This is tempting, even though I thoroughly beat the vita version

  • I really like Guacamelee as a portable title. If an upgrade as DLC is not possible, then how about a native Vita version? Would that be a possibility after the PS4 release?

    • I think that’s a possibility. We’re a really small team so it takes time to bring it to a new console, but if fans really want STCE on Vita it’s something we’d consider.

  • Any news about Mutant Blob Attack PS3 ? (Hope for PS4 Version too !!! ) :D

    • An MBA fan, nice! We’re focusing everyone one getting this game finished. Once it’s done we’ll get a breather and decide on what we’re up to next.

  • There will be more Vita love from DrinkBox in the near future? Something new in the plans?

  • Greg: Thanks for the reply. Personally, if you ever port this to the Vita/PS3, I’ll purchase it faster than you can say “Recáspita!”. In the meantime, here’s hoping for a great success for Guacamelee in the PS4 – this great game certainly deserves it!

  • Greg,
    I bought this game at launch, and definitely loved it on Vita. But definitely, it feels a bit like an unloved customer when the platform the game sold most for (Vita afaik) isn’t getting the ultimate edition of it in any way, not even as paid content (I can understand it may be hard for a small studio like yours to give extra content for free).
    I hope it gets released on Vita (and I am sure some PS3 owners would love a PS3 version too), since this version is releasing on a console that is literally dead in sales (Wii U) and not original platforms the game released on.

    • Hey Ashish. I hear what you’re saying, and like I said if there’s enough response from the community and they want a Vita version of the game we’ll seriously consider it.

  • I would rebuy this game on Vita for all that extra content. The Vita’s d-pad and face buttons are perfect for it.

  • WOW! another PS3 game for my £400 PS4! That’s just brilliant!

  • Ok this is nothing against this Game or the Developers, so pass this one on to someone @SCEE Greg.
    Are there ANY NEW PS4 Games coming this Year (besides Infamous, Driveclub & Watchdogs & obviously a new AC)?????? Or are we getting only “redeveloped” old PS3 Games for the Rest of the Year.
    This really leaves a bad Taste atm. These Games were great on PS3 & i loved most, but we do NOT NEED them revamped on PS4 as a Gapfiller, because SCE is lacking of new Games. These Titles are mostly 1-2Years old & the not even real classics.
    We need REAL Mindblowing Games , fresh & juicy (it does not have to be a AAA Title, but def. a new ones)…. Sry i had to say this, because thats not what i expected on my PS4… I´m really playing more PS3 than Ps4 atm… Sad Sad Sad

  • Please, DLC for Vita :> .

  • @Samarotu, i bought a ps4, and after weeks i bought the ps3 since there are few options on ps4, i agree, its sad.
    @Greg Lesky, Come to portugal and enjoy our great weather, and leave that harsh winter ;)
    The game is great, i download it to ps3 because it was on IGC and i’m really enjoying it!! keep up the good work.
    Maybe you guys could start a Guacamelee! 2 for ps4.
    best regards

  • +1 for the Vita/PS3 version. Guacamelee is a perfect fit for the Vita

  • You told us we’d have news on Infamous SS pre-orders earlier this week…nothing still?

  • +1 for the Vita/PS3 version, too. I really liked the game and would enjoy a second run with new content. And one other question: Any news about the release-date for Mutant Blobs Attack!! for PS3/Xbox 360?

  • I loved Guacamelee but for the love of all things holy, I am unable to get past the area where you have the first hulking big boss that walks accross the screen from left to right, maybe its my age, I had to delete it in the end to save my sanity. Any advice from drinkbox?
    Would also love to see a vita version, also have to agree with Samarotu he is just voicing what most people are thinking, but this is the norm for new consoles, they do take a while to get going, really if anything consoles should be cheaper at launch to help sales and compensate for the first year.

  • Only 2 more levels? Aw. That’s, roughly, 1 more hour to play?
    Vita version would be nice, yes. No problem with buying PS4 one, though. Your game is a nice motivation to get a console this year. Cheers.

    • It’s closer to 2 hours for most players, not counting re-exploring. We also really wanted to bring some new challenges and obstacles that players hadn’t seen before, so it’s not just more of that same.

  • I have this on PS3/Vita (paid for not PS+) and I got it from a Humble Bundle on PC. Is it worth a triple/quadruple dip… Not sure TBH….

  • It would great to see Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition on Vita, with new trophy list. 100%’d original, game was so fun I couldn’t resist buying all the dlc. I just couldn’t stop playing until I had done everything I could. I have no plans to buy PS4 yet, but will definitely buy this once I do. Perfect game for Vita, though. ;)

  • And are we getting the two yearly ps vita games and the missing ps3 games from IGC? How about addressing those issues SCEE.

  • @PhotoMorph, you just need to run… Get to the end and it gets killed off in a Mario esk finish ;-)

  • Vita version please…
    Does this include both DLC packs as well?

    • It does yes, El Infierno and all the skins. This is our last edition of this game so we threw everything in.

  • > Greg Lesky 7 March, 2014 @ 3:07 pm
    > MBA on 360/PS3? Whatever do you mean? ;)
    Damn, seems like the blob not only ate a wafer thin mint, but also manipulated my memories and several sites ;D

  • as an (old school) Castlevania fan i really loved this game. i hope for a sequel!

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