A new look for PlayStation websites

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A new look for PlayStation websites

We've had a makeover - find out more about all the changes

Today, when you visit PlayStation.com or PlayStation Blog you’ll notice a brand new redesigned interface. This is part of an ongoing evolution of our main PlayStation websites.

The look of our sites has been updated to focus on providing a clear, open and simple interface that encapsulates the PlayStation brand. And this is just a first step; a fully connected and personalised experience will come at a later stage as we continuously release new pages and features to the sites over the coming months.
First of all, right here on PlayStation Blog, Fred and the team have built a brand new interface making it easier to navigate between posts and read about PlayStation games and services. Let him know what you think – we’ll take your feedback on board and continue to make improvements.
In a similar fashion, our Forums will get a full revamp this week too, connecting them to the experience on Blog and PlayStation.com. The PlayStation Community team can’t wait to hear your feedback so please do go and check out the forums later this week when the new design goes live and tell them what you think.
Finally, on PlayStation.com you’ll see our brand new homepage giving you a window into the latest and greatest from PlayStation. Make sure you check out our new ‘Sign In and Compete’ section to see all your trophies and compare them with friends. We also have a new navigation to help you find content more easily. Do let us know what you think of the changes on PlayStation.com by taking the short survey found on the homepage.
I hope you like what you see and I look forward to sharing more information with you as we progress with our redesign.

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