Awesomenauts Assemble! lands on PS4 tomorrow

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Awesomenauts Assemble! lands on PS4 tomorrow

PS Plus members get 20% off the acclaimed multiplayer brawler

Awesomenauts is making a major comeback tomorrow on PS4 in the form of Awesomenauts Assemble! If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you’ll get the added bonus of a 20% discount during the first week.
Awesomenauts Assemble! combines modern, team-based multiplayer with classic, alien-blasting action. You’ll play as one of 15 interstellar mercenaries, each with his or her own unique abilities and upgrades. In battle, you’ll team up with two other players. These can either be random players or friends, both online or offline through splitscreen. Together, you’ll be facing off against a team of enemy players, automated turrets, droids, and the local wildlife as you try to blast your way forward towards the goal of destroying the enemy base. And you’ll do all this on lush, hand-drawn alien worlds.
If you last played Awesomenauts on PS3, you’re definitely in for a treat. The game has seen an almost complete overhaul, from the menus and balance to the netcode, everything has been improved. On top of that, a lot of content has been added compared to the original release. Awesomenauts Assemble! more than doubles the amount of characters, while also adding a new stealth-focused map and awesome, downloadable skins.
New character additions include Gnaw, an adorable alien dog-creature that can dominate areas with his acidic spit and spawnable minion turrets. Skølldir, a big space Viking whose groundstomp shakes the very planet, has also joined the team. Then there’s Ayla, a devious little girl with unimaginable psychokinetic powers. Just make sure to get out of her way when she becomes enraged. These are just a couple of the examples of new Awesomenauts you’ll be able to play with, adding more variety to a roster that was already varied.
And even more characters are underway! As you may know, a big expansion to the PC version of the game was funded through Kickstarter last year. This expansion included five new characters, custom game settings, and a brand new map. We’re happy to announce that content from this expansion content will be making its way to PS4 when development on that is further along!
When we first created Awesomenauts, our vision was to bring the fresh experience of the MOBA genre to console. And we wanted to do it in a way that fits consoles, by making everything more direct, more skill-based, more colorful, and – in the end – more fun. After we launched Awesomenauts on console back in May 2012, we moved it over to PC, and we’ve been expanding on it ever since.
Now, over a million copies later, we’re happy to finally play the updated version from the couch again. All thanks to the amazing porting abilities of our friends at Abstraction Games, and of course, the power of PS4.
We’ll see you online!

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  • Hi Robin, there`s any chance of a PS3 and/or Vita version of this great game?

  • 20% off….. off of what exactly? There is no price. I did love this game on the PS3!!

  • Great news.
    Never picked it up on the Xbox 360 or PS3 but always wanted to give it a try.
    I don’t know why people complain about so few games on the PS4, if anything it encourages me to play gems like these ones.

  • Seems like a copy paste from the US blog, well likely only get 10% off?
    This posts says it’s out now but the title says tomorrow…

  • This was fun on the PS3 although I did find that the gameplay became a little repetitive due to the single track objectives and fairly simple maps. Hopefully the new characters will mix things up a bit but it’d also be great to see some variation on the game modes.
    Thanks for the PS Plus discount, can you give any indication on the price or do we have to wait until tomorrow when we can see it anyway on the store?

  • @HomessaHomem It was originally on PS3, reckon it’s unlikely that this version will be available for PS3 too.
    I remember playing the demo, can’t remember why I didn’t buy it. Maybe this time around…

  • @ThugETH
    What exactly is your logic behind that (depressive pessimism of a moaner doesn’t count as logic)?
    Also where does it say out now, all I can see is tomorrow

  • @MikLSP
    The article itself is a copy and paste from the US Blog, as we in the EU are second best for everything. All they did was change the title.
    ”Awesomenauts is making a major comeback today on PS4 in the form of Awesomenauts Assemble! If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you’ll get the added bonus of a 20% discount during the first week.”
    As soon as I signed in to post this, they’ve now rectified their screw up. ThugETh will back me up on this.

    • That’s really not how we work. There was indeed an error in the first line, which has been corrected. Apologies for that. This post was originally scheduled for tomorrow.
      Enjoy the game – it’s a cracker.

  • Hi could you please ask somebody to answer the growing concerns posted in the ps+ post march. We are all feeling unloved

  • @GEO-35 Likely not going to happen, as someone else said earlier, Jawad made it pretty clear that there are some things that they’re not allowed to talk to us about. I myself am a little concerned, but that’s mainly because I’m wondering if it could trigger a more detrimental decision further down the line. The best way to try and deal with it I reckon would be to try an contact SCEE directly. I’m sure most of the blog staff don’t really have a say in SCEE operational decisions.

    • Hey folks. Can we stay on topic and respect the hard work that Robin and the team at Ronimo have put into making this game and this announcement post?
      Part of my job here at SCEE is to harvest all the feedback from you guys around our announcements and make sure they’re read by the relevant people here at PlayStation. I’ve done exactly that with all the comments in the Plus post – that’s a promise. If we have any updates around the Plus service I’ll make them in a dedicated post, not under a thread about a really cool MOBA game called Awesomenauts. If you have further comments you’d like to make, please make them in the Plus thread, the weekly recap post, Tweet to @PlayStationEU, or even come to me directly via @FredDutton. Thanks everyone.

