Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII out now on PS3

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII out now on PS3

Check out the brand new launch trailer

It all ends here. The final chapter in Lightning’s saga. Can you believe it’s been nearly four years since we were first introduced to Lightning and the rest of the gang? This time round though, Lightning, now known as The Saviour, has just thirteen days to ferry souls into the new world before the Chaos consumes the remaining one. And it’s in the dying world of Nova Chrysalia where our heroine will unite with friends, old and new, and gradually uncover the truth about her mission from God.

It’s kind of sad to say goodbye, but equally exciting to see how Lightning’s story is going to come to an end! With that in mind, feast your eyes upon our launch trailer above:

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be available to pick up in stores (and from the PlayStation Store) from this Friday, 14th February. Can you think of a better way to spend Valentine’s Day? For those who can, who’s going to save the world if you don’t? And this date is no mere coincidence either; the Rose is Lightning’s symbol, in fact if you look closely enough you’ll see that the game’s logo is actually the combination of a lightning bolt and a rose!

For the first time in a numbered Final Fantasy game, you’ll only be able control one character: Lightning, of course. Paradigm shifts have been replaced with the new Style-Change Active Time Battle System; quickly switch between outfits (Schema) to tactically defeat enemies based on their weaknesses, and in style. One of the most satisfying features in the game is the ability to fully customise Lightning’s Schema, her weapons, accessories, abilities, and garbs – and even their colour!

The series has had its share of heartbreaks too (FFXIII-2’s ending for one), and if you haven’t seen it yet, check out our stunning 16-bit style video, here. A fun way to remind you of the story so far!

So what are your favourite memories from the FFXIII series? For me, so far anyway, it’s that moment when you’re first greeted with the vast open world of Gran Pulse in FFXIII, it reminded me of the moment Cloud first steps outside of Midgar in FFVII – you’ve suddenly got this whole area to explore and don’t know where to start!

Oh, and one more thing before I go, don’t forget about the Japanese voice DLC! Free for the first two weeks (until 28th February 2014), those who download the update can play Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII with the original Japanese language audio and English subtitles, kupo!

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy is out Friday 14th February for PlayStation 3. For more details visit the official website or follow and ‘like’ Lightning Returns: FFXIII here:

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  • Hope this sells well, shame about the metacritic score…

  • Sorry, the timer mechanics is kinda a dealbreaker for me, I enjoy playing games in my own pace. Will probavly pick up when the game goes on a low enough sale.
    Oh Lee, asking this just for the sake of it.
    Can we please have Xenogears & Chrono Cross on the EU store, you know the guys and girls managing the EU store pratically made the import section of PSone classics for that kind of games. And honestly my Vita doesn’t feel complete without thoose two titles :/
    And any chance we could have a chocobo avatar? Would be so fitting for my username! :D

    • The timer mechanic (Doomsday clock) is less restrictive than you might think! It blends in well with the fast paced nature of the battles in the game and is an incentive to complete quests! Levelling up in the game is completely different from any other FF game, your stats (HP, Strength, Magic) increase by completing quests. Anyway, I’ve gone on a bit, but I hope you get a chance to experience the game at some point – it’s my favourite in the FFXIII saga!
      (And a Chocobo avatars would be hard get made at this point, but there’s Chocobos in FFX/X-2 HD – so I’ll give the team a lil nudge)

  • Should be waiting for me when I arrive home. I have mixed feelings for this title I bought it to complete the trilogy but agree with Chocobo115 I’d prefer to play the game at my own pace.

  • Its how i plan to spend my evening!

  • Still no explanation given for the fact that it is £39.99 in the UK store and €59,99 for the rest of Europe and at the moment £39.99=€48,68 This is even worse than the $ is the same amount as € which is mostly always applied to prices !

  • Thanks for the explanation it seems to have allayed my fears of the doomsday clock. I’ve been told it has just arrived at home I feel a half day coming on.

  • Considering this will make a huge loud I’m expecting to buying it for 20£ max in one month :D
    Demo was horrible. From it looked like the CS was crap. The XIII has my favourite one :\

  • Where is the Utsusemi garb, Was it US demo only or is EU PSN being its usual self and releasing everything late?
    Also, Lightning avatar that’s on NA Store. Bring it over.

    • Hey, both of the items were US exclusives I’m afraid. You can still unlock the Siegfried garb though, if you shared your battle score in the demo, by going to the in-game menu and selecting: Rewards Barter Shop > Outerworld Rewards > Garb

  • Here’s a direct link to the Japanese voice DLC, hurry though it’s only free for the next two weeks!

  • Looking forward to this. My copy should be waiting at home along with the collectors guide.
    Any chance of the psn avatars getting released here? Would like the Lightning one

  • This game is how FF13 should of been like, from the battle system to the open world like nature. Its so much better, I had to pick up FF13-2 so I’d get the story, will finish that game off before moving onto Lightning Returns.

  • Does the pre-ordered FF Lightning Returns from psn store come with the cloud outfit?

  • Does the pre-ordered FF Lightning Returns from psn store come with the cloud outfit? i bought it but im not sure should i get the outfit or not since it not there atm,but neither is uetsumi so maybe i am to wait ?

  • This could be the greatest game ever, but guess what? I’m still not going to be giving you any of my money until you stop treating the EU like crap!!!!! No FFX/FFX-2 Collectors, no Lightning Returns Collectors and no physical release of Drakengard 3. Sorry but you’re blatantly insulting us, until you start treating us fairly and equally you won’t be seeing a penny from me.
    BTW good luck with the digital only version of Drakengard 3, you’ll need it XD

  • Why is SCEE as a whole just total scumbags. Already missing out on Utsusemi. How many more DLC items are you going to not release for Lightning Returns. I was shocked you guys even released the Japanese audio pack.
    Might as well just import a 3rd copy from the US cause I know I won’t be disappointed in SCEA.
    Drakengard 3 will definitely be from the US cause they know their market.

  • Got it today, played it for the first hour.. Very impressed i’m liking how different it is from the first 2 entries in the series :D

  • Got the game and it’s so different i’m really amazed by it BUT how the hell are avatars region exclusive? there just some images we can use how can you mess your markets around so bad?! Not only does the EU have there servers for FFXIV in canada they also don’t get drakengard 3, or a CE for LR:FFXIII or FFX/2HD, Why are we treated so damn badly by you guys, i WANT to buy things from you but YOU make it so horrible to do so.

  • An ok game, not very likely i’ll play to the end, i like games i can complete at my own pace and explore the gameworld to the fullest and this timer thing or doomsday clock ruins that opportunity. Would only recommend this game as a rental only sorry

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