PS Vita Indie Game Mega Pack arrives next month

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PS Vita Indie Game Mega Pack arrives next month


Hi everyone. You may already know about the PS Vita Mega Pack, which we released last summer, but for those that missed it, here’s a quick recap: it’s a great value collection of fun games that you can dive straight into, thanks to the bundled memory card.
Up to speed? Great, so here’s what’s coming next. In February we’re releasing a new bundle: the Indie Game Mega Pack. It comes with 10 top titles from innovative and up-and-coming developers, to show our support for the burgeoning indie games scene.
Now you’ve got the perfect opportunity to enjoy some hardboiled gunplay with Hotline Miami, the unique narrative of Thomas Was Alone and the atmospheric – not to mention rather creepy – world of LIMBO.
Take a look at the complete list of games included:

There are two bundles available:

  • The memory card bundle comes with a 4GB memory card and a PlayStation Store voucher to download the above 10 games – RRP €24.99.
  • The PS Vita + memory card bundle comes with a PS Vita system, 4GB memory card and a PlayStation Store voucher to download the above 10 games – RRP €199.99.

Expect the Indie Game Pack to arrive in stores in February (check with your preferred retailer for local availability), and keep an eye out for other Mega Packs released last year: the original PS Vita Mega Pack, the Sports & Racing Mega Pack and the Disney Mega Pack. Have fun!

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  • You should really enable hot swapping of memory cards for things like this. I’m constantly at the limit of my 32gb and if I could swap out the cards without the hassle of rebooting and having it rebuild the start screens I’d be more than happy to pick up these bundles.

  • Can I just proudly say I have all of these except Alien Breed (which I have been on the brink of buying a couple of times)? Excellent set of games. This almost mimics a certain ‘humble’ offering :-)
    But, this should be available with *all* memorycards. Right now, that memorycard is just added weight, as #1 clearly stated, the memcard swapping-thing doesn’t really work very well on Vita (definitely worse than it used to do on PSP)

  • I would be this in an instant ‘but'(isn’t there always) :D my Memory Card is full :( I really want the 64GB Memory Card but it’s to expensive(& not out in the UK yet to) :( Shame because if i had the 64GB card & it was cheap to buy(say £40’ish) then i would(& i am sure more people would to) buy more Games for their PSVita’s. Oh well, cool pack that ;)

  • I agree with the hot swapping of memory cards it’s a feature I could really do with too.
    As for not getting the bundle because of that surely you can just redeem the codes and download the included games to any memory card (e.g. the nice fat 32GB you own) and keep the 4GB for other things like games you don’t play much or sell it or whatever.

  • “I would buy this in an instant” i meant above :D

  • That’s nice.
    But how about some new none Monster Hunter clone games??
    Plus is great and all but I want to buy some games.

  • The Vita Slim info should be posted soon too now it’s leaked and is all over the web!

  • Do you have any information on the release date of the 64gb card? I’m now on my 3rd 32gb’d be nice not to have to swap cards to play games all of the time

  • UK release and price?

  • is the New Vita 2000 only going to be released in the UK?

  • When are you getting rid of the 100 icon limit on the vita?

  • great bundle and good value. ive got the games i want but for new vita owners this is great.
    I saw the Vita slim has been announced, what i would really like is to have updates on:
    – Vita TV coming to Europe
    – 64gb memory cards (my 32gb is full and ive started deleting games!). please release it soon

  • 4GB card is abomination and should be discontinued , you would be better introducing 64GB card for EU

  • Announcing the slim model for UK localisation at full price just makes me shake my head. The Vita got ignored for two years, little software support and a general indecision about what this machine is meant to be, and this does nothing to address that.
    What Vita needs is a combination of a few key system selling exclusive AAA titles, properly marketed (how many people would even have a Vita if it wasn’t for P4G – I wouldn’t), more mid-range titles, and a pricing rebalance (especially for memory cards). We also need more of the great titles being made in Japan localised.
    Seriously, Phantasy Star Nova, a system seller, will not be released in the EU/US due to Sega’s mad localisation policies? Sword Art Online is getting localised into Chinese, but not into English? Even if full voice localisation isn’t an option, Sony should be approaching these companies to help release a digital version with English subs.
    I’m about to order a 64Gb memory card from Japan, and it’s costing me less than a 32Gb card would in the UK – that’s insane! I love my Vita, but there’s not enough quality new titles coming out to secure more system sales.