  • Why cant it be cross buy? I hate rebuying

  • @frimo_online
    If they are not allowed to talk about it why not continually remind us with simply one post per thread each time we complain, and provide us a more relevant contact to voice our concerns. This would probably put pay to a lot of the “your not answering us” complaints. We are continually ignored that just rude whichever way you look at it.
    I have contact the customer service department through the help pages on here. And guess what silence, nowt. Its all very well saying we are not allowed to talk about it, but we dont have to buy sony products either! It just so happens many of us are paid up for at least a year if not more. Some have asked about refunds for not being happy with the service, guess what silence from the team, probably not allowed to talk about it.

  • I see, so there was an initial error which reflected the US launch as their store updates a day sooner. In fairness, if you are announcing the same thing on two separate pages, it is perfectly acceptable and in fact sensible to “copy and paste”. It would be a pointless waste of time to re-write every post just to be sure that it read differently, it’s not like we’re talking about copying from a different source here.
    Regardless of this, there is still no logic that would imply that the EU Plus discount will be 10%, like I said that’s just depressive pessimism.

  • @fred
    We have made the posts in the relevant threads March PS+. But the thread is no longer being replied to by blog staff, indeed none of the really prolific issues were addressed. This one is, I and many on here have valid complaints and will take every opportunity to remind you of this. Can you then confirm whether or not you are allowed to talk about the issues we have all know what they are?

    • Yes, the issues are definitely very clear and, like I said, they have been passed on. At such a time as I have anything new and useful to add beyond this, you can be sure I’ll pass it on immediately. And yes, you are of course absolutely welcome to keep reminding me/us – that’s why I’m here, and I’ll continue to raise concerns the community has. That said, it would be great if you kept it to the channels listed above rather than taking over an unrelated post from a hard-working third-party developer. Apart from anything else, they’re more likely to be read that way and not fall foul of moderators ;) Thanks!

  • @FRED
    I appreciate all you have said but despite all the my recent posts and valid questions over the last the last few days this is the first reply I have had addressing the issues. Is this what is required to get a response? It really shouldn’t be. And despite getting a reply true to form didn’t answer my question. These issues aren’t new and are ongoing. I am sorry for hijacking this thread and apologize to the developers, but sony you are asking for it and ultimately hold you to blame. Treat people with contempt…. they dont just smile and wane.

  • @FRED
    If you don’t want people infringing on other posts,answer the peoples concerns. Simples.

  • My moment of glory is coming !!! I will go nuts Tomorrow. It will take some time to manage so many new characters and new map, plus all these awesome new skins ! See you all Tomorrow ! Online battles will be real deal. Training first, guys ;-)

  • Finally!
    I have been looking forward to this update since I first heard the rumor.
    Is the trophy list the same as on the PS3 or have you guys added some new things?

  • What the hell is wrong with you people? Take a step back and just look at how selfish and unappreciative you guys are coming across. Last month we got Bioshock Infinite and Metro Last Light for free. 2 fantastic games that Sony didn’t have to give us. Within one month the price of PS+ was already paid for imo. This month we get Tomb Raider. Yet another AAA high quality game. They don’t have to give us high quality games. In the last 12 months I’ve played awesome games such as Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, Far Cry 3, Batman Arkum City and many more.. all for the price of a single game. There’s nothing in the Terms & Conditions that says the free games need to be over 80 metascore. They could just as easily give us the cheapest crap they find in the bargain bin and they’d be well within their right to do so. We are in Europe. US has nothing to do with us. It’s not Chris or Fred’s fault that both regions differ. It’s the same reason Netflix has different content in each region. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next update will be 2 bargain bin games, just to put things into perspective.
    Fred and Chris, ignore the spoiled brats. You guys are doing a great job. Keep it up.

  • Very good price for this one, I’ll try not to miss any couch co-op opportunities to come, since they don’t come so often. Thanks for the post and very reasonable price!

  • Game looks brilliant and decent discount. Loving the tunes on the video. Platinum trophy?

  • been watching gameplay for this all day now, really cant wait!

  • Awesome, can’t wait.
    Played it on ps3 countless times.
    I was so sad when they stopped updating . Hope it will be different this time.
    And, new Trophies but no Platinum.

  • @Fred thanks for the direct channel to you.
    @Devil_demon the reason why me, GEO-35 and many others are complaining is not for one or another specific month, but the service deterioration in general, the constant lies and misleading publicity and above all the despise shown (on the proper topics) for the issues. since Fred provide us with a direct channel, I’ll use it for a time, but if the response is late in coming I’ll renew by “constant reminder” policy toward the Blog team.
    Back in topic: This really looks like a nice game, but since I don’t own a ps4 I’ll have to pass, maybe if you can make it crossbuy for the vita, I’ll grab it.

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