Weekend Debate: Do you play indie games? (Update)

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Weekend Debate: Do you play indie games? (Update)

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UPDATE: As ever, thanks for taking part folks. A lively – if fairly one-sided – discussion! The following posters have won themselves a Season Pass for The Last of Us: S-o-h-a-i-l, Devils_Demon, BailliePurvis, BoudDC and law952. Congratulations – we’ll be in touch later this week via a PM to your account over on the official forums.
ORIGINAL POST: So, as you may have noticed, alongside our normal AAA coverage this week, we’ve hosted a number of big indie game announcements on PlayStation Blog over the past seven days: Pavilion, forma.8, N++, Teslagrad, The Swapper, Road Not Taken, Vessel, to name but a few.
It’s always interesting to see the response to these sorts of reveals. Some of you meet them with rapture, others with disinterest – and others somewhere in between. Personally, I’m a big fan of the indie scene. As I’ve banged on about at great length, my two most-played games of the year so far are side-scrolling skate ’em up OlliOlli and minimalist strategy game Rymdkapsel. I’ve poured hours and hours into each of them, and both boast ridiculous amounts of depth despite their ‘less is more’ graphical approach.
So this week’s debate: what’s your take on indie? Are you strictly AAA-only and wouldn’t touch a pixel-art platformer with a barge-pole? Or do you actively seek out these ostensibly more diminutive titles? Justify your stance below, and if you’re an indie fan, suggest a few of your favourites to win over the naysayers.
We should all agree on the quality of this week’s prize for the most thoughtful responses – I’ve got five The Last of Us DLC Season Pass codes, which includes the acclaimed Left Behind single player expansion. Good luck!

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