Tearaway discounted on PS Vita this week

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Tearaway discounted on PS Vita this week

Plus, 160,000 photos snapped in game – check out the best of them

Tearaway has been in the hands of PS Vita gamers for a few months now, and hundreds of thousands of people have made new papery pals in the form of iota and atoi.
In that small period of time we’ve seen a huge amount of creativity from you guys, with over 160,000 player-made photos snapped and shared, and nearly 2 million (!!!) papercraft models unlocked and ready for the making. We’re so happy at the response we’ve had – thanks to everyone who has sent us kind words, or shared photos and papercraft with us!
Tearaway papercraft
If you haven’t played Tearaway yet, now is a perfect time to dive on in as Tearaway is on sale right now until 26th February for just €16.99/£12.99, and the demo remains as free as ever – give it a shot. In the meantime, check out some of our favourite player photos and papercraft models that we’ve seen so far. Keep sharing ’em folks!

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  • Personally I can’t recommend this game highly enough. If you are looking for a truly unique experience on the Vita, then please buy this game.

  • I’ve had this game since its au early launch but i’m just glad more people will get to play this awesome game GOTY! :)

    It’s seriously one of the most fresh and original game I played in all 2013 (with Hotline Miami and Velocity)…
    It is not challenging but it’s Fun, Makes you laugh and and cheer. It’s wonderful to watch and play!
    It’s my GOTY for handeld HANDS DOWN…
    Hats to media Molecule… cannot wait too see what you guys are baking for our PS4…
    Long Live Play

  • Totally worth your time and money people! Go get it! :)

  • I would buy it but im 99.9% sure itll be on plus some day!

  • My first platinum, and it came so naturally since the game is simply a thing of beauty. A wonderfully cute experience not to be missed for Vita owners. Buy it, people, we need a sequel!

  • Such a wonderful, endearing game! It really is one of those games that deserves everyone’s attention. So, if you have a vita, and if you heart, buy it! Totally worth it!

  • Sounds great guys. But I do have another question. When is the ps+ list for March coming out? (And for the love of everything holy, make sure that the vita games are not the ones that where “leaked” – Smart as and pixel junk monsters HD, these two are NOT AAA titles.) Thank you

  • Calling it now: this will be one of the two ”yearly” cycled games that will replace Uncharted and Velocity Rush in IGC, which will take place in (presumably) June.

  • Really great game and I’m loving it. Everybody who owns vita should experience this game because you can’t get this kind of innovation anywhere else. I’m hope MM will do one more game for Vita which carries this innovation again after their PS4 game or alt east have cross connection between PS4 game with Vita.

  • Please everyone don’t wait for this in PS+ and it deserves to be purchased.

  • If you own a Vita and haven’t bought this game or at least tried the demo, you should hang your head in shame. Really enjoyable experience. Broaden your horizons beyond FPSs for crying out loud.

  • With the store update on my vita the demo is gone. Where can I get it?

  • Can’t find the demo on the store. Either via Vita or Web.

  • @ThugETH
    I agree with u!Waiting for the same thing!

  • This is not going to be on plus. LBPVita hasn’t been on plus and you think the newer game is going to be on plus?
    Seriously people be sensible. Everybody’s golf hasn’t even shown up on PS+ and there’s this weird theory that these are the types of titles that are going to be on plus.
    Grab it while its new and interesting its a lot of peoples game of the year for a good reason and there is nothing like it. So don’t even try and compare other game of the year contenders which were just sequels and rehashes of old ideas. Help the game industry by supporting developers that try new things.

  • @Superbuu3 LPB Vita was on PS Plus for the first year. It was part of the Instant Game Collection (IGC), so it is possible for this game to be a PS Plus game for at least a month.
    Does this game have level creation tools? If not, I’ll probably give it a miss.

  • I’m so close to buying this but after being stung by a few Vita purchases recently (appearing on PS+) I’m not sure…I just want someone to confirm it won’t be on PS+ for at least 6 months and I’ll buy the thing!

  • @PBUH91
    No it hasn’t on my website i have a full list of every single playstation plus game in the instant collection LBPVita has never been part of it you maybe thinking of the PS3 versions, but those are completely different games. I’d rather you not make things up which would hurt a games sales when its simply not true. I also double checked with another source to make sure I hadn’t made a mistake on the list of games in the plus collection on other websites. People on the blog have just repeatedly insisted on LBPVita coming up on plus, it never had though.
    Chris has stated its too soon to put tearaway up. It also would be illogical to put Tearaway up on Plus as its newer than LBPVita and doesn’t have anywhere near as much DLC and the game can still make lots of money for the devs whether people get the main game for free.

  • Bought it! Thanks to Sony Computer Entertainment and Media Molecule for this gorgeous game. Good offer. To Who never bought this game, better buy it now! :-)

  • Yep! This is a must have, if you own a Vita. Such a brilliant platformer, which really pushes the Vita the right ways.

  • This game is def a must-have! I got so addicted to it, never thought I’d play it as much as I have when I’m not really a fan of any other genre than survival horror and JRPG. But darn, I love this game!

  • I bought the game today and it’s amazing, thanks for the discount guys!

  • I’d held out on buying Tearaway for a while but this sale was enough to tip the balance. I wish I’d bought it sooner, as it’s really something special. It’s a rare game that makes you smile so much while playing it. An essential one for any Vita owner.

  • Been thinking of getting this for a while, had to buy it at this price. Fantastic game!

  • Just bought my copy of Tearaway! :) Can’t wait to get home and start playing!

  • I generally dislike platformers but the praise this gets, coupled with the sale price? I decided to go for it. It’s a really innovate and incredibly charming title. My only major gripe with it was the length. It’s incredibly short. Even with the platinum trophy, this came in at under 10 hours; so there’s not a great deal of playtime in this but it was a lovely game. Would definitely recommend it.

  • Well guys, this really looks like a great game but,
    1. Without a demo to test it I ain’t buy it. The game can be great, but not my style, and the demo was removed after the sale started, something that I find a little odd
    2. All this fuss about the February sale, but the list for ps+ March 2014 (that is supposed to come live tomorrow, according to previous months pattern) hasn’t even be released, which led me to think that some games from February sale are going to hit IGC in March.
    3. No one from SCEE has come upfront stating that Tearaway is not going to hit the IGC any time soon.
    For all of the above, I’ll pass this February sale.

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