Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4 release date and Collector’s Edition revealed

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4 release date and Collector’s Edition revealed


Since FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn, the second MMO in the FINAL FANTASY series, was released on PC and PS3 , over 1.5 million accounts have been registered and filled over 60 worlds with a living, breathing community. And since then, PS4 has been released, and over 4 million of you have welcomed it into your homes. But admit it – you felt that something was missing, didn’t you?
FINAL FANTASY and PlayStation have been a dream team since the early days, and good friendships never die. So we’re happy to announce that FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn will give PS4 players the chance to explore the fantastic realm of Eorzea. Starting with the beta on 22nd February, every PS4 owner will be able to participate right away, leading to the launch on 14th April!
But that’s not all that will be ready. What would Final Fantasy be without a sumptuous Collector’s Edition? If you want to know more – read on!


You will defend the realm of Eorzea against a smorgasbord of enemies – no, I’m not even kidding, you should be happy if something doesn’t constantly try to snap you in half or just save itself the trouble and swallow you whole to begin with. In a world like this, an adventurer needs any help he can find.
And instead of the standard version, which gets you the game and 30 days of game time, there’s also a unique Collector’s Edition, which will look great in your collection and features art, music and movies you can proudly show off to your friends, but also offers you the support every professional adventurer needs in the form of in-game items!
The Collector’s Edition contains these physical items:

  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn exclusive box
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn artbook – The Art of Eorzea: A Realm Reimagined
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV Seventh Umbral Era movie disc – The Waning of the Sixth Sun
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn soundtrack – The Sounds of Eorzea
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn art card set
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn themed security token

As well as some sweet, sweet in-game items:

  • Fat Chocobo Mount
  • Coeurl Mount
  • Behemoth Barding for your Chocobo Mount
  • Wind-Up Moogle Minion
  • Baby Behemoth Companion
  • Helm of Light (increases your earned experience by 20% until level 10!)

My personal favourite? The Fat Chocobo Mount! Ample, soft space to sit on, huggable, and even when you’re trapped in an icy chasm, you can be sure that he’ll find his way to your next meal – even if he has to peck himself through 50 yalms of pure ice, dangit! The true survivalist’s choice.
So, what are you waiting for? The pre-orders start now! Just have a look on our product page, where you can find a few retailers offering it. And if you’re still not convinced, keep your eyes peeled on this space, we’ve soon got more to share!

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  • I have the Ps3 version but I can’t wait for the Beta.
    A quick question can I use my current character in the Beta?
    Also when the Beta is finished can I combine my Ps3 character and the Beta character on the same account? As in I can have multiple characters under one name.
    Finally do we get another free month if we transfer from PS3 to PS4?

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      As Artemisthemp has already mentioned below, we plan to allow access to existing characters at a later beta phase. Please also refer to my answer to comment #2! (I should really start doing these in numerical order)

  • Quick question, if I get into the beta and buy the full game when it comes out, would my character and saves carry over ?

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      We plan to allow existing players to access their existing characters in later phases, but I can’t tell you with total confidence if we can do it the other way around for players without an active account.
      But I have noted the question down and will try to answer it at a later point. Please also keep in mind – it IS a beta, and as betas go, situations can change with little notice.

  • Do previous PS3/PC collector’s edition owners get the new items?

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      Short answer: Yes.
      Long answer: Yeeeeeees!
      Everyone who has a CE activated on his account will get the Fat Chocobo mount and the Wind-Up Moogle minion.

  • #1 You will not be able to use your PS3 character in first Phase of PS4 beta, but it will be usable in a later beta.
    #2 Your Beta character should carry over in Live game (Phase 1 character won’t carry over)
    #3 Yes you will get the Fat chobobo and moogle for free. (You will also get a free upgrade to PS4 version)

  • Kahuna? Fan of Pulp Fiction?
    Could somebody from SE answer to questions at ? Ecpecially those which are asking for 60Hz US versions of FF PSone classics.

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      Great movie, and partially reason for the nickname – I have since then been informed that I am named after a car, a Hawaiian priest and a drink.
      Since that is a PlayStation Store sale, I’m not entirely sure if we can comment on it, but looking through it I dare say that Jawad is doing his best to answer all questions enclosed :) I’ll see if I can point one of my colleagues at it!

  • Can someone direct me to some info on how the free upgrade from PS3 version of the game to the PS4 version works? Considering buying the digital PS3 CE which is currently on sale for £20 – then not playing it until the PS4 version is released. Would that allow me to start my 30 days free at that point on PS4? Alternatively what prices are the digital PS4 versions going to be?

