Expert Surge Deluxe tips – dominate the PS Vita leaderboards

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Expert Surge Deluxe tips – dominate the PS Vita leaderboards


Hi everyone! Dave from FuturLab here to remind you that Surge Deluxe is released today in PAL territories exclusively for PS Vita at the stupendously good price of £3.99/€4.99!
If you missed it last week, here is the release trailer:

I’m also here to stock you up on some awesome tips for getting higher up on the various leaderboards. If you want to read more info about the game, check out last week’s blog post.



1) It’s always better to vent…
Venting makes the corresponding colour blocks worth more points. For example, if you’re left with a bunch of purple blocks ready for clearance, but some of them are blocking the purple vents, it’s worth sacrificing those blocks to make the vents available, as triggering two purple vents will make your purple blocks worth a lot more points!
You’ll know you’ve got it right when all your blocks are shaking wildly with excitement before you unleash the clearance!

Always Better To Vent

2) Leave the star blocks until the clearance!
Star blocks are worth double points, so chip away all the other blocks in a level to leave as many star blocks for the clearance as possible. If you can get some multipliers in there too, good times!
3) Stack up combiners (the question mark blocks)
Chaining a combiner block with a normal block uses it up immediately, but if you chain combiners together (or with multipliers) without any normal blocks in the chain, they’ll stack together for use later on!

Stack Combiners Together

They also stack at the location of the last block in the chain, so think about which blocks you want to clear out of the way before chaining them together. For example, if the star colour is purple, you’ll want to clear the purple vent as soon as possible, so if a combiner is blocking the purple vent, you can move it away by stacking it with another elsewhere on the board. Cunning!
4) Use Frenzy blocks wisely
Frenzy blocks are your ticket to enormous clearance bonuses. The trailer above shows how to use a frenzy block properly, so study it ;)
If you’d like to know more about the game, please check out the Surge Deluxe web page. And follow @FuturLab and @FuturLabQuality on Twitter! We’d love to hear what you think about Surge Deluxe, the only way we can know for sure that we’re heading in the right direction is if you tell us – so please get in touch! :)
Thanks for reading, hope to see you on the leader boards!


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