Expert tips and tricks for Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition on PS4

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Expert tips and tricks for Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition on PS4

Everything you need to know to get to the top of the leaderboards

To celebrate the release of Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition we thought it timely to re-surface the following set of tips and tricks originally posted in 2010 following the release of the PS3 original. Despite the new additions made to the PS4 version all the advice below still holds true and should help you on your way to the top of the leaderboards. Let us know how you get on!

Mob rules

  • Rush makes you (briefly) invincible. Pressing L2 grants you a burst of speed that makes you untouchable for a nanosecond. Use it to dodge angry Bombies, power through a zombie crowd, or sprint over flames. But even the Rush won’t save you from the dreaded Cutter…
  • Master the Melee. Melee attacks (R2) knock away all zombies, even those lurking behind you, so it’s a must for crowd control. To be a real melee monster, collect fashionable ExoGear armor pieces hidden throughout the game and equip them at the Weapon Shop.
  • Melee while reloading. Stuck in a reload animation just as a mob is closing in? Jam on the melee button (R2) to fend off the onrushing zombies — it won’t interrupt your reload progress. So no excuses: Reload at every opportunity!
  • Learn to love car alarms. That telltale red warning light is your cue to open fire — the resulting racket will bring every nearby zombie running, giving you time to slink away before the ensuing explosion.
  • Trick the Jumper into smashing other zombies. When you hear its distinctive shriek, Rush away. With practice, you can use this technique to direct the Jumper right into a zombie crowd with lethal results.
  • Listen to the music. Dead Nation’s dynamic soundtrack gets the blood pumping. But, more importantly, it can give you clues about the next threat. If you hear the music kick into overdrive, ready a powerful weapon!
  • When all else fails, throw a grenade. It’s tempting to solve every problem with bullets, but equipment like flares and mines are absolute lifesavers. Use them regularly or suffer the consequences!


Cash is king

  • Keep your enemies close. Those gold and red orbs that gush from defeated zombies? They boost your cash and score multiplier, respectively, but their value decreases rapidly over distance. For maximum cash, stay as close as possible to the carnage.
  • It pays to wait. Glowing blue boxes always carry ammo; all other boxes alternate between red (score multiplayer) and gold (money for weapons and upgrades). If you’re strapped for cash, wait for each box to turn gold before opening it.
  • Cash 4 Health. Topped off on life? Don’t let that health kit go to waste. Tap R2 — you’ll squash it and gain bonus cash. Protip: This doesn’t work in real life.
  • Junk in the trunk. Car trunks always contain gold, so be sure to loot them at every opportunity.
  • Leave no gravestone unturned. Take some time to venture off the main path. Dead Nation is riddled with secret nooks and crannies loaded with item boxes and cash, and you’ll need every last dollar if you want to max out all of your gear.
  • Ammo comes first! Remember to buy ammunition and items before spending all your cash on upgrades and new weapons.


Tips for healthy living

  • Rest a little. Your character automatically regenerates 20% of his or her life bar. If you’re low on life and facing long odds, grab that next health kit after you regenerate and you’ll come out ahead.
  • Health-o-Matic. Soda machines are scattered throughout the environments, and can provide one of two effects. Shoot it to create a noisy diversion; Melee it (R2) to gain a quick health boost.
  • Max out your Endurance. If you’re having trouble surviving, equip ArmoShell armor upgrades at the next Weapon Shop to boost your defense.
  • Rush the flames away. Flames and poison goo will melt down your health bar in milliseconds. Rushing (L2) will slough off any harmful substances and get you back in the fight.


