Curve Studios Mega Bundle offers up amazing indie value tomorrow

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Hey everyone! Rob here from Curve Studios. We’re probably one of the most prolific indie studios on PlayStation right now – we released five indie titles for PlayStation 3 and four titles for PS Vita in 2013, and we’ve got at least four more coming this year, two that we’ll be announcing very soon.
We’ve been thinking about making a bundle of our games for a while, and we’re happy to announce that from the 28th January, you’ll be able to pick up four of our best titles from 2013 in a single, happy package.

These games would cost £30 if you purchased them individually, but we’re launching the bundle for the first two weeks at only £11.99/€14.99, with a further 20% discount for PS Plus members. The following games are included:

That’s four titles for the regular price of one – way better than buy one get one free! And did we mention all of these games are Cross Buy enabled? No, we did not! But they are, so you can swap between PlayStation 3 and PS Vita versions to your heart’s content.
We’ve worked on some very unique games in 2013, from Mike Bithell’s BAFTA award winning puzzle game, Thomas Was Alone, to our very own fast-paced stealth platformer, Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark. We’ve not stuck to a single genre or style, and that’s helped make this bundle become a really interesting mix of different games and a great example of what indie gaming can bring to platforms like PS Vita.
You could think of it as an indie selection pack, or perhaps like a selection of starters at a restaurant. Or a cheeseboard. We don’t mind.
We humbly (ahem!) believe we’ve brought some of the best indie gaming talent to PS Vita and PlayStation 3, working with great developers like Ed Key and Jasper Byrne. We always try to add something new to every release to make sure our PlayStation versions are the absolute best way to play these games.
We’ve been very happy with the outcome, too – both by the glowing reviews of our games in the press and the excellent feedback we’ve had from the PlayStation community in the last year. If you missed these titles first time around or want to check out a wide range of different indie titles without risking your bank balance, this is the bundle for you.

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  • Sounds nice! Typo on PS+ € price though. ;)

  • The PS+ factor comes in again, 2 of the games I already own.
    Also I have lots of unplayed games, so by the time I could play the other 2 they will either be in another sale or given away with PS+
    Fantastic offer for those that don’t have the games and have a Vita !

  • Sorry guys I am not interested.
    Because i have them all already :D

  • I own 3 of the 4 games already. Any chance of individual discounts? I’d love to try Proteus.

  • same story here….very high quality bundle, brilliant price and it’s cross buy.
    Wouldn’t have minded the opportunity to pick up the one title that I don’t own at discount. If you don’t own any of these games though it’s an insta-buy.

  • Will they be up on sale separately for those of us who already own a few of those?

    • We’re doing an individual sale very soon including games and DLC – unless you own more than 2 of the games in the bundle though (and are interested in playing the rest), it’s a better deal!

  • Already own two of them so will have to give this bundle a miss :/. Seems to be great value tho for does that have none of them or just 1 game in the list.

  • i dont have any of those games but whats a annoying is the fact that you cant buy them or play them on ps4, i have a ps4 now thats what i am playing they should allow me to buy this package on the ps4 aswell

  • It’s not as easy as just making it available in the PS4 store. The games are not compatible with the PS4.
    Although I do think it should be a extremely high priority to port everything they possible can to the PS4. They should have started porting these games a year ago.

    • We’re going to be porting a few things to the PS4, but we’re a small studio, so we can’t do every single port we would like to do! We are however releasing plenty of NEW PS4/Vita games this year. Maybe as many again as 2013.

  • One question:
    I already “own” Thomas Was Alone and Stealth Inc. due to PS+. When I purchase this bundle, will it no longer be treated as a PS+-download and instead be handeld like a normal download (–> without expiration date?).

  • It is a very nice package, price- and quality-wise. Lovely games and I think I’ve spent more time with Stealth Bastard, sorry, Stealth Inc. than any other Vita game to date.
    …yes, you guessed it, I already own 3 out of 4. Stealth Inc., Proteus and Thomas Was Alone. And as much as I would like to support the devs, I will wait out first months of the next game you publish, because inevitably soon thereafter it will be heavily discounted and/or put on PS+.
    I only bought Proteus at full price because Ed has sent me review key for a PC version when the game was initially published and I wanted to repay him for his kindness.

  • How hard can it be to implement a Gift functionality into the PS Store?
    We could buy the bundle and gift those games that we already own. I mean, Steam and the iTunes store have been doing it for years. How hard can it be? Not to mention the times we would buy content from the PSN for a friend.
    You could also run an offer of buying 2 of those game at the price of one (reduced price), no bundle, so people could buy those they don’t already have. This way you are loosing potential sales. because most people would not pay to buy a bundle, where they already have 50% of the content, even if the price was right.

    • It’s still good value if you own 2 of the game, but you’re right, we would love to be able to offer a bundle at a ‘variable’ price based on how many of the game in it you already own – maybe one day!

  • If the deals still there next week i will most certainly buy this bundle, I’ve been looking at these games for a while but wasn’t quite sure.. for this price though im definitely interested

  • What about a 50% discount on Stealth Inc. DLCs?

  • @10
    Yup. Anything you pay for is yours to keep.

  • Regarding the two games your planning to announce will the PS4 be getting those games ? Or is it just PS3/PSV ?