  • “every PS4 owner will be able to participate right away”
    Well I’ll try it then. I do feel the pay and then sub model will put me off no matter how much I enjoy it.
    If it was handled like DCUO then like that game I’d invest over time if I liked it. Think I’ve put £30 into that and doing another sub next month.
    If SOE’s one sub across all games happens on PS4 then I’ll sub for DC, PS2, EQN.

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      Different people, different strokes. Have a look at the game, and if you think it’s worth your money, grab it – we’ll take that as a compliment. But please keep in mind that we’re talking about a beta here, which means our servers will also be under strain, so the experience will not necessarily reflect the finished product.

  • i have the same questions as DrDamn, please answer. If i buy now for the ps3 and don’t play it or even download it until April on the ps4 can i still get my free 30 days then? And can my character from the beta that starts on 22 february on ps4 carry over to the full game? if that’s the case i’m bying it asap. Also, have you considered putting the subcription on the psn so we can get it with psn cards? ;)

  • Why do we get this collectors edition, but not the lightning returns collectors edition?

  • I dont own a PS3 but if i bought the PS3 version on the online PSN store would I still be able to upgrade to the PS4 version for free?

  • The next 3 months will be Final Fantasy heaven.
    Feb Lightning Returns
    March Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD
    April Final Fantasy XIV

  • Count me into the group of people considering picking up the PS3 version in the sale so that I can upgrade to the PS4 version when it launches. I’d appreciate an answer to the above question!
    No sign of PS4 information on the linked product page either.

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      We’re still in the process of updating our product pages, and retailers such as Amazon received the info today, so give them a bit of time to update their systems :)
      I don’t want to give out any wrong information – I will answer comment #10 and #8 as soon as I’ve got a bulletproof answer.

  • Will there be shared a trophy list between PS3 and PS4?

  • @Hergen ‘Kahuna’ Thaens
    ‘But please keep in mind that we’re talking about a beta here, which means our servers will also be under strain, so the experience will not necessarily reflect the finished product.’
    Don’t worry that wont affect any decision I make. How do you guy’s handle additional content. Is that all covered by the sub?

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      Our patch system is relatively simple.
      We update the game with minor patches as needed (the last patch was 2.15, for instance).
      Every couple months, we update the game with a major patch – the last one was 2.1 in December, the next one will be 2.2 and is currently planned for March. Those really are major updates and bring new functionality, main storyline quests, etc. – to give an example, 2.1 introduced PvP into the game. Check out the 2.1 announcement video, it’s a good indicator in that regard:
      Also, Hergen or Kahuna are both fine. :)

  • On a related note, can you confirm if Lighning Returns will be getting a collectors edition like the US?? I want to preorder but am holding out for a announcement

  • Vivis
    They said months ago there will be no Collectors edition for Lightning Returns in Europe. It’s a pity I want the pocket watch.

  • Is there going to be a digital version of this as well, any price info to share and will you be able to pre order?

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      You can’t preorder a digital version right now – but your retailer of choice should be able to help you out with a boxed copy!

  • Did I see there is a demo available on PS4 , if so how do we get it.

  • Couldnt decide between ffxiv and eso.. I grabbed ffxix ce from the ff sales! Cause off the cross server, playing with friends who got the ps3. But as I only got the ps4, can I wait till the ps4 version goes live. Or do I need to activate the ps3 version first, before feb. march or april?
    I know some ppl asked this question, but I really wanna know it.. cause if I need to activate it before feb. then I go to my sisters place and activate it on her ps3 for example.

  • If I purchase the digital collectors edition of the game, do I still receive the physical item?

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      Nope – digital is digital. Although I’d wish we’d have replicator technology available. If you want the physical items, you’ll have to buy a physical copy :)

  • The day you make a game tink about the curency of the console .
    You compani refuse to see lots pers not have vissa ore want visa ( you game cards i not find in mi city ).
    Buy crysta on psn = great option buth you have no option to buy crysta tru psn .
    Very chame great game buth lost al intrest only bi arogance of you compani ( planing to pay + play 4 /5 jear you game but now = 0 ).
    I hope next ff online you tink about !

  • Just bought PS4 and love to test the beta version on it. Graphics look amazing. Looking forward to best launch.

  • Can you answer my question pls? I wanna know if I need to activate it before april? Or can I do it without. And just activate it on the ps4 and register it on the ps4 without the need of the ps3?

  • I have an active PC STANDARD version of FFXIV. I like the In-game items you get for the PS4 Collectors Edition. Is it possible to pre-order and purchase the PS4 collectors edition and apply it to my already active PC standard account? I poked around The Mog Station I don’t see any options to do so other then adding a new account.

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