Toukiden: The Age of Demons demo out on PS Vita today

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As previously blogged, Toukiden: The Age of Demons for the PS Vita is coming to Europe on 14th February. Our team has prepared a demo which should serve as an excellent way to introduce players to the vast and beautiful world of Toukiden, and it’s available to download on PlayStation Store following today’s update.
Spanning the entire first and part of the second chapter of the game, this comprehensive 10 hour sampler will also include full access to character customisation, all six weapon types and equipment upgrades.
It also allows for a trial of the online environment, which plays a pivotal role in the enjoyment of Toukiden. In the full version, players will be able to team up with up to three others to try and defeat the Oni. To give prospective fans the opportunity to fully appreciate the battle system and co-op, the demo will allow up to seven multiplayer missions to be completed.

Players can carry on their save data-equipment, obtained weapons/armour/mitama, materials (up to 30 slots), story progress, and a part of their Haku (in-game currency) – to the full version of the game.



I’ve highlighted the full demo content below with details provided by the development team:

  • First chapter fully playable, and up to the middle of second chapter can be played
  • Save data: 1 slot only (full game allows for three slots). Demo save data (equipment, obtained weapons/armor/mitama, materials, story progress, Haku (capped)) will carry over to the full game, but Settings will not.
  • Max no. of materials: Materials chest will carry a max of 30 slots, and up to five of each material can be held
  • Trophies cannot be obtained in the demo version
  • Character settings (customisation): same as full game version
  • Multiplayer: Seven missions can be played
  • Equipment, weapons can be upgraded (same as full game)
  • The file size of the demo is 989 MB.

Toukiden: The Age of Demons will be out on 14th February across Europe for PS Vita. For more information, please visit the official site.

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