  • Not sure I’m interested in this. I already have Thomas was Alone and Stealth Inc free from PS+. I wouldn’t mind trying Proteus but I didn’t like Lone Survivor on pc. :(
    Best of luck though, guys.

  • “first two weeks at only £11.99/€12.99, with a further 20% discount for PS Plus members (£9.99/€12.99)”
    for plus mambers 20% of 12.99€ is again 12.99€?

  • amazing deal, although ive got 3 out of 4 of the games. i would recommend this to anyone who hasnt got them (or has just one of them).
    I hope the price of proteus comes down a bit given its priced similar to the bundle.

  • Sorry for the developers but this is a FAIL for Ps plus users!
    It is a copy cut deal like in the US but there neither Thomas was alone nor Stealth inc was on plus.
    For this to have any traction for plus users it would have to be a 50% off discount, not 20%.
    Plus works better in the US when the plus discount is normally 50% vs 10% here. With the 50% discount it is easier to buy even if that game has a chance to come up on IGC. As you pay a very low price like $3,75 on Spelunky you buy it. If it comes up on IGC, it was cheap anyway. Here on discount it was 6,75€. Most people will wait for it on IGC, and if it never comes, the game never gets to be played…which is sad.

  • When wi this go live on the store? I cannot seem to find it anywhere, and each game is for sale as separate versions for PS3 and PS Vita, no crossbuy option?

  • Can’t seem to find the bundle anywhere in the Dutch PS store. Desperately want to buy this though; anyone know anything about this?

  • I love that playstation charges Australians double the amount than Europeans for this ‘deal’. Nice one guys.

  • Like others I already own a few of those and would like individual discounts to pick up the missing one.

  • I don’t have any of these titles so I think I’ll pick this up for my Vita, 4 games for £10 sounds good to me.

  • Just checked and it’s showing as £15.99 on the store, and thats the PS+ price…

  • Yeah, €19.99 for Plus users over here in the Netherlands…

  • Im kinda disappointed that while when I convert the price either in euros or pounds to PLN it gives rouchly 66PLN, while in the PS store its listed as 99PLN, so yeah, it seems kinda more expensive than it should be.

  • Yeah, it appears the special first 2 weeks discount has not yet been applied.

  • it asks for 750RUR at the Russian PSN Store (PS+).
    it is 15.75EUR~ or 21.375USD with current currency.
    i will skip this “sale” if price will not be fixed.

  • Cool offer, but sadly I already own them all. ;)

  • I’d just bought the bundle and now read that it is up at the wrong price and will be dropped?! Can I expect a refund?! Bit gutted.
    Emailed cust support…

    • Sorry about that! It was a mess up on our side and as Fred mention it’s sorted now – Customer Support is the best way to go I think!

  • Do you know when this deal goes live in UK?
    Really looking forward to buying this for the Vita, and anxiously await it appearing in the store.
    All I can find are the full price individual games. Should I be searching a particluar bundle name?

  • @33 I found the bundle by searching for “Curve” in the store.
    Still on the fence a bit, as others have mentioned some Plus users will already have Stealth/Thomas… it makes me wonder if the other two are will be up for Plus freebies at some point. I’m only really interested in Proteus, so with this deal it would be like getting Lone Survivor as a freebie I suppose… hmmmm decisions. lol.

  • I tried the ‘curve’ search before my initial post, and again just now. All I get are ‘curved terrain pack’ and ‘elite supercar’. I’ll pass on both.
    What platform are you acessing the store from?
    I’m on a Vita.
    I do hope you do not have to buy the ps3 version to get the vita versions free.
    Although I suspect that the Sony guys have messed up and this needs adding to the vita store.
    Can anyone else access this pack via their vita?

  • I can’t find it on Vita store either.
    Works on PC store though.

  • Good pack, just a shame I already have two of them.

  • I have seen it on the UK store.

  • I am on the fence to buy this bundle. I already have 2 of them through PS+.
    I just wanted to say that you make wonderful games and I hope you will be making us smile in the future for a hell of a lot of time.

  • This is great. I’m new to ps3 so missed all of these the first time round. Played Thomas was alone for a lot longer than I should have last night!

  • Come on sony please get this added to the store.
    It is not available from the store accessed by my (or my friends) vita.
    Im in UK and have tried powering off/on etc.
    All the weekly games are visible, just not this bundle.
    You must have noticed that noone has bought this bundle from their vita.

  • Hello, I also cannot find it on the vita store. Is there a way to make it appear?

  • Curve bundle is now in the vita shop.
    I contacted Curve (as Sony have ignored me for past two days).
    Fixed within about an hour by Curve.
    I highly recommend purchasing this mega deal. It’s like buying the amazing Proteus and getting three other great games free.

  • Thanks for this great offer, I already had Lone Survivor (from the 12 days to Xmas sale) but at that price I was happy to get the other 3.
    They all look great, I started playing Thomas Was Alone in particular and I’m really enjoying it.

  • I finally managed to buy this bundle after struggling to find it directly on my Vita – turns out it’s listed as a PS3 bundle on the store, so it won’t even show up on the Vita Store (on the console). I had to log in from a web browser to buy it, if anyone’s facing the same problem.

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