Weapon tips

  • Rifle: Limitless ammo makes this a handy fallback, and its charged “powershot” drills through a crowd like a hot knife through butter. The powershot can also snipe out a dangerous target in the middle of a crowd. Upgrade it early, but don’t rely on it.
  • Shotgun: Upgrade early and upgrade often. Perhaps the single most useful weapon in Dead Nation, the Shotgun makes mincemeat out of the toughest zombies. Don’t get trigger happy, though: ammo is painfully limited.
  • SMG: This rapid-fire weapon is best used against weaker zombies such as skeletons. On higher difficulties, the SMG will barely faze tougher enemies — use it with caution and upgrade it gradually over the course of the game.
  • Flamethrower: This specialized weapon fits a niche role. You’ll need to top off every upgrade to reach its full potential — a pricey proposition. It’s best for crowd control, as flaming zombies move slower and tend to scatter.
  • Blade Cannon: A keeper! The bladed projectile will carve through an entire horde, instantly killing all zombies — including the dreaded soldiers and fat men — with one well-placed shot. It’s also a one-hit kill against Bombies, though Jumpers and Cutters will barely shrug. It’s definitely worth upgrading.
  • Launcher: This powerful rocket launcher is the ideal choice against Cutters and Jumpers, though it starts with only five shots. Upgrade the ammo capacity posthaste, and always fire from a safe distance!
  • Shocker: This lightning gun can flash-fry a huge horde in seconds — if you have the cash to max out its upgrades. The Shocker will also immobilize lesser enemies, making it a powerful alternative to the Flamethrower.


Equipment tips

  • Flare: Invest in the Duration upgrade to keep zombie mobs distracted longer, then let loose with the Shotgun, Blade Cutter, or Shocker.
  • Grenade: Zombies will lunge for the blinking light, making Grenades a great choice for redirecting rampaging mobs. Stay clear of the red explosive radius!
  • Mine: Upgrade these bad boys as quickly as possible, especially to gain multiple Explosive Charges. Even though mines don’t attract special enemies like they do with zombies, you can still utilize them by standing behind mines and luring them in.
  • Molotov: Handy in a pinch, but self immolation is a constant risk. Molotovs are perhaps most useful for creating a literal firewall between yourself and an angry horde. Use with caution!
  • TNT: This screen-filling explosion inflicts the most damage of all, making it valuable against the rock-hard Cutters. As with the other items, zombies will be attracted to its blinking light.

Tips from the community

  • Make sure to balance the weapon loadouts for co-op play, so you can handle all types of zombies (via @EGjonas)
  • In co-op, play back-to-back to keep lights surrounding the area and you’ll have fun mowing down hundreds of the undead. (via @MeatRations)
  • Pump the first few rounds into the cars BEFORE you need them to blow up. Prime ’em. (via @BenKuchera)
  • Always exploit the exploding cars AFTER you’ve looted them. (via @Geofortean)
  • Use a charged shot to quickly set off a car alarm or a soda machine. (via @psnstores)
  • Upgrade the default Rifle to max power, then use bottlenecks in the environment to line up the zombies. Boom! Multi-kill! (via @Essmithsd)
  • Always be moving while engaged in combat. If you need breathing room, melee and rush are an effective way to buy precious seconds. (via @driftingdrafts)
  • Reload, switch weapons, and switch back to the original. The weapon will be at full stock without the wasted time. (via @Taggart451)
  • In co-op, stick side-by-side in a narrow alleyway and lure the zombies in while backing up. Using Molotovs for a line of fire and Mines (via @GameOnGreggy)

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  • can’t wait to play this tomorrow! just got a quick question, will there still be only 2 player co op?

  • All I want to know is if I can use my ps3 save. I already got the platinum for this on ps3, not sure if I want to subject myself to the torture of the last 2 highest difficulties again

  • This looks great I did have it for free on PS3 but never played it now I can get stuck in!
    I still have Strider, Toukiden, Thief to finish and FFXHD, Infamous SS and Deception IV all on the way this month!
    PS ftw!

  • Can’t wait for this!! Loved it on PS3. Got all the trophies too so will be collecting them all again. hehe

  • Itsn’t it out today??? If it is I can’t find it in the store when people are playing it on playstation live :(

  • izorpo, a bonus cash starter for having ps3 save would be welcome, with extra for them who completed it, but if you mean it as it sounds then would that just both null the xp And more importantly also mean a shared/same trophy list, am hoping to just do it all over from scratch, really enjoyed it first time, i just hope it is possible to do alone, like in co-op your ‘partner’ (sparecontroller) allowed us tokinda drag em through the obligatory ‘complete in co-op’ playthrough, like a red rope that just pulled partner behind, on easy and leveled up this was very easily done, also hope the road to, does not lead to devastation this time.. looking forward to this..

