New wireless stereo headset for PlayStation 4 revealed, PS4 system update 1.60 detailed

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The next system software update for PlayStation 4 (version 1.60) will be released tomorrow (4th February 2014), bringing compatibility support to PS4 for the PULSE Wireless Stereo Headset (including the GTA V limited edition version) and the original Wireless Stereo Headset.
This means that you will now be able to use these wireless headsets on your PS4 and can experience 7.1 virtual surround sound and voice chat while playing your PS4 games.


Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 for PS4
We’re also pleased to tell you about a new headset that is coming soon for PS4. The Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 will be available from 10th February 2014 (market dependant) at £79.99/€89.99 SRP.
This new wireless headset for PS4 features stunning 7.1 virtual surround sound, as well as a crystal clear, noise-cancelling internal microphone for chatting to friends on Party, when playing online multiplayer.
The headset can be used at home using the USB wireless adaptor with your PS4, PS3, PC or Mac for up to 8 hours thanks to its rechargeable battery. You can also use the headset on the go with your PS Vita or with other mobile devices using the included 3.5mm stereo mini jack. With its foldable design the headset is ideal for travel and storage, so when you’re not using it, simply fold your headset up.
Headset Companion App
What’s more, you’ll be able to access custom sound modes to enhance your gameplay, music and movie experience on PS4 and PS3 through the Headset Companion App, available soon from PlayStation Store at no extra cost (also available through an update patch to the PULSE Manager app on PS3).
Make sure you look out for future releases of sound modes that are specifically tuned to enhance the audio in your favourite PS4 games. The first sound mode that will be coming soon to the app is being developed by Sucker Punch for their highly anticipated PS4 exclusive, inFAMOUS Second Son.

In addition, the app also offers a variety of preset audio modes for games, music and movies, as well as a tool to create your own custom EQ mode.
The Headset Companion App will be compatible with Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 and the PULSE Wireless Stereo Headsets on both PS4 and PS3.
PlayStation App Update – Version 1.6
An update released to the PlayStation App for iOS and Android devices last week, added ‘Live from PlayStation‘ support (among other features), allowing you to browse and launch videos of live gameplay on your phone or tablet via USTREAM or Twitch.
For additional information on PS4 system update v.1.60, including how to update your system, please click here when the update goes live.

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  • Will this headset work fine on the PS3?

  • Awesome, I know lot’s of people has been waiting for this update.
    Also great with an update to the PlayStation App, but could you please do something about the danish translation, it’s a bit embarrassing. You translated “Store” to “Gem”, which actually means “save” and not “store” on danish. The error has been there since the first release and is still there in v1.6 :)

  • No ability to pause downloads?

  • Is this the headset that was being developed with Turtle Beach or something separate?

  • Good with pulse update finally and the camera mute. Can we expect DLNA support soon?

  • Hi when will PS4 play:
    And have streaming from my other wireless devices?

  • so the vita gets the headset but not the app that makes it decent ? that sucks
    android and ios get ustream and twitch support with the app while again the vita doesnt get it ?
    you really need your things straight instead of giving everything to phones and tablets and not to your own handheld

  • Will the Headset companion app work with the original wireless headset?

  • Will there be something of Value in this update to make me want to turn the ps4 on other than support for a goddamn headset

  • Came here for the info on v1.60 but was mislead :(

  • WTH?!
    only those changes?!
    where is the pause/resume button for downloads?!
    this update is a bit disappointing.

  • an update just for a headset, what an early April Fool’s joke by Sony.

  • How long is the charging cable? USB or plug socket? Can you charge and play?

  • Fantastic news, now I can finally play with proper audio!

  • Well, that was disappointing…

  • When will my ps4 play mp3 or let me watch youtube? 380 quid hardly any decent games I sold my ps3 n games even ps plus downloads don’t work when ps4 clearly can read ps3 discs I have ac4 upgrade it needs ps3 disc to play , youtube won’t work , mp3 not playable ps4 don’t do much , I won’t get a reply as usual poor service sony

  • Cool App update, plz keep them coming but quicker tho :D
    Any word on a Remote control for the PS4? I really want 1 ;)

  • i waited for a month for a PS4 update and this is all we get?
    they didn’t even add a Pause/Resume for Downloads.
    this update is just plain stupid, seriously.
    but then again, it’s Sony.

  • Please make it possible to sort the friend list and sort trophies.

  • Great news, but what about support to my Sony MDR-1RBT?
    They cost a fortune but are really worth it – but will they ever work the PS4?
    Please respond and let me know once and for all. I’ve been asking so many people at Sony about this, no one replied… :`(

  • Looks great. I’m in need of a new headset, so I might check these out when they land in Australia.
    I hope that it won’t be much longer to wait for audio CD and DLNA support for PS4. Would definitely come in handy with the new headphones.

  • Trophy offline,Blu ray 3D, Pause download,MP3,compatibility PS1,PS2 Games.
    Two months just for this… pathetic

  • “PS4 system update 1.60 detailed”

  • It’s great to have updates… But I have to confess I am quite disappointed! I was expecting DLNA capabilities (together with reading MP3s and other multimedia formats). I was expecting for a reason to switch on my PS4 (that hasn’t been used for almost one month). I was expecting for an update that would “open” the system, that would make it possible for me to share the PS4 experience with my family… Not one that would be aiming at closing us in a little bubble and neglect the fact that the PS4 SHOULD have been a multimedia entertainment system!
    We are on the 21st century… There are things out there that play games, browse internet, listen to music, watch videos, etc… They are called smartphones, tablets! Come on Sony… Wake up to reality and start living in the present! Make the PS4 the amazing system it should (and has all the potential) be!

