The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4: Your questions answered

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The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4: Your questions answered


We’ve gotten a ton of great questions from the PlayStation community anxious to learn more about the PlayStation 4 release of The Elder Scrolls Online. While we’re still several months from the game’s June launch, we want to make sure we’re keeping you up-to-date as things progress in development.
One question we’ve been frequently hearing is whether or not a PlayStation Plus membership will be required to play The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4. We kick off with the answer to that and have answers to several other questions you’ve submitted via Twitter. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions and thanks for all your support — we love to hear from the community. Keep the questions coming.


@NathanaelMoner Will playing online with The Elder Scrolls Online have a separate subscription compared to PlayStation Plus?
A PlayStation Plus membership is not required to play The Elder Scrolls Online. PS4 players will only be required to pay the same monthly subscription associated with The Elder Scrolls Online that PC and Mac users will pay — nothing more.
@TsoriGaming Will PS4 servers be split between EU and NA, or will we be on one megaserver?
They will be split. PS4 users will play The Elder Scrolls Online on either the European PS4 megaserver or the North American PS4 megaserver. We’ll share more details about how this will work closer to launch.
@Adzaofoz Will PS4 users be on the same servers as PC users?
PS4 users will have their own dedicated ESO megaservers (European and North American). PC and Mac users will not be on the PS4 megaservers. This is good news for PS4 players as they won’t have to worry about contending with higher-level PC players when ESO launches on the PlayStation 4.


@AdamJ_Floyd How are you guys going to incorporate an action bar on console? Or what will the substitution be?
We’re still testing and tweaking different Dualshock 4 button mapping configurations, but we’re very happy with the gameplay experience on the PlayStation 4. Abilities are conveniently accessible for fun “on the couch” gameplay, and the team is really happy with how it’s coming along. We’ll have more specifics to share about this topic later this year.
@SamiRocklynn How will you be utilising and using the touchpad on the PS4 controller in-game?
We love the additional functionality of the Dualshock 4 touchpad. We’re playing with a couple of different button configurations to find the best and most intuitive use for the touchpad.
@DexMProductions How much space will it take up on the PS4 HDD?
While details aren’t yet finalized, the PS4 offers an HDD with a tremendous amount of memory. There is plenty of HDD memory available for the game and for years of continuous post-launch content that will be released for The Elder Scrolls Online.


@Brandon_Roark_ How will the controls be mapped on PS4? Will it be similar to Skyrim on a controller?
Throughout ESO’s development, our goal has been to create an MMO that is fun to play and is familiar to Skyrim fans. Gameplay in ESO isn’t identical to Skyrim, so naturally we’ve made some button configuration changes to reflect the differences, such as the use of abilities. At the same time, there are a lot of controller configuration similarities between Skyrim and ESO.
@maheirem Will PvE instances, like dungeons, offer a single player mode?
The Elder Scrolls Online is an MMO that was designed to give the gamer freedom to play with others, or alone. That said, there are instances and areas that are specifically designed and tuned to be taken on with friends.
@Wretched86 When does the PlayStation beta start? And when should we expect beta invites?
We do not yet have a date or timeframe to share, but we can assure you that there will be an ESO beta exclusively for PlayStation 4 fans later this year. Keep an eye on, as well as here on the PlayStation Blog, for further details!
From all of us here on The Elder Scrolls Online team, a big thank you to the PlayStation community for being so supportive. If you haven’t signed up for the PS4 ESO beta yet, don’t forget to do so here:
We’ll see you in Tamriel on the PS4 later this year!


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  • so we already need to pay for ps+ and then you guys demand we buy a sub for this game also
    this game just got off my wishlist good job (Y)

  • VaveTi
    Did you not read the post? You don’t have to have a PS+ account for it.

  • What would be nice is a discount off the sub for plus members :-)
    I have plus because it’s awesome, not because i HAVE to have it ;-)
    This game looks great, really excited to try the beta. Is it going to be available digital and retail?

