Deal of the week: Need for Speed Rivals

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Deal of the week: Need for Speed Rivals

Grab a hefty saving on EA’s stunning 2013 streetracer

Last week we had big savings on FIFA 14 and this week’s deal is also brought to you by EA: Need for Speed Rivals on PlayStation 3. As cop or racer, jump in some beautiful sports cars and feel the energy and excitement of the open road.
Offer ends 12th March 2014.
Need for Speed Rivals (PS3)
Was £59.99/€69.99/AU$99.95, now £19.99/€29.99/AU$39.95

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4 Author Replies

  • No deal or the week for Vita this week? :c
    Dragon’s Crown (or any not-so-recent RPG, really) would be my suggestion for that. Maybe next week there’ll be something for Sony’s rather neglected portable child…

    • Yep, I’m nagging our guys for Dragon’s Crown. We’ll see how it goes, but do keep your suggestions coming.

  • Hi Sony, I own a PS4.

  • No Vita deal? Ohh, Sony Europe, another week in the hell for Vita. Do you really interested in your own portable console?
    I’m so disappointed.

  • What about PS4 sales?

    • We’d love to but you have to remember many publishers aren’t as willing due to the very fresh nature of PS4. In time, definitely there will be promotions, but it’s still fairly early. In any case, we’ll list everything on the blog when it does happen :)

  • Jawad ashraf you have a glitch on you ps store.

  • It seems that deal of the week is updated together with the Wednesday’s store update so wouldn’t it be just easier to inform about discounted title in the store update thread? I was actually looking for that info yesterday.

  • The way it was mentioned and opened last week with a deal on both the PS3 and Vita gave the impression that the deal of the week would be something going across both of those platforms. It’s understandable that with so few games on the PS4 at the moment that it would be excluded for some time.
    So it’s a bit meh to see that it turns out the deal of the week won’t be something across the range of Sony devices. Hopefully it will be soon though.

    • Yes, to make it clear the deal will not always be both consoles, though we will try and move towards that when possible.

  • Who do I speak to about it?

  • If this was £30 on PS4 Id buy it.
    Same goes for BF4 Premium. It sucks those of us that bought it early get punished when if I had not upgraded to PS4 I could have transfered the cheaper PS3 premium…. No DLC pack is worth £40, its barely worth £30.

  • Nothing for Vita and no plus discount either. Very disappointed.

  • If I buy this can I then use the upgrade deal and buy it on ps4 for an extra £10

  • Tales of Xillia please :)

  • I would of been interested on PS4, any word on DRIVECLUB Jawad? anything at all?

  • Cheers for the reply, Jawad (glad to know about your efforts regarding Dragon’s Crown!), as well as for clarifying that the deal of the week won’t always cover both PS3 and Vita games (as I wrongly assumed last week).

  • Maybe next week a LEGO game? ^^

  • It’s worth noting this is one of the upgrade games. Much like Battlefield 4 last week, you can get the game for £30 digitally if you buy this then upgrade.
    The upgrade deal is only available until the end of the Month. So if you’re looking for this title on PS4 it’s a pretty decent deal.

  • @jamie-sixtyfour: Its not part of the upgrade program, else it would be an instant buy for me.

  • Hm i dont understand it
    “Jawad Ashraf 6 March, 2014 @ 11:35 am
    We’d love to but you have to remember many publishers aren’t as willing due to the very fresh nature of PS4. In time, definitely there will be promotions, but it’s still fairly early.”
    Yet in the US they have/had :
    Call Of Duty: Ghosts (PS4) $59.99 / sale $39.99
    Call Of Duty: Ghosts Digital Hardened Bundle (PS4) $119.99 / sale $89.99
    Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition (PS4) $49.99 / sale $34.99 / plus $24.49
    and more if i recall correctly.
    So why isnt it too early for them but too early for us ?

  • Any idea when the amazon digital marketplace will exit beta?
    Amazon USA – $39.99 (pre-tax) for (all ps4 digital codes) Ghosts, ShadowFall, Lego Marvel, Injustice (actually $34.99).
    That’s £24 (+ 20% Vat = £5.90) = £29.90.
    I can understand a slight variation in price but, same delivery, same game, same store, same console.

  • It was said yesterday on the store info blog that there was going to be a ps4 launch game cheaper??? So where is it???
    Im so tempted to just by my games from the us store as there $60 and that works out about £40 so alot cheaper then paying £59.99/£54.99. Its cheaper for me to buy disk based games from my local tesco than it is to buy on your store !!!!! Its a joke and still no info on when the vita evergreen ps plus games change???

  • Great deal but I’ll to get it on PS4, as I’m not in any rush to play it.
    anyway I wanted to ask if I should be worried as I haven’t had a message about the prize of the weekend debate?

