Rambo The Video Game release date confirmed

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Rambo The Video Game release date confirmed


Hello everybody! Jas here from Reef Entertainment, I wanted to share this latest announcement on our upcoming title Rambo The Video Game.
We here at Reef HQ are extremely happy to announce that it will be available across Europe on 21st February 2014.
Rambo The Video Game puts players in Rambo’s combat boots and takes them on an action-packed adventure through the iconic films First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II and Rambo III.
Fans of the films will be happy to know that the original movie voice-tracks of John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) and Col. Samuel Trautman (Richard Crenna) as well as selected music from the original Rambo Trilogy will feature in the game.


Some of you will also have seen in our previous blog post that we have produced two exclusive Rambo figurines. These will be available as a pre-order bonus. Selected retailers across Europe
will be offering one of the two limited-edition figurines. We have created a special page where you can find all the pre-order links for participating retailers: http://www.rambothevideogame.com/#!pre-order/c1air
The highly detailed, hand-painted, 3-inch figurines are based on iconic images of John Rambo from First Blood and Rambo: First Blood Part II. Each figurine features authentic likeness, costume and weapons.


You can find us on various social media sites, so don’t forget to check us out and keep up to date with all the RAMBO announcements:
Thanks for reading folks, and look out for the game on the 21st February across Europe.

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5 Author Replies

  • Adriaaaaaannnnnnn!!!!!
    Wait wrong franchise lol.

  • Hi Jason. Now would you say that you and your team put everything into this game? I mean 110%? No actually I mean 1000%? Will I walk the landscapes in awe of the beauty that lays before me? Can I turn a different way and not see a film set with cardboard houses? Will the sun rain and cloud work against me? Will the Ai behave in a way that a real human would? Take cover? Shout for help, back up? If I take a hit will they know? How long did it take to make this game? Then how long did you test it for? Are you selling mini figures to cover up that the game is actually not that polished? One last thing, when will it be sent to IGN for review?
    Thanks for your time Jason, I look forward to your response.

    • Hello funkpower
      Well, as the game is an on-rails shooter a lot of the questions you have mentioned can not really work, we discovered this same thing early in development. For this reason we had to find ways that make the game more Rambo influenced, and this is hugely apparent in the scoring system. Players are rewarded for their Rambo like gameplay =]
      We have also created a section on our website that explains the scoring system in a lot more detail if you are interested, I will leave a like here: http://www.rambothevideogame.com/#!scoring/c1x44
      As for testing we have, been testing the game for quite a few months now and as a result of this extensive testing the game is finely tuned.
      The figures,are just a bonus for the long time Rambo fans, that’s why we are offering them freely as a ore-order item.
      As for IGN and other reviewers we are currently in talks with many of them :)

  • I have a felling when u hear the name “rambo the video game” it should be followed by hahahahahahahahaha :)

  • Who cares? :) That game looks awful in so many ways…

  • Damn, since when did gamers become so elitist?
    I’d call myself a veteran gamer, having gamed since the early 80s, and I’m personally looking forward to this one.
    I used to think that gamers were amongst the least judgmental people around, but reading the threads in this post, I see that the concept of “try it before you howl” seems an ideal long forgotten.

    • Thanks! This is exactly what we are hoping for, so far people who have played that game have all been pleasantly surprised.
      We believe that we have really strong game mechanics a and great metagame. I really do think that it will carry on surprising people ^^

  • First Blood was classic, would Stallone not give his image rights to this though? Might just be me but the main character model looks a bit Chuck Rock.
    I want it to be awesome but im braced for disappointment.

  • Is it “elitist” to tell that game is flawed in so many ways, that it’s embarrassing even to ask people to pay money for it? I don’t need to play it to see it’s pretty bad by any modern standarts.

  • Oh come on @kaneTheGoth I have given Jas, maybe Jason, a chance to defend his product. I, personally, would never sell myself down the river and I’m sure, Jas, could be Jason, doesn’t want to either. I’m sure he is very proud of his product and is expecting 9’s and 10’s across the board otherwise why would he/her have put so much time and effort into producing it? Right? With a franchise like this, and I’m sure the money that has been thrown at it, we are in for a treat!
    Weather systems, crumbling cliff faces, rats scurrying to get out the way with a shrill of surprise and anger, Rambo adjusting his grip as the rat leaves the cliff, maybe to their death or maybe further into the cliff face! As Rambo get further to the top, the rain lashes against the screen/his face, and what is he met with? a fallen tree!!! Nooooooo only Rambo could have this luck. The camera pans out and Rambo is only 12 feet up a 100 foot mountain. (Scale looks a bit wrong, but we get the idea) blood dripping Rambo shouts “Noooooooooo!” (Out the side of his mouth because he’s never been able to talk correctly because of all the smacks to the mouth in Rocky.)
    The End.

  • I read the previous blog for the game and I thought some people were a bit harsh on it. I agree the character models aren’t the best I’ve ever seen, although some of the environments look very good, but the aesthetics aren’t the Macbeth of a good game. I like a good shooter and I could see this game being a real blast, and throwing in the stealth elements…and some good ol’ rocket launcher fun…yeah, count me in! :)
    What’s that? It’s blue light. What does it do? It turns blue.

  • On the rails? What’s the rough game duration?
    Been waiting for this; the films are classics.

  • God didn’t make Rambo…. Reef entertainment did, I personally cannot wait for the game and will be pre ordering. I will judge it for myself, and for anyone else buying it you better remember one thing!!! A good supply of body bags!!!

  • Hi Jas, and thanks for clearing that up. Some fantastic, solid replies! It takes a brave man to walk into the playstation area and you managed it with ease! With what you said, I too am looking forward to this game. Good luck with sales figures! Take care. X

  • Any chance you can push the release day forward 3 days so I can claim it as a birthday expense? ;)

  • I fear I may not play this. It’s out one week before Lords of Shadow 2 after which, I move to PS4. Clearing backlog before then. The added temptation of Move compatibility, though. Argh, I am in a doozy of a pickle.
    For the record, gameplay is always king!

  • Oh dear :-( 3/10 on IGN.
    Jas, what a waste of development. How can you put your name to this? Better luck next time.

  • Cool! My dad loves Rambo and he will love this game!

  • Cool! My father loves Rambo and i bet he will love this game!

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