  • @ DJOates
    Hi, where are you ordering the 64gb card that its cheaper then the 32gb card?

  • Rip PSVITA. Seriously guys, you gotta’ admit it. Sony doesn’t care about the VITA anymore. They had two years on them to fix the pricings of the memory cards and release some great PS VITA standalone titles. What a shame.
    I don’t care about the PS4, I want PS VITA to be just as good as the PSP. But I doubt it will ever reach that kind of lifetime.

  • Completely agree, vita support is mostly dead. There will be games, less or more successful but they don’t care about it. Do they know what they got wrong this time?

  • @DJOates Japanese titles are not system sellers over here despite what you may personally like. In Europe and the US the genre that sells most by far is FPS which the Vita would be perfect for but unfortunately there’s only two or three FPS decent games available. Resistance and Call of Duty were both awful – if the full CoD experience was ported over I think the Vita would be enormously successful by now. Killzone is apparently a good game but has never been a system selling franchise. Maybe Borderlands 2 will fare better who knows.
    To capture the attention of the main stream Vita needs more AAA exclusive titles from big franchises. Another Assassin’s Creed, maybe a GTA spinoff like the PSP had, another Metal Gear Solid spinoff? Sony should be doing more to court these developers like they did with Borderlands 2 – offering to pay for some of the development costs or something. Imagine a Vita which has the full support of indie developers like it does now as well as the support of the big publishers? That would be a console worth owning and would start selling rapidly.

  • @djoates
    Where are you getting the 64gb card at such a cheap price?

  • @16 & 17 Yeah and they’ve still got the cheek to release the Vita Slim in a months time as well.

  • Theres a good selection of indie games in that pack :). My personal favourites are Hotline Miami and Velocity.
    @djoates, like others have said where are you getting 64gb mem cards cheap ? also does anyone know where I can find 32gb cards in stock online ?. On ebay they are too expensive and other sites sadly don’t sell them, on amazon they’ve been out of stock for months :( any info would be appreciated, thanks :)

  • @ Those asking where I got the 64Gb card so cheap from.
    I’ll get my comment modded if I start advertising 3rd party sites on the PS Blog. All I will say is, browser translation services and a Japanese mail redirection will serve you well for imports, rather than using the rip-off import sites.
    @JezPSN. Most FPS games are played for multiplayer, and fit better on a home console or PC. If you look at 3DS, the games that are shifting systems are more puzzles, RPGs & lifestyle games. Persona 4 Golden enticed a lot of owners to Vita, and FFX/X-2 HD gave a system sales boost in Japan (would have been more if it had been exclusive and not also on PS3.)
    While I agree that a quality single player FPS experience would be well received, and the Vita probably shouldn’t go down the digital pets and lifestyle games path the 3DS has, the Vita is really needing another quality game that people will rave about and talk about for a long while, like they have over Persona 4 Golden, and the footage of Phantasy Star Nova so far suggests that it could be a contender. Sadly, we’ll never know.

  • I just want a reasonably priced 64gb card for my new vita slim (which I can’t have in white either). Even just the games I’ve accumulated in sales and with PS Plus would probably add up to fill even the 32gb one pretty easily. You can’t even find that one for a fair price anywhere. That event was such a disappointment.

  • Now that’s a great deal! Shame I already own eight of them (some thru PS+ some purchased). But definitely a barg for the quality and range of game types there

  • The Vita will be alive for as long as the PS4 is! This year is the year of the Vita and some amazing software will be announced this year.

