Prepare for Second Son with big savings on inFAMOUS titles

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Prepare for Second Son with big savings on inFAMOUS titles

Plus, a handful of new screens from the impending PS4 blockbuster

To get you in the mood for the upcoming PS4 release of inFAMOUS: Second Son on 21st March why not visit PlayStation Store from today until 26th February and pick up some bargains from the inFAMOUS franchise? If you’ve never played them before then this is the ideal time to pick up these classic titles at a great price!
inFamous Collection:
Was: €34.99/AU$51.95/£28.49, now €18.89/AU$28.05/£15.38
Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members
Was: €14.99/AU$17.95/£10.99, now €10.04/AU$12.02/£7.36
Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members
inFamous 2:
Was: €19.99/AU$24.95/£15.99, now €12.99/AU$16.21/£10.39
Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members
inFamous Festival of Blood:
Was: €9.99/AU$14.45/£7.99, now €6.99/AU$10.11/£5.59
Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members
What’s more, we’ve also got a pair of brand new screens from inFAMOUS: Second Son to share with you. Take a look!

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  • Is that big savings? Really?

  • The collection is a steal at that price, two extremely fun games and a nice little spin-off for less than £15 (for PS+ members). Can’t recommend them enough, roll on March 21st!!!

  • I would say these games were probably one of the best game series to come to the ps3. Very enjoyable and great controls. Get them if you haven’t played them.

  • Ohh this game looks so good i really do need to get round to playing the originals, pretty sure i already have them..
    IGC update today Chris?

  • Will there be a demo for Second Son leading up to the release?

  • Seems weak to not even have 50% off. These old titles of PS3 games should be 75% off really. Not that it effects me as I already have them and PS3 will never get touched probably again as I have the PS4 for my gaming needs now.

  • Ok, so wheres the incentive for the other 99% of us, i mean both games were free, and the psn one has been cheap on numerous occasions, granted there will be newer customers that may not have them, but can’t be very many, while i am here Chris, can you please tell me why Defiance has never had a decent price for EU, while atm US is $9.99, but has been $5.00 on a few occasions, really enjoyed the beta, but won’t pay over four times more than other region, btw, what does $5.00 equal in pounds?, now thats the kind of sale i would love to see.

  • Hi there!!!
    how about new IGC games for March???
    there are plenty of rumours… but I’ll prefer your confirmation…

  • @solarwind12 You have seen the February sales going on right? And the January sales last month?

  • Please tell me this isn’t this week deals?
    The Us has a Rockstar Sale!!! And infamous is quite cheap anyway!.
    Even though I own all those games (platinuned Infamous 1+2 and got 100% for FOB)
    It’s a good deal, and those that don’t own them MUST pick them up.

  • Any info on being able to preorder these from PSN similar to what the US currently has?

  • Sorry, I meant Infamous: Second Son.

  • Guys, I’m one of those who passed from Xbox 360 to PS4; I would like to start the series from the beginning, will the previous versions come to PS4?

  • Played infamous 1 and 2, both great games.
    I think I will skip festival of blood.
    Cant wait for the IGC update, I have mixed feelings about the rumours.
    And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update golden abyss and gravity rush on vita, its been too long.

  • Yes, please update the yearly IGC for Vita. It’s a bit unfair for us early PS plus adopters

  • @Chris I’m having trouble installing the Vita version of “Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale”. When I attempt to install it I get “Error Code C2-12383-7”. I’ve tried re-downloading it but I still encounter the same problem when I try to install it. I’ve had a look at the forums and apparently other people had this problem too and were issued refunds (I purchased the PS3 version of All-Stars on 01/04/2013 as part of the Easter store promotion last year). Was just wondering if you could try and sort this out as I have just purchased a Vita and would really like to play the game. Thanks.

  • @fps_d0minat0r
    Don’t skip festival of blood its fantastic some great new powers added to Cole and being a super powered vampire is pretty cool

  • @fps_d0minat0r Only through PlayStation Now

  • If I had a pound for everytime Festival of Blood was on sale I’d buy it

  • Yes, it would be nice to be able to preorder Infamous: Second Son on PSN with the bonus DLC.
    I believe one comment on a store update blog said that PS4 Digital Preorders won’t be up in time for it?
    Can you guys work on that so it may be up in time? I mean I don’t know what’s stopping it from being an available option for PSN Europe when the PSN US and Asia counterparts are both offering digital preorders for it already. I know each region is different but it would be nice to have parity in time for the next big PS4 game coming up.

  • ooops ment *@Aegeuss

  • @Ryan191991
    It’s already confirmed that we won’t have a digital preorder option for Second Son. It’s too late down the line.