  • And once again SCEE favors UK. With the same discount we’d pay 23,33€ on the continent. But nope, 30€ for us. So much about listening and improving.
    But thanks for the weekly reminder that Steam > SCEA > SCEE UK > SCEE rest of Europe. I’ll just keep carrying my money to Steam then.

  • @leejfoster – it’s a launch discount on a PS4 games (20% off Awesomenauts), not a discount on a PS4 launch game. I read it that way too

  • Hey Jawad three questions mate. Sorry it’s off topic.
    1. The infamous second legacy edition is a digital exclusive right, will the jackets DLC be available to download at another time? For the people who went retail.
    2. Chris said in another reply that the vita yearly titles aren’t being updated, my question is does he mean they’re never being updated or just not this year.
    3. Don’t know if you can even answer this but why the heck does telltale have such a bad track record with Europe releases? I’m absolutely gutted about walking dead s1e2.

  • “We’d love to but you have to remember many publishers aren’t as willing due to the very fresh nature of PS4.”
    This is the very reason there should be sales on PS4. I’ve early adopted on both PS4 and X1 and find myself primarily still playing the old consoles because next-gen games are nothing short of a rip off. I’ve yet to buy a single PS4 game and just have the bundled Killzone and PS+ freebies.
    I’d like to buy all next-gen, all digital but…
    1) The UK price hike. In the US PS3/PS4 prices are roughly the same. In the UK PS4 is up to 50% more expensive.
    2) Overpriced digital. No manufacturing overheads, no shipping costs, no retailer commission, no second hand loses and yet still 10-20% more than retail.
    I remember in previous generations there were always bundles and offers to entice people to upgrade but there is an obvious greed surrounding this generation to milk as much as possible from the consumer, no doubt spurred on by the steady demand for the hardware.
    With PS+, GwG and Steam there’s no reason to buy anything but the odd “must-have” game and this next-gen pricing makes it so easy to not spend money on games. I’ve actually SAVED a fortune since I bought my new consoles :-)

  • No deals for Vita? Disapointing.
    Have you seen the US Sales? NFS: MW $5 for Vita, etc…

  • Is deal of the week gonna be dedicated especially for EA games, or are You gonna give us a shot ona other comapnies games also? I believe also, that offers You give us will be worth the name of “deal of the week”, because currently it’s more like “some-kind-of-the-deal-for-somebody-who-believes-it’s-a-deal”. No offense. Never complained about Your job guys. I’m Your regular, and dedicated customer and I believe You will surprise me not once in the future. PS maybe a nice deal for NBA 2K14? :) Or You can just throw at us Dishonored in IGC next month ;)

  • @sem1471
    oops, bad maths. 20% is actually £4.80. Maybe I should apply for a job with you guys. he he.

  • @Golwar
    That said mate the PS4 Infamous Bundle is going for €439 on which works out at £360 whilst on it’s £385. Then add another 7 quid shipping over to here in Austria plus it takes around a week to arrive here it’s going to work out around €477 for me. In the ideal world I’d be able to get it from as they do next day delivery to here for free here but they not got it listed at all and though I asked Jawad a week ago if he had any info on whether they’d get it he blanked me.
    Bit like he’s ignored the question I’ve now asked him twice about if I’m able to buy the Stick Of Truth from the PS store, but thank you to you and hayzink for sorting that out on twitter for me I know the answer now ;-)

  • @Thunderlizzard, WELL SAID! I’ve bought more PS3 games since the PS4 launched than I have in the last 6 months prior.

  • Hi, can someone confirm the release date of luftrausers in Europe? They say it’s the 18 March but the store updates at the 19. Is the game to be released then? What about price, is it 9,99€ with a 20% discount on plus(7.99€)? Thanks!

  • @chasloyal
    I guess that Amazon and hardware bundles aren’t really part of his job. So that seems ok.
    The other question though, he should really have managed to answer. ;)

  • can you pass it on to the PS4 OS team that allot of people are having trouble with Strict NAT, I can’t even find an online match in Warframe.

  • Instant buy…
    If it was a PS4 deal

  • Would rather see this on PS plus IGC!

  • Nice to see good offers for people that have invested in the ‘next gen’ consoles………. :/

  • Hello i have a suggestion for next igc how about BloodRayne: Betrayal for ps3 ?

  • Deal of the week? Isn’t this exactly the same as deal #4 in 12 Deals of Christmas? I bought NFS Rivals PS3 from you back then at exactly the same £19.99 price.

  • @Golwar
    I hear you mate but when I contacted they said of course they were expecting to get it but only Sony knew if and when for certain so I thought Jawad might at least have some idea seeing he works for the Playstation arm of SCEE. Let’s be honest here though, he don’t have to care because I’ve already made it clear I’m making another contribution to his salary yet again. I await the usual brown nosing suspects in here to accuse me of being ungrateful, disrespectful, aggressive or even of playing the Riddler *yawn*

  • My vita and i are so disappointed at you right now Sony, there’s only so long ports indies and mobile games can keep me happy. Where’s the big guns and remote play for PS3.

