Your expert Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4 beta guide

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Your expert Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4 beta guide

Get the best out of the beta this weekend with Square Enix’s essential tips

It’s Saturday. It’s 8am. The floodgates have opened, and our login servers are starting to grind their gears in earnest – the beta has started!
For those of you that have not yet discovered their way into the Realm of Eorzea, this is for you. If you’ve not downloaded the beta yet, just jump into the PlayStation Store to do so!
Your first steps
After you have logged in and updated the game, you can go straight to the character creation process. This is really straightforward – choose whatever suits you best! From hulking Roegadyn to tiny Lalafell, all is available to you.
Important: If you want to play with friends, you’ll want to make sure that you choose classes that start in the same city! It’s a long trip from city to city, until you can do the quest to get access to a new travel method at level 15.
While you work yourself through the introduction, you will be in an instance (a sealed-off area in the game) that only you are in. That’s normal – as soon as you have finished the first few quests, you will find yourself among tons of other players.
The game will introduce the controls to you- you’ll get used to it really quickly. While you’re on your own, play around with the controls as much as you like and get acquainted with them. Remember that you can use the PS4 touchpad like a mouse pointer, in case an open window bothers you!
As a general rule, try to follow the quests. FFXIV is very story focused, and the quests will lead you through the world.
How to find your friends
In the lower left corner, you can find the chat window. And through the Start Menu (or the Social-Button, if you chose to play with Mouse & Keyboard), you can find and invite old or new friends to your group!
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Chatting and Chat commands
You will see Chats in many different colours. White shows people using /say – only people in close vicinity can read this. Yellow chat is someone using /yell, which reaches much farther – and finally, there’s /shout in red, which everyone on the map will see. There are other modes as well, which you will discover as you play the game and join Free Companies or Linkshells.
Chat commands always start with a slash /!
Of course, you can also use emotes, either through the menu or by typing them in. /dance is always very popular!
Changing classes
At level 10, you will be able to do a quest that allows you to change your classes however you wish. To unlock new classes, you will need to do an introductory quest of the guild offering the class. Since a lot of guilds are located in other cities, you’ll want to wait until you can gain access to the travel method connecting the cities at level 15
This should be all you need to get started!
Enjoy exploring the Realm of Eorzea. And thanks for helping us polishing the game for its release on the 14th April!

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  • Still trying to even create an account. Requires a one time password. Also it sneakely changed my loginID. Oh and it displays the login screens as 1/5th of my screen on ps4.

    • The one-time password is not required. Just leave it empty. The size of the login screen is normal – as soon as you’re logged in, the game will run in full screen.

  • Morning. Guess it’s traffic related but keep getting ‘cant create character’ or ‘world is not taking new characters’. Any twitter links for updates?

    • There is quite a run on the servers. When you can’t create your character, you can select the server again and refresh the list of servers until one becomes available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Risked a restart and think I’m in

  • kind of giving up because it’s not sending an email with a confirmation code to create an account, code expires after one hour… faceplam!
    so I use the website to try and create an account……..same thing no email, back to bf4

    • I have checked with our GMs, and they’re not aware of any issues – others seem to be doing fine. Please make sure that you can receive mails from and check your spam folders.

  • This is stupid.
    This One Time Code should be really be called Once Upon A Time Code.
    It’s a Fairy Tale if you get it..
    *rolls eyes*

  • When will more servers be opened? None of the ones available are accepting new characters.

  • Getting a little dull trying to access a server. Ready to give up on the game before it is even out!

  • First bug found, remote play uses the Japanese configuration of circle and x… bit of a pain but still useable

  • How do I get the One Time password? I already had a Square Enix account before

  • What’s the point of an MMO that has a server selection like this, half the time most servers are full and you’ve no idea no high traffic on them is. How is anyone meant to play together with friends when you probably can’t get onto the same server and then you’ve got the separate cities to deal with.

    • Please keep in mind that this is a beta test with a limited number of servers – the retail game currently has more than 50. We have by now opened two additional beta servers.

  • You don’t need the ‘one time password’ that’s just an extra security thing if you have a square enix token.

  • FYI – but you don’t need one, its instead of a password.

  • Made a new account eventually and am able to play. But is it my ps4/tv or is every written word on font size 3?
    I can’t read anything onscreen. I’m just skipping through everything, and I can’t navigate anything because I’m unable to read a single word.

  • My guess is this….the square- enix account and linking is too convoluted, when I logged into the website it displays my ID correct, but when I checked my email for the completed registration it added the number ‘9’ at the end of my username. I used a computer just forget about registering using the PS4 it was a pain.
    BTW I know how to make an account
    2xBTW I’m currently preparing the first time setup which is taking ages…..if this wasn’t a Final Fantasy I would never have bothered with the effort, lucky you guys have an excellent pedigree in the games series.

