New video goes behind the scenes with The Last of Us: Left Behind

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New video goes behind the scenes with The Last of Us: Left Behind

Also, a hint at what’s to come in the final DLC expansion…

Warning: Stop reading now and head here if you haven’t completed The Last of Us: Left Behind or The Last of Us. To be crystal clear so you’re not tempted to read on….
Okay, if you HAVE played the new story chapter and learned about Ellie’s adventures and relationship with Riley, we’re happy to show you our addendum to Grounded, our feature-length documentary on the development of The Last of Us. Our new video is called From Dreams – The Making of The Last of Us: Left Behind. Watch it now.
Maybe you’ve caught Grounded: The Making of The Last of Us via the Season Pass on PSN. Perhaps you prefer to watch videos on YouTube? We made that possible as the full feature is now up on the PlayStation YouTube channel:

We are exploring additional ways to make these videos available to watch in your region of the world. These are the stories of development on The Last of Us we have so far. There’s more to come. Our final drop in the Season Pass is on its way. It is chock full of multiplayer goodness with new maps, new weapons, new skills, and also a brand new difficulty mode for the single player campaign. We’ll have more information on it as in-game elements near completion.

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  • Ooooh, new single-player difficulty… looking forward to that.
    Will it come with new trophies?

  • Awesome. Was thinking when I’d re-100% it after Left Behind that was it! Glad to know there’s more to keep me coming back (especially single-player. Really enjoyed the multi-player but the single player is more my thing, especially with the whole censorship bull :P)

  • Eric, are you able to say which is the most complete version of the original game? I want to get it but I heard the EU version had violence edits, and the US version had adult-oriented edits. So… not sure which version to go for.
    Thanks! :)

  • New difficulty? SWEET. Will it be harder than survivor or is it some weird mode where you ride pink elephants instead of Callus? :P

  • Why did you remove the Grounded documentary from the PSN store for Season Pass members ?? I know that it is available to watch on YouTube but I would prefer to watch the version from the PSN store as it’s more convenient for me. The Documentary isn’t available anymore for Season Pass members in Belgian …
    I really enjoyed Left Behind and I’m really looking forward to the next awesome multiplayer DLC and new trophies !

  • ugh this Blog really needs an edit function ! I wanted to say “Belgium” instead of “Belgian” …

  • I still hope that the game will be released on the PS4. Just like Uncharted trilogy. Maybe as Tomb Raider – Definition edition.

  • Could you please add a divx link into the game menu below Grounded for download next time you update?
    I nearly didn’t buy the DLC because of the regional extortion but I’m glad I did, makes me want even more (but at a fairer price). Great work and really well done.

  • Is there ever the potential for a patch to enable two-player co-op with a friend?
    Would be awesome to play as Joel and Ellie with a friend.

  • eric: season pass bought, but how do i know that i got this?
    • Increased crafting speed.
    • Increased healing speed.
    • Rifle clip capacity upgrade.
    • 9mm reload speed upgrade.

  • @KaneTheGoth The censorship was only in the multiplayer in the EU version, but consensus was that it was unnecessary and ridiculous as the exact same gore effects and dismemberment are still found in the single player. And it gives US players a slight advantage because from an offensive view, the gore provides a visual confirmation of a kill, rather than than thinking you’ve only downed them then running in to finish unnecessarily. And from a defensive view you can tell which special weapons the opposing team have by the headshot gore and dismemberments.
    A big fuss was made on the forums (and in the games press) last year but we were told it wouldn’t be patched.

  • There’s more info on (it needs updating for more recently released games), but there’s a section on TLOU there. Tldr: it’s Sony’s fault forcing one ‘lowest common denominator’ version on the whole PAL territory due to fears of upsetting Germany and Australia. In other words, “f**k you if you ain’t in ‘murica”.
    If you want the full uncut experience get the US version but BE WARNED, the season pass and DLC will also need to be bought from the US PSN store, which can be a real pain, research if you will be able to do that first before buying.
    I wish I’d known about the censorship in advance (EU was deliberately mislead in the run up to release and it wasn’t publicised) as I would have got the US version and jumped through the DLC hoops.

  • First Sony and now Ubisoft!? Worrisome trend. If the censorship becomes more widespread I have to consider selling my PS3 and PS4 and just buy a PC. It’s a shame that AAA developers’ ambitions are only about money.

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