  • Sweet!
    Now I can piss my pants because I’ll be playing Outlast on the PS4 with my Wireless Stereo Headset.

  • Can you tell us please if with this update we already can use our old 7.1 PS3 headset (the original ones) on the PS4.

  • So the US Blog uploaded an image with the accessories. What I believe to be the charging cable is pathetic, looks less than 30cm, I want a long charging cable in case it starts to die mid game. Also, if you are using your headset while it’s charging, do you need the USB wireless adapter in?
    I’m thinking of this scenario, say if both your headset and controller needed charging, could you charge both at the same time and carry on playing or would you have to stop because the headset would require both the adapter and charging cable to work/charge? I hope the adapter isn’t needed when charging.


  • that’s great, and I love my Pulse, but it’s beyond me why this wasn’t in the software day 1. To present it now as the next best thing coming to PS4 is stupid and the whole thing is disrespectful to your loyal customers. Know that while Pulse is a great headphone, 1 of the only 2 usb slots will permanently occupied by it (what a design fault, would it have hurt you to put 4 of these things in there?
    I hope the PS4 will get the same functionalities as the PS3 (media wise etc) to deliver something less is just subpar and not acceptable. The PS4 was 20 steps back from PS3 and it took Sony 7 years to get that console up to standards.
    So how about streaming, mp3, cd’s, Blu-ray 3D, other headphones, other controllers etc? Please deliver the standard PS3 experience on your newest console.

  • de koptelefoon ziet er goed uit, hopelijk het geluid ook ??

  • @Vashetti
    First paragraph. The system software update is the compatibility for the PULSE Headset.
    If you’re talking about the Wireless PULSE Headset with virtual 7.1 Surround Sound, then yes, as of tomorrow it will be compatible, as is the point of the update.

  • @OttoT
    If you’re so concerned about the lack of USB ports, then get a multi-USB adapter. There is only 2 to keep down manufacture costs. 4 is a bit excessive.

  • Damn, Sony, this update is weak, we wait all this time for it and all you give us 3 things? (PS Eye mute, stablility and some headset compat). We need many more times than that NOW!!!
    MP3, DLNA and CD playback capabilities
    Trophy and Friendlist sorting
    Also show the amount of time friends have been on for
    Notification that friends are coming on or offline
    3D Blu Ray
    Uploading to Youtube (instead of just Facebook) or any site
    Youtube App to watch Youtube
    Allow Us to Import/Export Screens and Videos to USB
    Fix the bugs with the “automatic recording of the last 15 minutes of gameplay”
    Let us change the backgrounds/color and themes/dynamic themes
    Easier/better faster access to controller settings like controller volume etc. (less steps to get there)
    Ability to sort UI, like folders
    Ability to pause/resume downloads
    Massive improvements to web browser (like the ability to watch all flash)

  • ANSWER US please nearly 400 quid ive tweeted you no reply , why enable comments then ignore us , even ps1 played cd’s , its pathetic , ps4 plays games, no thing else , didnt put that in your ads did you

  • Looks fly! Should’ve waited for this one instead of the Pulse :(

  • My question would be; How does the new PS4 stereo headset compare to the PS3 Pulse headset ?
    I’ve recently bought a PS3 Pulse and am within the time allowed to send it back. I could do with knowing if the PS4 headset is the same sort of quality or an upgrade or downgrade.

  • Gta v headset lol , no you cant play gtav on ps4 but use the headset , joke

  • Does the stability improvements of this update contains flash support for Ps4 s internet browser? For Youtube ect…

  • Any plans to add support for Bluetooth headsets? Seems like a major oversight not to have such compatibility as standard.
    Might as well add, I’m one of those wanting some media functionality added as well, can’t believe we didn’t have it from the start. Support for local network streaming would be great, Plex support would be awesome.

  • Okay, I do not like new headset. Why are you ditching Pulse tech? It was so awesome on Pulse Headset…

  • Will the 1.60 update for PS4 fix error E-80f00800 that prevents launching games?

  • It’s still very early days atm, am sure most all of the requested stuff will arrive on the platform soon enough, i am just happy that my ps3 pulse headset is going to also be able to work on ps4, though i got them just as the gta5 ones were being brought out and i sort of had idea the pulse Would be supported, gotta feel for them with different model/makes, fingers crossed something is in works for you.

  • Damn i would love to change my wallpaper. Dont like that blue dynamic ugly thing.

  • lol im happy i got my ps4 today and the only thing i wanted that wasnt there was headset support and i only have to wait 1 day

  • Like i give a toss about a new headset to make sony yet more money! Will i be able to use my PX5’s as intended without a freaking wire going to the controller? That’s all i care about…£200 on a heady set and I’m having to plug it into the controller is getting right on my (CENSORED)!

  • @deadrest
    PS4 will be getting local emulation for PS1 and PS2 titles shortly after PlayStation Now launches PS3 game streaming.

  • @MaxDiehard
    Thx a lot for your reply. But my headseat is not the pulse one. It is a 7.1 Surround Wireless headset (PS3 official). It was launched by Sony in 2011. I bought it almost 2 years ago.
    In fact it is almost the same like the pulse mode, so i really hope it will work.
    Thanks again, man.

  • @hfbvs did you even read the post? it says including “original Wireless Stereo Headset” which is the one that came out a while ago, that exact one your saying you hope will work

  • Will there ever be any support for my old Official Mono headset or the official remote control. Should I give up hope and bin these?

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