  • can you play offline

  • “PS4 players will only be required to pay the same monthly subscription associated with The Elder Scrolls Online that PC and Mac users will pay — nothing more”
    So nothing more than the PS+ subscription that I already pay AND another monthly subscription fee.
    Well, like VaVeTi, there’s another sale you’ve lost. There must be a better way. Sell me expansion packs; sell me DLC extras; but don’t try to make me subscribe to play. I am very disappointed.
    Also, another game lumping in the whole of Europe and America together and trying to sell it as if it’s a good thing… the best online gaming I ever had was back in the days of SOCOM and SOCOM 2 where the “servers” were regionalised… the community thrived then mainly because when we played, we played with our peers… speaking the same language for one is a good start (as communities are more enticing when you actually understand what fellow players are saying); but even lumping UK and America together doesn’t work anywhere near as well as having PROPER regionalised servers.

  • @indy-greg
    I think he means we need pay for PS+ to have multiplayer on other games anyway, and this is an additional cost.
    I dislike split NA/EU servers, as someone in the UK who speaks English I find it annoying when most of the server doesn’t speak my langauge.

  • It may seem “politically correct” to throw everyone together but playing with Americans is simply not as much fun as playing with people in the same country as you… things like the time you play, and being able to chat about local events from things such as the weather and what’s just been on TV made SOCOM sessions akin to having a chat in a pub with the locals. We have similarities in culture, yes, but we’re NOT the same.
    I wish someone would have the balls to regionalise gamers again like SOCOM did. It made a huge, huge difference.

  • I’ll forever wait for a F2P version, subscription model in MMOs is an outdated concept, is a reason nearly every MMO fails and goes F2P.

  • @ Bumblebee
    SOCOM is not a MMO, and if you ever played a joint world MMO you’d know it doesn’t stop what you like, it allows it, but with even more people to chat about other stuff with too.

  • Posted on 28 January, 2014 at 3:07 pm by indy-greg
    Did you not read the post? You don’t have to have a PS+ account for it.
    you need ps+ to use the ps4 dumbass no one buys a ps4 just for this game

  • Do you need to buy the game as well as pay a monthly subscription? As if that’s the case it’s a bit of a (CENSORED) take. I don’t mind paying a subscription if the game itself is a free download. I must admit I was a little gutted when I found out the next elder scrolls game was a mmo. I really hope they don’t do the same with the next fallout.

  • @VaVeTi
    A PS+ Subscription is ‘not’ required to use the PS4, it’s only needed to play multi-player online, minus the Free2Play games, which exclude it.

  • Before I get jumped on, who would have a PS4 and NOT have PS+? It’s practically essential.
    Sure, SOCOM wasn’t an MMO but my point was about building communities, and how well they can work when properly regionalised. I won’t be getting this anyway, I spend hundreds on games – I’ve about 150 games on disc for PS3, my HDD is also full of DLC, my Vita is full too and my PS4 is… well… there aren’t many games at the moment but I’ve managed to buy five on disc already. So I spend enough on games that I don’t get time to play without having to subscribe on top of that.
    The reason I don’t pay for games with a monthly subscription is that my gaming time is limited; sometimes I go weeks without playing at all due to things like life getting in the way… so a subscription-based system would mean I’m just pouring money away for nothing.
    I liked (and miss) the days where you bought a game and you could play it as much as you want, you got extras for it by playing and unlocking, and didn’t have people continually trying to bleed you for more cash.

  • VaVeTi, very amusing of you to call someone else a dumbass AND assert that PS+ is needed “to use the PS4” in the same sentence.
    Think about that for a moment.

  • I will say this once ppl
    So stop bitc”ing.

  • What if we already have PS+ do we still have to pay for the monthly fee? What about the price for a monthly fee?

  • Can I just add too, if someone wants to make a point, can they try to make it clearer than KylieDog’s:
    “…if you ever played a joint world MMO you’d know it doesn’t stop what you like, it allows it, but with even more people to chat about other stuff with too.”
    I don’t understand. See, it’s hard enough trying to understand people using English, let alone lumping everyone together speaking different langauges.
    “it doesn’t stop what you like, it allows it”
    I’ve been speaking English for nearly 40 years and I cannot fathom that sentence. Perhaps I’m just not down with da kids, eh?