  • If you do “try” to play this game do all your registration through the game on the ps4. yes create the account on the ps4 even if it’s hard to see. If you use the Computer to make your Square account your boned!. My wife wanted to try this so she made her account on the computer then tried to use the info on the ps4 to log in and now it just ask for a promo code and ask you to close the application, with no way to get back to the screen to enter a promo code. so you end up stuck in an endless loop. Also trying to link them on there web sites is beyond what anyone should have to do to “demo” a game.

  • When I will be able to transfer my char from PS3 version, in what beta-phase?

    • We haven’t released any info yet on when the transfer will be made available. But we will probably announce it here on the blog, so hang on tight!

  • Creating account defaults country to UK and it won’t let me change it. Also login screen is too small!

  • Been trying for 3 hours now to get into the servers

  • I hate to sound like a jerk, but in reply to “Hergen ‘Kahuna’ Thaens 22 February, 2014 @ 12:04 pm”
    “For comparison purposes, here’s a screenshot showing the normal interface:
    That might be the “normal” interface for a PC monitor, but how in the world are we supposed to play the game on a big screen TV with such a tiny font/interface? I have a 40″ HDTV playing at 1080p and I literally had to sit on the floor in front of the TV to be able to read any of the text in the game, even after setting the UI elements to 140%. And that’s ignoring the utterly bizarre signup launcher page that literally only used 1/3 of the screen realestate and couldn’t be zoomed in (zooming in with R3 zooms in inside the launcher and does nothing about the 2/3 of the black screen). I was almost ready to quit there!!!
    Again, I don’t want to be rude, I would love to play this game more, but if I can’t even read the text…

  • I’ve been trying to login all morning to no avail. It keeps telling me that I have incorrect user/password even though I can access through the website on my computer.
    Do you need to have access to The Lodestone to be able to play on the PS4? I have been able to log in through the PC in game but not when I try on the PS4? How long does it take for The Lodestone to update character info? It’s been incredibly frustrating!

  • How long did it take you guys to download I’m trying now and it’s crawling at like 1mb every minute or so with estimated time of 99+ hours. It’s not my internet as I have virgin media 120mb connection.

  • loving the beta thanks SE for bringing this to PS4; I play this on PC and love the game so much but am glad I now have the option to play it on my ps4 or vita remotely :D
    As for the font issue you can scale all UI elements from 80% to 140% using the HUD configuration and then pressing in R3 while you have it selected. Also scale inventory and chat window size and text size which also shows NPC conversations if the other window pop up is too small. I play on a 50inch LCD and can see everything clearly, make sure to have your monitor calibrated correctly with black levels/gamma and sharpness and don’t have it over bright; maybe turn some of the gimmic features off as I have found they can make game text and features not so great and are more for watching TV/movies/sport rather than minor details in games.

  • Please help, i can’t acces the id interface, i run the game and a little blank square appears and then an error appears “Cannot connect to the server within the time limit (WV-33907-2). My internet is fine and i can play other games online. Any suggestion? Thank you.

  • Can’t seem to even download the client – can’t find it on the PS Store on the PS4 and just getting an error page when I try to queue it on the PS network website. Any help? Thanks.

  • The dl times of the client are going to be arduous for a day or two to say the least. The beta dl was available for Japanese customers since day 1 a week ago. PS4 just got several million more players last week. I am sure it is going to tax the servers across the board. Patience will be your number one ally.

  • I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the Australian PSN Store..

  • Arduous i can handle 1mb per 1 or 2 mins is a joke tbh.

  • Just spent a very long time fine tuning character then couldn’t access any worlds. What a waste of time. Good luck everyone..

  • It won’t let me type into the id section of the log in. It won’t let me select it to even log in. What gives. Very disappointed. Downloaded twice already and its still the same

  • I don’t seem to be getting a Confirmation Code and it will not let me register until I can get one.

  • I second the problem with text size. It has nothing to do with brightness or other calibrations, it is simply a matter of the text being too small. Not by a littly bit either, it’s not a matter of it being a slight strain but more a matter of having to move your mug closer to the TV than you do in any other game and still strain your eyes. This is a console game and I hope the problem is fixed before launch other wise I won’t be able to play. I should point out that I’m not trying to bag on the game, what I’ve played has been fun, it’s just that I’m worried because this doesn’t seem to be a bug but rather a design choice. The font sizes in the menus and NPC talk NEED to be in line with any othe rpg’s for the environment the PS4 version is going to be played in for most users. There are other minor issues like how scaling the mini map blurs the texture which is a bit ugly but no big deal and my complete failure to be able to tell where I need to go on quests as I can’t find any directions on the mini map unless the objective is in the same little area as me. The last one could just be me tbh..

