Introducing Pavilion – a bewitching ‘fourth person’ adventure for PS4 and PS Vita

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Introducing Pavilion – a bewitching ‘fourth person’ adventure for PS4 and PS Vita

Take a look at brand new footage from the intriguing puzzler, due out later this year

During Tokyo Game Show last year, together with Sony Japan, we announced that our game Pavilion will be coming for PS4 and PS Vita in 2014. Still, most people might not have heard that much about Pavilion or only seen it on some list of PS4 games scheduled for 2014 release. So we felt it was time to shed a bit more light on the game and start off with a little teaser video conveying the game’s atmosphere and tone.

“Pavilion, the fourth person puzzling adventure from Visiontrick Media, throws you directly into its mysterious world without any text tutorials or beginning explanations. It is a puzzle game portrayed through exploration and audio-visual imagery. By interacting and observing you gradually, bit by bit, learn things about both the puzzling gameplay and the world itself.”

Let’s talk a little bit about the term “fourth person”, which is something we have used over the past year to describe the overall game and the way you interact with the main character.
Basically the character is not your avatar and you are not in control of him, instead you have to find different ways, mostly through environmental interaction, to try to guide, influence or even force him to explore and fulfil the purpose of the world. And this indirect control is essentially what we refer to when we use the term “fourth person”.
Using the term “forth person” has also resulted in some interesting reactions. Some people feel it is just a buzz word while others are rather intrigued by it. But in the end we are happy to see people giving it a thought and talking about it.
As with many other games, Pavilion will be an experience best played without knowing too much about what lies ahead so we do not want to give away too much. Although we will keep posting more updates and details about the game here on PlayStation Blog during the coming months.
Until then you can follow our twitter feed or Facebook page for more daily updates. Thanks for your time and hope to see you on the PS4 and PSVita later this year!
Henrik & Rickard, Visiontrick Media.
P.S. From Friday 7th March to Sunday 9th March Pavilion will be playable at the Kyoto Indie Games Festival – BitSummit. If you happen to be in Japan at that time you should definitely come by and check out all the games, listen to some speakers and just hang around with all the cool developers and gamers for a couple of days. Check out their homepage and we hope to see you there!

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  • Thanks for release the game to ps4. the art looks nice

  • this looks pretty cool. i’m a fan of games that don’t force feed you to dumb everything down. makes you feel like the devs don’t view all players as idiots.

    • Well thank you. One of our goals with the game was to create an experience where the player have to take the initiative to explore and poke around in order to figure out what’s going on and what to do.

  • Charming optics and the music reminds a bit of the soundtrack for Act 1 of Diablo 1. So not bad at all! ;)

  • I’ve not adopted a PS4 yet – TOO much life in my PS3 still, and not enough games grabbing me on next (new/current?) generation.
    However, my Vita is sitting patiently for a game such as this.
    It looks beautiful. As Golwar said, really charming looks. And to think – had the title of this thread NOT said “Fourth Person” – I’d have glossed over it. Good marketing!
    Any release date? :D

  • Keep it coming Sony.

  • I think… I’m in love.

  • This game looks absolutely brilliant!

  • Looks and sounds great! Cross-buy and cross-save pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

  • Gosh, that looks stunning! Can hardly wait to see it on the screen of my Vita.

  • About the “fourth person” thing… It’s a third person game.
    A first person game, is a game where you see out the eyes of the protagonist. For example: Killzone.
    A second person game (quite rare), is a game where you view the protagonist from the eyes of someone other than the protagonist. For example: The first boss fight in BattleToads, where you see the main character (the battletoad) out of the eyes of the boss.
    A third person game, is a game where you view the main character from the outside, meaning you aren’t a character in the game. For example: This game – Pavilion. You’re not seeing the events unfold out of the eyes of any character. “You” don’t exist in the game’s world. It’s like having a vision of another world, where “you” don’t exist.
    It’s like in grammar, where:
    First person = me
    Second person = you
    Third person = he/she/it
    (PS: All of the above are implicitly singular. You can make a case that a game like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a third person plural game. Like “they” in grammar, as there are two main characters).
    Thus, there is no “fourth person”. I hope that makes sense to someone. I’d go into greater detail, but the character limit won’t let me. :P

  • I agree with DoYouLikeMyID on three points: first and third person definition as well that this most certainly isn’t fourth person. Only thing I disagree with is second person. Way I see it is whether you view through the eyes of the protagonist or someone else, it’s still first person. It’s all relative- if you are viewing through the eyes of ‘he, ‘ he becomes ‘me.’ I feel a little sick for using it as an example but Call of Duty has you in numerous bodies but it’s all first person.
    Unless, of course, he meant when you actually are the protagonist and he sees through another’s eyes a la Psycho Mantis in MGS1 (the ol’ telepathy…) in which case, I misunderstood and agree on all points. ^^
    As for fourth, might that actually be an entity such as augmented reality where you are inserting yourself into a fictional world?