  • @UK_Rocklance
    That little fact ain’t gone unnoticed here but I can’t be bothered to moan about it as well because I was willing to buy it back then but the PS shop was down all morning of the final day of the 12 deals it was on offer. So I’m sure as hell not going to bother buying it now with Tomb Raider and the Stick Of Truth to get through before my PS4 arrives in about 3 weeks time.

  • Here are some suggestions for future (ps3) deals:
    Rayman Legends: less than 15€
    Diablo III: less than 19€
    Grand Theft Auto V: less than 29€
    Gran Turismo 6: less than 29€
    Sonic Generations: less than 9€
    The Last of Us: less than 18€
    F1 2013 classic ver: less than 19€
    RESIDENT EVIL 6: less than 9€

  • Thanks for the deals.
    If you’re looking for ideas, now that Batman Arkham Knight has been announced, how about the Batman series so far:
    Arkham Asylum (PS3)
    Arkham City (PS3)
    Arkham Origins (PS3)
    Arkham Origins Blackgate (PS Vita)
    I know Arkham Origins Blackgate is being upgraded for PS3/Xbox 360/PC, but it would be nice to play it on the Vita.

  • Had enough of waiting for a PS4 discount, bought it on eBay for £30.01 delivered. They could have had my money if they sold it at a reasonable price, instead I’ll support the second hand market.
    They’re really trying to force next gen prices to stay high. Difficult to take when we have to choose between PS3 version for £19.99 or PS4 for £54.99, or in the case of Tomb Raider, free on PS3 or £44.99 on PS4.
    On top of all this games we where promised when we bought the PS4, DriveClub, are still nowhere to be seen. Having that for March would have really taken the sting out of TitanFall’s tail.

  • Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don’t Know! for the whole family.

  • @TC0072
    I’m hoping Infamous Second Son will be the one to make titans fall but I’ll be sick as a parrot if it turns out to be a flop. I’ve put off getting a PS4 this long because I’m still very happy with my PS3 and because there was nothing on next/current gen that I couldn’t get on current/past gen. Delsin Rowe has been the fella to finally make me jump on board, must admit though that after Infamous only the Order 1886 and perhaps Drive Club are on my shopping list thus far. Of course I’ve already got the DedSec edition of Watch Dogs pre-ordered but it’s also available on PS3 so it don’t really count in my book.

  • since i have the PS4 ,the PS3 has never been on again
    however since the lack of demo’s and actions for the same games
    Or the default 10€ higher prices for psn games instead of retail Its all back to the start of PS3 again..
    sony when do you start learning?

  • @chasloyal, Ain’t moaning about it. I am perfectly happy with my purchase from back then. Love this game, platted it twice on PS3 and once on PS4. Will plat it again once the PS4 gets MP3 support (being able to race to your own music is just so sweet).
    Just pointing out that this being singled out as “deal of the week”, it should stand out from the rest of the regular weekly deals, instead of rehashing the same deal from the past with no further price reduction despite the game having aged. I pointed out last week… they ought to set some ground rules when it comes to a “deal of the week” — at least certain % of discount, a promise that the game will not be in IGC for 6 months, must be top-10 best seller in the past 6 month, offering it only over the weekend etc.
    As it is, would it make any difference if Rivals is just one of the “Blockbuster Deals” or “Great Value Games”? Would it be any different if Battlefield 4 at £24.99 is called the “deal of the week” (instead of being part of Blockbusters)? I am sure it makes a difference to Sony (they must have certain agreement with the publishers for putting on the spotlight) but to us, the “deal of the week” totally lacks identity.

  • Having played both PS3 and PS4 versions, I strongly recommend the PS4 version as it is vastly superior. The single most important reason is the better drawing distance on the PS4. You do not have cars or obstacles suddenly popping in in the distant. You no longer chase a car that has gone too far away that it’s invisible yet a floating label/pointer continues to move along where there invisible car is. And after playing on the PS4, when I went back to the PS3, it looked so terrible without the anti-aliasing.
    Of the few games that I have played on both platforms (PS3&4), this game is the most worthy upgrade on PS4. The improvement actually makes a difference to your game play (better drawing distance and framerate means you have time to react instead of crashing into cars/obstacles that pop in front of you while driving at breakneck speed). And I was never once disturbed by Overwatch players when playing on PS4 (perhaps Overwatch doesn’t work on PS4?). On PS3 I get constant irritation from Overwatch (PC or tablet app players) stealing my nitrous etc. every few minutes, even when I set my game to Private. Only drawback is that the PS4 has no MP3 support whatsoever.

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