  • Is it likely that more proprietary memory card stock will be coming to the UK? It is presently very limited in the shops.
    Right now any memory card bigger than 16GB has to be imported which is unacceptable! Even 32GB is completely out of stock, but i would prefer 64GB or bigger.
    I am happy to pay the high asking costs of the bigger memory cards, but I want to be able to buy an EU version instead of paying an even bigger premium to have it imported.
    It is likely that more/a bigger memory card range will be announced??

  • Actually PSV slim is releasing next week 7th Feb for £180

  • Like others memory cards are the issue. But unlike the other posters it’s why I’ll never own psv. If you’d gone with SD I’d of bought a launch unit. I had a 64gb SD card ready!
    I’d buy that bundle for Hotline Miami, the rest is just a bonus.

  • Completely unrelated but will MGS Special Missions ever be made compatible with Vita?

  • great.. 4gb memory…
    yeah… savegames, some game updates, and thanks if it’s enough…
    and the 64gb card on europe won’t hurt thought…

  • As for memory cards on PS Vita, what I liked is that we would not need to reboot after switching memory card’s!
    Regarding the bundle seems nice, at least Thomas Was Alone and LIMBO I can recommend.

  • Surprised they are releasing this now I’m really disappointed in Sony with the vita it’s been out almost two years were are the AAA games sorry not an indie fan myself.
    I got rid of mine in June 2012 and even now I don’t miss it and nothing that has been released to tempt to buy another since.

  • Toukiden was the game that made the vita outsell the ds for once in Japan. Like Persona 4 Golden, it sold the system to people not inclined to buy a vita. Those 2 games are why I have a vita.
    I bought a PSP for Monster Hunter and numerous RPG’s only available on the PSP.
    Want the vita tobe successful look at the games that sell the ds, tell Capcom to stop limiting Monster Hunter games not on ds to only Japan, have Sega start localising games like PhantasyStar for markets outside of Japan too for the vita, lower the price of the proprietary memory cards and increase the size of them as well.
    Do something…it’s a sad day when most of the games I own for the vita are actually imports

  • Great, great bundle!
    But can this be had as software-only bundle please, maybe as a buy-digitally thing even? Please?
    Because I will NOT spend money on this as long as my spending money will somehow through the miracle of Excel and subsidising show up as a positive marker for your REDICCULOUSLY priced memory-card-money-making-scheme.
    Which is the most (CENSORED) thing in proprietary hardware since the invention of iDevice cables.
    Seriously, I’ll rather spend more money buying every single game individually, rather than cross-subsidising that ish in any way.

  • mem card id lock !!!!
    so only you mem card works on master id of vita whith same name .
    so swaping whithout needing to reboot = big priority
    also count me in to next games =

  • What is Sony logic by downgrading the vita, when my vita break down I will won’t be buying a new downgraded vita because the OLED is best use of the vita but I read that Sony are stop making them OLED vitas again what is Sony logic.
    Please let it be a rumour, & not true.

  • Yeah… multiple user id per card will be very useful, I can’t let my 5 years old son to play on vita since I don’t want to share my savegames ….
    so, next update (will it be anyone else…?) please tell your teams to give priority to this feature…
    but most of all

  • Awesome. 4Gb card and 10 indies you can get anywhere dead cheap.
    Good job at supporting Vita, Sony!
    Jeez I have 64Gb card that isn’t even filled to 50%
    You are offering me to start swapping memory cards with 10 games on the go? What’s the difference between swapping game cards? It feels like value nes cartridges with multiple games back in the day. Make bundle worth buying – put proper card in it. Like 32Gb.
    That’s why I got 64Gb card in the first place…

  • The problem with this product is that most customers will already own one or two of these games (probably more). Hence they will be put off paying for ten games when they only want 7 or 8.
    The solution. Have a list of 15 games, and you select the 10 you want to download. (Perhaps have the ability to select a minimum of 7 games, and make up the remainder with ‘minis’ or ‘mobiles’).

  • Hi,
    Any news about the release date?

  • Is this still happening? It’s nearly march.

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