  • @ MartinB105
    i only play online so yes i already need ps+ and every one else that does that
    so yes we still need ps+ and this crappy sub

  • I’m not sure why people have any expectation that their PS+ subscriptions would cover the cost of playing Elder Scrolls Online. Do you also expect your Internet subscription to cover the cost of using Netflix?
    Two entirely different subscriptions for two different services.

  • @VaVeTi,
    If you only play online and you don’t want to pay, then you chose the wrong platform and the wrong game. Deal with it.

  • Will people be able to choose which server they go on? English people might prefer the NA server for language reasons.
    Not that i’m going to bother with this anyway- subscription- no thanks

  • From Amazon I see the game disk will cost £50 then there is an additional £8.99 per month subs. For the first year that is about £158, ignoring the costs of internet/PS4 etc.
    I loved Skyrim and bought the extra packs and have played it for over 250 hours but I am not paying ca. £110 per year to play a game. It would have to be beyond awesome for that kind of expense. The least they could do for that level of subs is make the game disc either massively cheaper or a download for those that can take the bandwidth.

  • On behalf of mmorpg players around the world. I thank you ZeniMax Online Studios for going for a P2P model! And I thank you for not changing anything after your game got rated M for Mature.
    Keep on doing what you are and do not flinch from your vision of the game. I have beta tested the PC version and are under NDA. So I will just nod my head up and down with a big smile and thumbs up.
    As I see it F2P games are like mobile phone games. It’s something you play when waiting for something….

  • Are you folks not familiar with subscription model MMOs? There have been enough of them over the years, if not on PS platforms. You will be paying Bethesda/Zenimax Online to play this game, not Sony, PS+ has nothing to do with it. If (and it might be a crazy idea, as most of you imply) you don’t have PS+, you could still not have PS+, and play this game on your PS4 with a Zenimax subscription.
    Ultimately, if you are into MMOs, and want to play this game, you’ll pay what it costs. I wanted to play WoW (on PC) for 7 years, so I spent between £300 and £500 or so on collector’s editions, and about £6 a month, so another £500 or so on that.
    I’ll probably play this on PC as well to be honest, but the idea that it should be free is nuts…

  • Let’s narrow this down further for those who aren’t getting the point some of us are trying to make. Well, what I’m trying to say.
    I’m rallying against the concept of subscription-based gaming in general. If you think paying, say, £180 a year for a game that already cost you £50 initially is a good deal, you’re a fool.
    Although a different genre, lets take GTA5 as an example. It’s not an RPG but in many ways it is set up similar to MMO games. Yet I bought that once, and I can dip in and out when I like. I don’t subscribe, but as I have really enjoyed the game I have spent real-world cash on extras for it. And I know that, if I don’t play for a while, I can go back in and enjoy it any time I want. If they add more content that I can’t resist they can have my money for that too. But if they said “if you don’t pay you can’t play” I’d never touch it again.

  • Sure, you may say “but Rockstar made a billion dollars in a day and can afford it!”… well, good for them. I’m sure they’ve made a pretty penny on DLC too, even if it’s just selling in-game money. Good. Good on them. Congratulations. In that case they’re showing it can be done if the game is good enough.
    In my opinion ESOL would get more gamers in if it was free-to-play and if they want to make their money for their “server maintenance” or whatever, sell us nice things that we can’t refuse.
    I’ve been gaming for around 35 years and have never seen the subscription model as appealing. As someone who enjoys having many games at once on the go, to be asked to subscribe to play, and pay hundreds of pounds more for the pleasure is what’s “nuts”.

  • I had finished but I’ll add more.
    Let’s say, for example, I bought FFXIV and subscribed, enjoyed it, played it loads. Then ESOL comes out; I buy that, like it, and subscribe. I decide I can’t afford two subscriptions, and cancel my FFXIV one. Eventually I get bored of ESOL and decide to go back to FFXIV… oh wait, I cancelled. In order to play it again, I’ve got to resubscribe. Perhaps I’ll buy a pass then decide it’s not as good as I remember. SO I decide to go back to ESOL… oh no, wait, I can no longer play the game I paid £50 for as my subscription has ended… it’s just annoying.
    I suppose if you grew up in a world where you can buy a game and keep on playing it forever, you will be more peeved than those who are used to this subscription model. Personally, I despise it and I just wish that there was a more user-friendly (and wallet-friendly) way to go about things.
    Now, if there was a “lifetime pass” I’d probably be more inclined to give it a go if the price was right. But – hey! – most of the games I have in my collection already include that. So I’ll stick with them.