  • JezPSN
    Yep, however this is a ‘posting’ id, as a day1 plus subber the Jan and Feb sales didn’t have too much for me, was happy to pick DS3 back up though, plus Bioshock was a absolute steal.. But i have been trying to get a answer about Defiance for a while now, i want to play it, but want to buy it for about the £3 equivalent of US sale price, just want to know Why this game is so much dearer hete.

  • @Aegeuss
    Ps3 games are not compatible with the ps4
    Wait for the PlayStation know service in 2015 where you could probably rent/buy? the infamous games.

  • PlayStation now not know
    Say is it possible that in the future we have the ability to edit our posts?

  • I think its about time why had an update for ps plus and also uncharted and gravity rush have stayed for too long and need to be replaced!RIGHT?

  • Not great as they have gave both these games away free. Infamous wihen PSN went down for a few weeks and infamous 2 with PS+. So everybody who is interested in these games should own them by now..

  • STRIDER is up for PS4 via search! £11.99 / 2.9GB.
    Slow download though, usually way faster than this!
    Great pricing though, I was expecting £14.99 as the USA release way $14.99!
    Time to reboot my childhood!

  • Already own all three, fantastic games, each of them. If you don’t own them for some reason, buy them now.
    I don’t normally pre-order games (TLoU was exception), but if I had PS4 I would have pre-ordered Second Son. :)
    btw, regarding sales Chris – as I mentioned at Ys Memories of Celceta post, NISA/XSEED sale would be great! Bought every Final Fantasy for Vita from sale (even though I already owned most of them, but thought of having them all on the go…), but I’d gladly pick up Disgaea2: Dark Hero Days, Prinny 1+2 and Ys PSP titles too on discounted price! Guys at NISA and XSEED are so nice people that negotiations should be easy and fun. ;)

  • takes the P that scee cant give us a pre order for second son yet scea can do it and thats why i ll get my copy from the us store as scea seam to know what the customer wants and gives it them.the us store even has a better layout then the uk/eu store that has’nt changed since launch we dont even have a whats new section lol

  • Already played them all, great games.
    I pre ordered Infamous: Second Son but I’m afraid I need to cancel it because I’m still not able to buy a PS4 in The Netherlands. :-(

  • I have both titles on ps3 from psplus and welcome back but I can’t get into the 1st two games, I think it’s the main character cole I just didn’t like him.
    But this new character seems much better.

  • Very nice but when can we except to see Plus news for March Chris?

  • 0 (!) author replies!How not cool Chris!So many people here need help and info and nothing from your side!

  • Second son looks so damn good

  • Infamous Second Son It requires only 24GB of space to install:)

  • inFamous: Second Son looks so darn amazing.
    I was kind of hoping that the inFamous Collection was available on PS4 so that I can actually play it as I got YLOD’d quite a few years ago… sad times. :(

  • Are we gonna be able to preorder the Game+Cole’s Legacy DLC in the store like in the US Store?

  • As theo_andravida stated, zero author posts. Fred planned that you would answer our questions more than last year, but seems like that New Year’s resolution is slipping away… :(

  • *zero author replies
    Hopefully we get Edit option soon. :)

  • @theJJ88
    Surprisingly , this only hapens on posts by chris.
    Anyone else replies a bit..
    It is just a shame..!
    Hopefully , yes , an edit would save the situation

  • No EU Pre-order? For a game which is only available on the PS4? In fact, the very first BIG game (Knack/Killzone? Nah) which is exclusive to next gen.
    And you’re not even trying to let people get it on pre-order in this region? You would clean up if you offered it £5 cheaper than RRP via PSN, but nope. I’m not interested in the plastic tat you get in the “Collector’s Edition” – I just want a digital copy, plus any relevant DLC that goes with it.
    But no option to pre-order, despite the rest of the world having that option.
    So much for the whole “4 the Players” thing? More like the “Shut up and don’t knock our marketing deals with other sellers in the EU!”

  • Will the EU ever have a Rockstar games sale. I have been waiting to see one since i joined ps plus over a year ago and the US got one recently with no mention of EU this makes me mad.
    We get better IGC tittles for the most part until recently where they have been fairly equal the past 4 months but our sales suck compared to the US store.
    Especially when translating the prices to AU dollars even on sale the game is more then i pay retail i mean TLOU was $35 recently i can pick it up in store for $30 now without a sale and $20 from ebay.
    Now i just want a digital copy of my favorite ps2 games mostly including Vice city and san andreas while those games go on sale frequently in the US and on steam and XBL they never go on sale on the EU PSN.

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