  • @DoYouLikeMyID Well actually you are kinda wrong, a basic example, as third person shooter is still the playable character. Fourth person is because you aren’t playing a character or interacting, you’re outside the world. Like the forth dimension, which is exactly what its referencing.
    A man looking down at an ant stood on a piece of paper. The paper is 2 dimensions, like the world, the ant is the 3rd dimension, like the character, and the player who observes is in the fourth dimension. That’s what its about. :)

  • @Stu_Ark; It looks like you’re mixing up dimension with perspective. In your analogy, the whole world is already third dimension and that includes the paper. Take Parappa the Rapper, for example: he’s a 2D character model in a 3D environment. If he turns to the side, you still see a line separating his front and back which means he’s technically 3D. It’s a paradox otherwise. The only instance I can see 2D- on the strictest of terms- working in a 3D world is an image which is only visible from an exact angle which negates any depth.
    Admittedly, you ain’t wrong saying the observer (ie the real you) is in the fourth dimension and that’s what I was touching on above but that in itself doesn’t class a game as fourth person because we can only view every game through a screen.
    It’s a bold marketing term to class this as fourth person. Kudos to the team for suggesting it is but let’s face it, Locoroco had you controlling the world rather than the characters and it not never claimed to be fourth person. Flower has you controlling the world itself via the wind and it never made that claim. Again, kudos to the team for clever marketing to cause a stir but this ain’t fourth person.

    • Hey,
      A number of different things led us to adopt “fourth person” and we’ve been using it for over a year, without much response.
      And elaborating on all aspects of its use unfortunately contain spoilers.
      That probably just fuels the flames at this point, sorry. :)
      We don’t claim Pavilion being the first or only “fourth person” game. You’re right, many existing games can fall under such a category, the question is does that actually make it a category?
      People often assume a direct control and that gives a very wrong view of the gameplay, so we looked for a suiting short way to describe the different aspects of Pavilion and settled with “fourth person” which, to us, strongly relates. If it is 100% accurate we can’t say, but we feel it relates enough to be used. We didn’t set out to make a “fourth person” game, it just felt suitable along the way.
      If this means there have been more “fourth person” games before us, that is totally cool. We hope that Pavilion, like those games, will be interesting in itself.
      To sum it up, we tried something new, but maybe just re-named something old, or are completely on the wrong/right track. :)

  • I don’t care how many people are involved. This looks like a fun game and I will more than likely be picking it up. The soundtrack seems nice as well!

  • @Henrik Flink; Thanks for taking the time to respond. Just to make sure I wasn’t giving the wrong impression, I was purely debating the term. I love a good ol’ fashioned debate- maybe a bit too much… As for the game itself, I always welcome innovators and wish you the best of luck in succeeding with the game. I’ll be keeping an eye out for it. As ever, even with innovation, gameplay is king so if you have that down well, you have my custom.

    • Project2insanity,
      We absolutely want to be part of the debate and I didn’t get any wrong impression. If you wouldn’t have had substance in what you said I would probably not have responded. I was really struggling with the limit of characters, had to trim down my initial response quite a bit. :)
      I Just felt we should say something about it from our perspective too, hope I didn’t come off as defensive.
      We’re just two regular guys trying to make the game we want to make. We simply found an interesting gameplay mechanic while making another game which eventually led to a whole new game -Pavilion. It was kind of one of these things where you find something stuck in the ground and you start to dig to get it out and eventually discover it being way bigger than you first imagined. And the cool thing was that even if it had touching points to other games it is kind of unique in itself.
      Hopefully you will like what we found.

  • @Project2Insanity
    What I meant with the second-person thing, is that whether a game is first, second or third person all depends on your relation to the main character. If you’re seeing the world through the eyes of someone other than the main character, you would refer to the character as “you”, like “how are you holding up”.
    Also, you don’t always have to control the main character in a video game. I’ve heard some people say Elizabeth could be considered the main character of Bioshock Infinite, as the story kind of revolves around her. I can’t comment on whether that’s true or not, as I haven’t played the game yet. But assuming it’s true, that would be a second-person game as well, because the story revolves around someone other than the character you’re viewing the world as.
    Here’s Wikipedias definition:
    In movies and video games first- and third-person describe camera viewpoints. The first-person is from a character’s own perspective, and the third-person is the more familiar, “general” camera showing a scene. A so-called second-person may also be used to show a main character from a secondary character’s perspective.

  • @DoYouLikeMyID; I fully get what you’re saying now and I wouldn’t be able to argue if we assume perspective is relative to the main charater in the story. It seems that’s where we disagree, I take perspective from who you play as regardless of who’s most important- kinda like how we as individuals view the world in real life.
    Admittedly, if I look at it from your point of view, I can see why fourth person could be a feasible term for Pavilion. But hey, I think I’ve debated enough without adding to it with an argument for something I disagree with at source. ^^

  • I’m intrigued!! You will definitely see me on my PS Vita :) !

  • Thanks for releasing this on PS4. I will reward you with my money. :)

  • looks nice….thank you for providing it on Vita

  • I am totally in love…

  • It looks positively lovely. Looking forward to this one!

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