  • I have to admit it is a pretty balsy move from Zenimax to push the subscription model at this day and age.
    Balsy or stupid will remain to be seen. The subscription model is dead in my opinion. I give this game 6 months tops before it becomes F2P.

  • The subscription model for MMORPG’s is not dead…just ask Square-Enix as there are still loads of people paying a subscription for FFXIV:ARR 5 months after the release of the game. Just because some people don’t want to pay a sub doesn’t mean everyone feels that way.
    The only hope I have is that unlike FFXIV:ARR is that servers for EU are actually located in the EU as opposed to the EU servers being located in Montreal in Canada. This causes a serious latency issue (particularly for people on the PS3 and some PC users).
    Also make it so people WANT to work together, not just because they have to. This makes for some nasty if not altogether bulling game play by some players. This is one of the failings of FFXIV:ARR and I’ve seen some horrendous treatment of players who may be new to a quest. This is the one thing that makes me leery of starting a new MMORPG

  • Extra costs are the reason I have never played an MMO yet. Hope to eventually see high quality MMO’s that require no extra costs on top of the actual game. And we already have to pay PLUS to play all the rest online, so I don’t think it’s that much of a sellingpoint not needing PLUS for this specific title..

  • When is Witcher 3 out?

  • I think subs are not a problem, i personally feel that a that a P2P game gets more attention to updates, and its also means you have unlimited access to the game. i preferred all P2P games over F2P for this reason.
    However, having allot of PC MMO sub experience, i find the biggest issue is that once you pay for your 1/3 months, or even a year, i would feel pressured to play the game.
    I play different games all the time, and there is always new games coming out, competing for my attention. i would usually focus on 1 or 2 games at a time.
    A good example, GTA 5 released, it was the only game i was interested playing for about a week. that is 1/4 of a month sub down the drain.
    I think the best type of sub (however, i doubt it will ever happen) works on days or hours.
    So instead, your account subtracts 1 day ONLY if you log in that day, or you buy a 40Hr sub instead, giving you 40Hrs online time.
    Possibly still have a normal sub option too, for people who play allot and all day.

  • i have said this before and this confirms it for me that this elder scrolls game will be the first in the series that i will not be purchasing especially if there is a monthly sub. This generation of consoles are already starting to wear thin on my patience, what with micro transactions and now this cheap tat also the game drought is shocking the games i play on my ps4 i didn’t even need to buy a ps4 for i could of play on a ps3 or my pc and as for killzone i use it as a coaster and refuse to buy knack….Bring back my psone and ps2.

  • “Your questions answered”
    And the answer to the half of the questions is “we don’t know”…

  • Wow… £49 for the game PLUS monthly subscription in ADDITION to PS+!!!
    Interesting concept this – screwing over potential users! What have Sony got to say on this subject? Happy to let users get screwed?
    I didn’t purchase a PS4 for this! And for that reason I won’t be purchasing this game.

  • Xbox 1 users dont have to pay a monthly subcription like pc and mac users because they pay for xbox live gold already.why you guys cant give us the same option?i think 95% of the ps4 owners have ps plus already and nobody will pay for another can only do this if TES online is free2play.This will be the worst sold game in history for ps4.

  • You’d think this is a new subscription model from some of the comments. Are people not currently paying for subs on FF Reborn on top of their plus service? This is standard.
    Insta-skip for me as well – the first Elder Scrolls I won’t have purchased since getting into the series when Morrowind came out. No interest in MMOs – too busy and too old for it.

  • KW-ONE, that’s not rue. Xbox One players have to pay the monthly fee for playing TESO just like all other platforms, and they have to pay for Xbox LIVE as well to be able to access TESO, which means they actually have to pay more than PS4 players.