  • Just to add i bought this day1 on psn, and if i didn’t have plus would gladly buy again, awsome that i get it for free this time.. think i need to adjust my keyboard options, turned all off earlier as every time i signed in on this (ipad) start a comment safari both shut and returned screen to lock screen, seems ok now, fingers crossed, but anyone else have similar issues since around last wednsday?… iphone’s safari didn’t do it, nor ps3 or 4s browsers, so must be tablet problem?.

  • @ above.
    it is out tomorow for EU, the livestreams are probobly US as they get it day earlier, though there may be mistake on store, just gonna check now.

  • @solarwind
    Not all games that have cross saves have shared trophy list, Sly 4, Sound Shapes are two examples where cross saves meant 2 platinums. That isn’t what I meant though, for instance Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Complete Edition will allow players to use their PS3 saves from Dynasty Warriors 8 on the PS4 version. With DW there will be some benefit from having a PS3 save, like instead of leveling up from 1-150 its from 99 to 150 (that is if you leveled all characters to 99.
    With Dead nation on PS4 it would be nice if we could keep our armor and upgrades to weapons. I never had to drag another character through as I had someone to play with both online and couch co-op finding someone to play with isn’t a problem.

  • more importantly does the second (couch co-op) account get trophies?? I can’t find this answer anywhere. How is this not implemented yet i don’t know.Isn’t that the point of two accounts logged in at once. I still can’t believe knack, sonys flagship co-op game at launch did not have this feature!

  • @Fred I have a marketing expert tip for SCEE: “Address the questions that the ps+ subscribers have been asking!”
    (this is not going away until the issues are clarefied and properly addressed)

  • What time is going to be released? It’s the 5th, cant wait to play this!

  • Strange that it has not been released yet…

  • when is the game gonna be put on the store it’s a joke to be waiting this long

  • Anybody have any idea on PSVita version release date?

  • Handy tips, thanks. Fired this game up last night and got destroyed on level 2, lol. I presume co-op is the way to go?

  • Why is this game still 30fps? Resogun, your latest game looks unbelievably better than this yet runs at 60fps. Even BF4 runs at 60fps and that’s massive. This looks and feels exactly like the PS3 version.

  • Have to agree with Supvic, this seems identical to the PS3 version, graphics and all

  • Lol i was sooo scared! I kept looking behind me to see if there was someone there! hahaha – Check it out, here’s my playthrough

  • I like how this game is a lot deeper than you might expect at first glance. There’s plenty to keep in mind when you think about it.. Like being extra aware when you just killed a whole bunch of zombies as their dead bodies on the ground obstruct your view. Learn your enemies. I generally go for the quickest ones first. Play tactically, sometimes it’s better to pay attention to the smaller group of enemies first so you have a way to back out when fighting the larger one.. Stuff like that..
    This sounds great in co op but in my experience it never worked properly. On ps3 I stopped bothering after a while and it seems to be the same story all over again. Constant network errors that make it a challenge just to complete an easy level in co op. I even had to do a hard reset yesterday, couldn’t close the application after I was done with it at the 10th network error.. Love the game but I won’t play it more than once in solo..

  • This would be great to use, if the game didn’t crash after every level and corrupt my saves every so often. Will this be getting a fix soo? Loved the original PS3 version, but I can’t even play this one.

  • wow lol u guys need to get your eyes look’s way better than ps3 version loads more detail . go check your ps3 version again

  • Can confirm NO TROPHIES for the couch co-op victim, another game that went from “WOOO AWESOME” to a piece of trash

  • it’s really awesome when i don’t get a bonus score from the level i just finished. an easy example, i finish the 1st level with 10 million. i get a bonus score for everything and i finish with a campaign score of 19 million yet when i start downtown im back at 10 million. Fix. the ps4 has been a terrible joke and after 4 months i finally get a game worthy of being a ps game and it’s a buggy mess. over it sony absolutely fking over it.

  • Stupid,stupid game, or me!, totally forgot the ps3 vers, which i liked and platted, so thought i would play normal first, then morbid… But it seems i need to beat grim to unlock morbid.. IF i believed it would end with plat, i would continue, but No way i see myself beating (stupid) Road of Devastation, well not before going mad anyway, yes it seems fixed compared to ps3 effort, but on round 7 other night 2 cutters just magically spawned behind me, so no more of that thank you. Why didn’t i remember about needing to unlock morbid…

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