A new look for PlayStation websites

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A new look for PlayStation websites

We've had a makeover - find out more about all the changes

Today, when you visit PlayStation.com or PlayStation Blog you’ll notice a brand new redesigned interface. This is part of an ongoing evolution of our main PlayStation websites.

The look of our sites has been updated to focus on providing a clear, open and simple interface that encapsulates the PlayStation brand. And this is just a first step; a fully connected and personalised experience will come at a later stage as we continuously release new pages and features to the sites over the coming months.
First of all, right here on PlayStation Blog, Fred and the team have built a brand new interface making it easier to navigate between posts and read about PlayStation games and services. Let him know what you think – we’ll take your feedback on board and continue to make improvements.
In a similar fashion, our Forums will get a full revamp this week too, connecting them to the experience on Blog and PlayStation.com. The PlayStation Community team can’t wait to hear your feedback so please do go and check out the forums later this week when the new design goes live and tell them what you think.
Finally, on PlayStation.com you’ll see our brand new homepage giving you a window into the latest and greatest from PlayStation. Make sure you check out our new ‘Sign In and Compete’ section to see all your trophies and compare them with friends. We also have a new navigation to help you find content more easily. Do let us know what you think of the changes on PlayStation.com by taking the short survey found on the homepage.
I hope you like what you see and I look forward to sharing more information with you as we progress with our redesign.

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  • So, I’ll just jump in quickly with a few words on PlayStation’s Blog new look. As Manu explained above, the idea was to bring the site right up to date, make it easier for you to browse, and do the games that we talk about justice with beautiful big imagery. Please take a look around and let me know what you think.
    I’ll stress that this is work in progress and we will be making improvements throughout the next few months, so your feedback is extremely valuable. Like any new site, it will of course take a while to get used to – and inevitably not everyone will love all the changes, so please do highlight any things that you believe need addressing. Similarly, if you spot any bugs, glitches or dead links, please let me know about them!
    One final note: I know many of you have been asking for new commenting features. I’m afraid this is not something we’ve been able to address in this round of changes, but it is definitely in our plans for the future. Watch this space.

  • Looks excellent guys! Keep up the good work.

  • Nice one Fred, I know gamers moan about changes but this one is looking good so far!

  • Wow, nice fresh look and I think a great improvement overall.
    One first thought though, the way the top articles are stepped in and take a cut out of the header makes it look like something hasn’t loaded properly.

  • Im not a fan of change, but it looks really nice ;)

  • LOOKS Wonderful

  • Wow, I love the new look. Especially my page where I can view friends and trophies. It looks so clean. Part of the problem I had was viewing the playstation app on iphone was so small, and as they don’t make an ipad version of the app yet I never really bothered. But this new page on the site is very handy. Everything seems so much better connected now, it’s all one click away.

  • really like the new sites finally in 2 years a update from sony i really like :d

  • it looks horrible but the problem is mostly that users get almost no feedback from fred he needs to be fired anyone else can do this job much better.

  • Looks good but I think there is WAY to much white space.

  • Very nice design. What I miss most:
    * Direct links to comments. I know that the old URLs to comments still work, we just don’t have the option to get the URL for a specific comment now.
    * Direct replies + Message alerts.
    We simply shouldn’t have to scan all comments if we received a reply. Be it by SCEE staff or others.
    * “Load all” option, instead of just “load more”.
    * Option to edit comments. At least for the first 15-30 minutes.
    Will the forum “only” be redesigned or will it run on another forum software than Lithium? Wish it was vb.

  • Very nice! Good work guys, I like!

  • I like it. Aweosme work.

  • Theres a problem when viewing friends. It says some of my friends last signed in 4 months ago when they were signed in last night.
    In fact the friends list shows the last time your friends signed in to a ps3 not a ps4. Why is this?

  • The new look ermmm looks great! Keep up the good work

  • Now all we need is a modern looking portable ID for our forum signature.

  • and the layout is horrible :P why so many hard boxes and zooming animations…

  • It’s much nicer and cleaner for sure, but why is there so much white on the right side in an article? Almost wish there was a dark feature to get everything that’s white in black/dark grey instead and with white letters. Would be much easier on the eyes.

  • In general I really like the new design.
    Full videos as background on the very main page, I think that’s not really the best choice, though.
    People online already dislike any kind of animated advertisment, and I think it would be better if the videos would need to be explicitly started, for weak hardware, smaller devices, people with bad connections or in general those not too fond of seing animations and videos everywhere.
    On a brighter note, though, at least it’s not Flash. :D
    Otherwise some quite nice work, though.