  • Fair enough you don’t need a PlayStation plus sub, but this game is still costly, a game I really want to play, but the £50 to get the game on top of an £8.99 sub, surely the PlayStation plus sub should cover the ESO sub, we gamers aren’t made of money!! It is a little disappointing :(

  • So although we don’t need a PS+ sub for this, we do anyway for PS4 Online…So we have to sub to PS+, buy the game, then pay another sub per month just to play the game we pay for…yeah, NOT PLAYING IT, NOT BUYING IT..NOPE!

  • #13 …who would have a PS4 and NOT have PS+? It’s practically essential.
    I would. I don’t need PS+, not yet. I play FIFA, NBA 2k14 and Zen Pinball offline. I play also War Thunder which does not require PS+. Why should I pay £40 for a service I don’t use?

  • After paying £50/£60 for this expecting us to pay subscription is pathetic I for one and many friends ive talked to wont be a big shame looks stunning theres a big difference between consoles and pc etc sooner this concept fails the better

  • I am not getting this simply because of the requirement to pay twice to play online.
    Too bad, game actually looks nice but there are plenty of good games coming that tie-in to PS+ availability to play online.
    My wallet says thankyou my money will go elsewhere, unless they change this policy.

  • See how they dodge the important question by answering a similar one?
    The fact that they are trying to act as if people have bought the PS4 just to play ESO is quite amusing to me. Most people who buy the PS4 will have PS+ being that multiplayer games require it. The fact that you believe that we are going to buy the $60 game, the presumable $15/month subscription, and $60 PS+ is ridiculous!
    No matter how much you are trying to stress that PS+ is not required, doesn’t change the fact that most people have it. I have been very excited to play this game but there is no way that I, along with MANY people, are going to be paying an extra fee to play one game on my PS4 when my PS+ covers everything else!
    I truly hope this changes soon because I had been hoping to pick up the Legendary edition and that simply wont happen in these terms!

  • Should give PS Plus users a discount on the sub cost. Because really, whos gonna drop free monthly game offers/discounts/multi-function for one single game?
    Give us Ps Plus uers a discont on subs Eso, or find yourself drowning in your own cost.

  • That makes sense, monthly payments are a drag as it is. Over 90% of people will keep their Plus subscription due to the incredible value. So it doesn’t really matter that Plus is not required, it will be used anyway. And two subscriptions (three, if you want to play A Realm Reborn too) is a bit too much pressure on the wallet for most people who already get some good value games from Plus. A Plus discount makes sense.

  • Just putting it out there, ESO could just have us pay for the disc/digital copy of the game, then no subscription. They could then procede to make game expansions that we could pay for.
    win-win scenario, we don’t have the hassle of two subscriptions and the better job they do the more money they make.
    alternitivley they could go with the PS+ discount route that is so popular. also, on the topic of the PS+ discount (this would be nice even if there is no discount) it would be ideal if the subscription is taken from the PSN wallet and not a seperate source, less hassle for the fans.
    just something for everyone to think about,
    please consider what i said if you are an ESO dev or PSN/SEN manager
    thx for reading

  • When will the Imperial (collectors) edition be available for pre-order on the ps4 because I can’t find it?

  • Hi,
    I have two questions:
    1. It’s one subscription for Ps4, Mac/Pc or if i like play i need pay a different subscription for different platform?
    2. If I pay playstation plus i need pay a subscription? or I have any vintage how no pay ps+?
    P.D: sorry for my english is really bad

  • .(Zenimaz Manager why dont you try This).Maybe you should simply just let the disk version of ESO not requires a sunbscription Maybe put a one-use code inside each case allowing a lifetime of free EOS and let the special edition have free espantion packs and you might want to lower the cost of subscriptions because full time gamers are a dying breed casual gamers are taking over and i’m talking ’bout the kind that play video games once a week and they dont want to pay like $15 a month or whatever your cost is,for a game(ESO) they will probably play like a few days each month.You seriously do not mant to make a P2P game in these times you will probably be ignored by many who thought you would have used a method like most other games you buy the game you pay what ever is needed for multiplayer and bam you play like that.Many games have made money like that look at GTA online I personally beleive that ESO is basically GTA Online in Medival times .So with the right motivation the right kind of entertainment promises Like GTA online offered.ESO can becomes one of the best selling games in 8th generation gaming history or ESO can be a letdown like Duke Nukem Forever.So please try what I suggested it could benefit u

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