Curve Studios Mega Bundle offers up amazing indie value tomorrow

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Hey everyone! Rob here from Curve Studios. We’re probably one of the most prolific indie studios on PlayStation right now – we released five indie titles for PlayStation 3 and four titles for PS Vita in 2013, and we’ve got at least four more coming this year, two that we’ll be announcing very soon.
We’ve been thinking about making a bundle of our games for a while, and we’re happy to announce that from the 28th January, you’ll be able to pick up four of our best titles from 2013 in a single, happy package.

These games would cost £30 if you purchased them individually, but we’re launching the bundle for the first two weeks at only £11.99/€14.99, with a further 20% discount for PS Plus members. The following games are included:

That’s four titles for the regular price of one – way better than buy one get one free! And did we mention all of these games are Cross Buy enabled? No, we did not! But they are, so you can swap between PlayStation 3 and PS Vita versions to your heart’s content.
We’ve worked on some very unique games in 2013, from Mike Bithell’s BAFTA award winning puzzle game, Thomas Was Alone, to our very own fast-paced stealth platformer, Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark. We’ve not stuck to a single genre or style, and that’s helped make this bundle become a really interesting mix of different games and a great example of what indie gaming can bring to platforms like PS Vita.
You could think of it as an indie selection pack, or perhaps like a selection of starters at a restaurant. Or a cheeseboard. We don’t mind.
We humbly (ahem!) believe we’ve brought some of the best indie gaming talent to PS Vita and PlayStation 3, working with great developers like Ed Key and Jasper Byrne. We always try to add something new to every release to make sure our PlayStation versions are the absolute best way to play these games.
We’ve been very happy with the outcome, too – both by the glowing reviews of our games in the press and the excellent feedback we’ve had from the PlayStation community in the last year. If you missed these titles first time around or want to check out a wide range of different indie titles without risking your bank balance, this is the bundle for you.

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