  • @lindilou You can find it on the first area of the PS store (Welcome section) a few pages over. Basically, just press right when you first enter and keep going across those pages until you see the FFXIV entry, it’s next to a Warframe entry on the 3rd page. For some reason it’s not in the games section.

  • I can’t find the game in my ps store ;( i’m in ireland

  • Laguna please respond. I’ve downloaded this twice. By the login where it says I’D it won’t let me change my I’D OR select it to sign in. Any tips?

  • I have the problem with the font size as well, the font size in the chat, menu and character names is fine. The size of the dialogue text is way too small. This needs to change ASAP, it seems like the size is still optimized for 720p.
    Everything else is fine, the servers are probably under huge strain right now so connection problems are to be expected.

  • Please respond. I can’t select the id to log in. It won’t show the typing queue. What gives. Downloaded twice already

  • Created an account twice this morning, still waiting for an email back from SE with confirmation code, checked email setting and should be able to receive messages ok and nothing in spam. Help please.

  • @ scottjames1st
    thanks, just checked all the games and didnt find it, i’m going to try that and download it. I’m a huge fan of FF. but have to admit that FF without Hironobu Sakaguchi is not the same, dont like that much the “new ones”. Not particulary a fan of MMO’s but lets see ;) Will without a doubt buy FF VII and FF IX when they release the ps1 and ps2 games.

  • man seriously, i couldnt play the ps3 version. still cant play it, and NOW,NOW the ps4 the beta? the beta?! c’mon SQ I MEAN on ps4 i can sign on and all, i go to world, i see the beta servers highted in green, but i put the mouse over it, its not highlighted and cant select, it, anyway ignored it since i cant choose a server,put in my pass. signed me in fine, i’ve pressed play, went through and “start” and get an error saying “the lobby server connection has encountered an error” i even tried connecting it with my ethernet cord cause i thought it was slow, “NOPE” wireless”NOPE” … really, please guys fix your f-ups, its getting old especially for “THIS” game millions are trying to get on,even on a beta. why release a betta we cant play, just make things simple,stress free.

  • 1 hour download, 1 hour install, 1 hour messing about creating caricatures and then you can’t get on as all servers are full and not excepting new sign ups! Deleted and not going to buy as I cant try the thing. If you cant get the beta right you’ve no chance with the full game. EA anyone?

  • oh yeah and stilllll couldnt get to the character creation screen.

  • You think the text is small? Try setting up the game in remote play. My eyes are literally so strained now due to the text size. Reading the description of character classes was nearly impossible, and read t&c’s and notices cannot be done at all. Having managed to squint my way through the character creation half the beta worlds are full and the other half say “New characters cannot be made on thid World at this time.” I know it’s a beta but come on, a little foresight on text sizes, especially for those with smaller tvs or playing remotely and actually being able to even get into the game is surely not too much to ask? Been trying to log in to the game worlds for an hour and seriously considering giving up. I feel like I’m having a carrot dangled in front of my face.

  • Have been attempting to create a character since 3:00 am EST with no luck. All servers have been consistently listed as “Not accepting new characters”, including the new ones. Hope some more servers come up soon that are accessible.

  • hey peeps i someone had an advice i found it in the soter but when i confirmed purchase it didnt go to downloads and if i try again it says alredy own the game weird but if someone came across it it would be great help thanks

  • i know right assassin2k…GRRRRRR!!

  • Yay! logged in good job my PS4 is next to may PC, If login on is this damn hard then the game must make Dark Souls look easy.

  • Game works fine, but I can’t seem to get a mouse working with my ps4… ps4 recognizes i plugged in a mouse, asks what profile I want to use but then it still doesn’t function with the console.

  • Well well well, Square should stop to try to do online stuffs… they are terrible… who was in the beginning of the FFXIV on PC and PS3 know what im talking about… and now, maaaany months later, they still having stupid problems… a simple damn email code NEVER arrives, no matter the email company you are using… and you come here and read something like this “I have checked with our GMs, and they’re not aware of any issues – others seem to be doing fine. Please make sure that you can receive mails from and check your spam folders.”

  • I know it’s not related to the beta, but do you know whether the PS4 version of the game will share the PS3 version’s trophy list?
    Thanks :)

  • I’ve noticed that the Share button doesn’t allow screenshots on the character customization screen. Is this intentional? I’d like to be able to get a few good shots of my character against a blank background so that I can draw them easier.

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