  • I like the new look. Getting used to a brand new forum after you have become familiar with the old is never easy though (not a complaint).
    A couple of comments:
    Please add the link to the NA Playstation Blog back — it’s nice to see what’s happening with our friends in different countries.
    Please (please, please) reinstate page numbers on blog posts; it’s extremely time-consuming not being able to jump back to where you were in the discussion/posts etc — ease of use is so important, and having to click “Load more” constantly could be a deal breaker for many. The old way was far easier.
    Good luck with the changeover though! I look forward to getting used to the new layout :)

    • That link is still with us – it’s just at the foot of the page now.
      Noted, re. page numbers. I don’t know if that’s something we’ll be able to address but I’ll add it to my list of items to discuss with the team.

  • be.playstation.com still has French as the default language, when the majority of the country speaks Dutch (60% vs. 30%).

  • Good for tablets, bad for normal computers – I guess that was the reason for change, to make the page more phone friendly?
    Main page looks chaotic and I don’t know what to click and which news is new. The two rows of tiles with “headlines” on the main page are useless and duplicate other headlines, which are “Blog updates” header. Why waste space?

    • The ‘grid’ at the top of the page is a selection of the most popular posts currently on the site. Scroll down to ‘Breaking news’ – that’s just a straightforward list of post shown in the order in which they were published. So the item at the top is the ‘newest’ news.
      I hope you’ll get used to it – but if you don’t please come back and let us know!

  • i dont have a ps4 yet but i want to know will you integrate the Psblog into the stream in a future update

  • Oh, the design of the new friends & trohy comparison site is good too. But the functionality is horrible.
    The old SCEA trophy site (not the recent one just before the new design, but the one before) offered a far smarter GUI, handling and features.
    But worst of all, many functions are still as broken and disfunctional as they already were made after the last redesign. Seems to me that too much attention is paid to the looks, while functionality is ignored.

  • It looks nice enough but I wouldn’t say it’s easier to browse. It’s just a jumbled mess of stuff.

  • Looks shiny, but it’s a mess in terms of white space v content, and it loads SOO slowly.

  • Also, please bring the region flags back! I always enjoyed this feature, and on this blog (where there are so many different territories), I think it makes sense (plus it’s nice to know where people are!) :)

    • Noted! Different regional sites are listed at the foot of the page – but it’s something we can look to tweak in future.

  • It was a surprise to see and will take some getting used to, but I like it!

  • I <3 the new design, great work guys d(^__^)b

  • @KaneTheGoth
    Agreed. The flags should return.
    And the comment counter too. At least till an option for direct replies & message alert is introduced. :)

  • Without the ability to load later pages in comment sections or scroll straight to end it makes it much more difficult to navigate around the longer threads. Instead of pressing page 6 button, I now have to scroll down 5 times and hit load more each time. Too much of a pain, needs fixing.

  • It does indeed look better and more modern, but there is one problem. It’s less, how to say it… clear? It feels as if it’s harder now to find what you’re looking for (browse?), like new news, etc.

  • Looks excellent about time we moved on to the next gen websites! I was going to say what kept c’ya? No need now is this going to be transferred across the E.U individual countries like depressville (aka: UK)?

  • This is pretty cool. Really slick design!

  • This is… weird. Going to take a bit to get used :P
    I’d agree on a few things here, but one specially: Organization: Should be a bit more classified so I know what I’m looking at and why. I see the top of the page are featured articles, but it’s taken a bit for me to notice. Also, I miss the latest comments section, it’d be great if you guys can implement it back somehow!
    On the other hand: The look itself, is amazing. It’s really simple, modern and, at least with me, you guys hit right on the spot with the whole imagery importance.
    Thanks for the update and hard work guys, keep it coming! :D

  • Aesthetically it’s nicer but it doesn’t work well with the slow Internet at work.

  • Going to take some getting used to but I like it.

  • I may have to spend some time getting used to this!

  • Looks rad. Good job!

  • Love the new design. Interactive, modern and awesome!!!

  • Now I don’t have to look through article upon article to find PS+ list :)

  • Thanks for the feedback folks – positive and negative – please do keep it coming.

  • On Mac (Safari, Firefox..) there is just the sign in/out botton, nothing more..

  • Make sure you check out our new ‘Sign In and Compete’ (…) – But where is it? :D

  • I like it…for start. I Will need time to get used to it. :-)

  • LOL! Still no edit function?! Then what’s the point? :s Does look good beyond that blunder…

  • Here is suggestion about tags for articles: you should standardized it, for example no more multiple “PS3” and “Playstation 3” etc.

  • It sure “encapsulates the PlayStation brand” whatever the hack that means.
    Reading the articles I don’t like the pictures don´t line up with the text.
    I don´t like the white background.
    And the most important function (an effing edit button) is still not there but I guess that will be in the near future (8 years from now).

  • Hate it, mainly because you cant open in new tabs.

  • Also, “edit” and “reply” buttons would be nice to have

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