New Thief trailer debuts

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New Thief trailer debuts

Just one week to go until the stealth sequel launches on PS3 and PS4

Heads up ladies and gents! Stock up on supplies, book time off work, don your cloak and bow – whatever you need to get prepared – as Thief is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 next week! But to keep you ticking over till then, here’s our launch trailer, which unveils fresh snippets of Garrett’s story as well as some new gameplay! But don’t take my word for it, check it out above.
Ruled by power and money, the City grows sick. Unwise men have tempered with powers they do not understand. You take on the role of Garrett, the Master Thief – and you can approach each situation in the way you choose. Play as a predator and strike from the shadows or complete the game without killing anyone. You can even complete the game without causing a single enemy alert. This is classic Thief; the Master Thief is back.
Want to really set yourself a challenge? Completely turn off the screen’s interface or even enable Iron Man mode, which triggers a Game Over if Garrett dies. There’s a multitude of ways to fully customise your experience as we know you guys like to tinker – so make sure you check out all the options we’ve made available before you step into the shadows.
We’ve said it many times before, but at Eidos-Montréal we’re huge fans of the original Thief games, and we’ve given our absolute best to bring you a superb stealth game. Missed our 101 trailer? Check it out below to learn everything you need to know about Thief!

Thief will emerge in stores on Friday 28th February in Europe and PAL territories for PlayStation3 and PlayStation 4. For more details, or to pre-order the game, visit the official website or follow Thief here:
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  • Video appears to be private?

  • They both work for me. Looks good :-)

  • Ps4 store eu no pre-order chance.

  • I really hope this doesn’t suck…

  • Thief is perhaps my most loved series of all time, so I really do have high hopes for this title.
    Now, the question that needs to be answered is thus: Will I hear a guard saying “Aww, taff it all!” or “Hey, where’d that taffer go?” ?
    If not, then I’m gonna really taffing miss it.

  • I was going to get this but most previews have put me off.

  • Awful game. Lifeless environments, shocking A.I. and poorly implemented stealth mechanics. A Dishonored clone that fails to capture the fun and authenticity of the past games in the series. A true step backward and not even close to what we shoukd expect from a current gen game.
    Save your money for Second Son.

  • @SpiderMike_X How have you played the game over a week before release? It’s getting praise from nearly every gaming website that I’ve seen, so I really don’t understand the negative comments.
    I have enough money for both Thief and Second Son, so I will judge for myself next Friday.

  • Incredibly excited for Thief, it was my personal most anticipated game for PS4. The setting, the visuals, Garrett’s cold voice, everything seems to be falling into just the right place.

  • @nalla87 – I’m ‘of the industry’ so I don’t usually have to wait for games to meet their street date in order for me to play them.
    I don’t know where you’re reading but I’ve heard from multiple sources (OPM UK, IGN UK, Videogamer) commentary that mirror’s my own. Here’s one such preview, based on hands-on –
    I’m sure once you will play it, you will understand the negativity surrounding this iteration. Or simply be blinded by the name, despite the sub-standard offering.

  • stealth will be my approach in this game

  • Where’s the March’s PS Plus Announcement?

  • I like the look of this, there’s not enough quality stealth games out there, one more is a good thing :).

  • ive read good things and bad things but more bad.

  • ive read good things and bad things but more bad

  • We will see when the majority verdicts come in but your original comment was bashing the game with no substance whatsoever.
    I am of the industry and can;t stand to see people bash years of hard work with literally nothing to show from themselves.

  • Also funny how the 360/ps3 version leaks to the web and then the next day everybody has an opinion and has played the game,
    Embargo lifted now has it?

  • @SpiderMike_X – Funny how all the guy can complain about in that article is that there is too much loot. If you let collecting stuff ruin your experience, then that is your fault.
    Also, I have never let reviews & previews sway my opinion too much, because there has been loads of games that have got high scores that I did not enjoy at all, and vice versa with games that received low scores that I really enjoyed.
    I will not be blinded by the name, because this is my first Thief game. If you are actually “of the industry” then you would understand that this game still took people thousands of hours to make, and then people like you just crap all over it before it has even released. Even if it isn’t an 8/10 or above, that doesn’t mean the game is awful, and there will still be a large audience who will enjoy it I think.

  • I don’t need to be tied to the industry to realise the work that goes into developing a AAA title, and if the devs want my gratitude for bothering then they have it. But after numerous trailers, dev walkthroughs and previews full of expectation, MY personal experience didn’t match the expectations shown to me, but that’s just my opinion. Simple as. I’m not trying to sway opinion, like some, or troll off topic remarks, like others. End of. Now I must get back to FFXIV!

  • Really looking forward to this destructoid and joystiq give it a good write up had it payed for since December

  • Here’s an overview as to what critics are saying:
    Destructoid – 6.5 / 10
    Polygon – 6
    Joystiq – 4 / 5
    NowGamer – 6.5 / 10
    Eurogamer – 6 / 10
    CVG – 8 / 10
    IGN – 6.8 / 10
    GameSpot – 6 / 10
    Kotaku – “No”
    GameTrailers – 7.5 / 10
    EDGE – 7 / 10
    Hardly glowing reviews, other than Joystiq & CVG, which is probably the highest accolade so far. I agree with most of the point laid out in each review, as well as the issues with the game itself. I was fortunate to be graced with a copy (regardless source) and I was much looking forward to it but so far have been really let down. I’m sure it it will have it audience, tho.

  • Compiled all review scores, in case a few people think I handpicked primarily bad ones:-
    IGN 6.8/10
    Gamespot 6/10
    Edge 7/10
    Polygon 6/10
    Eurogamer 6/10
    Kotaku No
    Game Informer 8/10
    GamesTM 6/10
    Destructoid 7.5/10
    USGamer 3/5
    Play UK 7/10
    EGM 3.5/10
    Rock Paper Shotgun No Score
    CVG 8/10
    Joystiq 4/5
    Destructoid 7.5/10
    PC Gamer 7.9/10
    Gamereactor 7/10
    NowGamer 6.5/10
    OPM 7/10
    XONE Magazine 7/10
    GamesBeat 7/10
    GameTrailers 7.5/10
    Game Revolution 3.5/5
    OXM 7/10
    Gamesided 6.5/10
    GamesRadar 3.5/5
    Digital Spy 4/5
    Lazygamer 6.9/10
    Gaming Trend 85/100
    CraveOnline 6/10
    Rev3Games 3/5
    God is a Geek 7/10
    PlayStation LifeStyle 5.5/10
    BT Games 4/5
    GameZone 6.5/10
    AusGamers 5.1/10
    CGMagazine 8/10
    OnlySP 7/10
    Geek Chic Elite 90/100
    Neoseeker 9/10
    GamingBolt 6/10
    Softpedia 8.5/10
    PSU 7.5/10
    Metro 5/10
    Dualshockers 8/10
    We Got This Covered 3/5
    BioGamer Girl 9/10

  • Looking forward to this game, finally got something else to play other than FIFA ha!

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