PlayStation Network maintenance, Monday 27th January

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PlayStation Network maintenance, Monday 27th January

Hi everyone. We wanted to take a moment to inform you of a planned network maintenance, currently scheduled for Monday, 27th January from 5.30pm to 11.30pm GMT (6.30pm to 00.30am CET). We expect this maintenance to last approximately 6 hours.
If you’ve signed in to PlayStation Network any time since 20th January you will be able to play games online and access partner apps such as Netflix during this maintenance period. The PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home and Account Management will not be available during this time, and users may receive a maintenance notification when attempting to access these services.
We thank you for your patience and support and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. In order to access online gameplay and partner apps during this routine maintenance, we ask that you please sign in to PlayStation Network prior to Monday, 27th January.

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  • At peak time for a service that now cost? Please in the future think more.

  • @kivi95 If you’ve signed in to PlayStation Network any time since 20th January you will be able to play games online”
    Why are you moaning then?

  • Hopefully this should deal with ce-34878-0 error some people have with their PS4’s and especially stop my PS4 from freezing. It happened to me three times.
    I would be glad if there’s a new firmware update for the PS4. It’s having problems.

  • @VenomousAlbino
    Because it’s apparently cutting into his precious ‘peak gaming’ time. He just after something to moan about.
    I like the maintenance. It’s a constant reminder that Sony are trying to keep the service as smooth as they can for us, especially as the online PS4 gamers are paying for it.

  • @supersmith2500
    I got that error code today while watching Netflix. It’s a hardware based problem, not a network one. It will have to be fixed in a patch.

  • @MaxDiehard:
    Will Sony release a firmware update to kill this problem?

  • @supersmith2500
    I’m sure they’re currently working on it, and making sure it stays away. It’s the single most prominent error, happening across all games on the system.

  • I’ve not even seen this error that other people mentioned, but I have only been using my ps4 as a blu-Ray and Netflix player since the new year, can’t wait for some new games I’ve played ac4 to death and kill zone was so disappointing for me.
    One thing I hope they fix is the ps4 displaying the name of the blu-Ray movie in the drive.

  • @kivi95
    Really its a global service. The maintenance has to be at someones peak time. It seems that they try to alternate between what regions get the maintenance at their busiest times. I’m pretty sure that that I’ve seen announcements for maintenance for early AM (like above), around the middle of the day, and late PM.

  • Thanks for the headsup =)
    Also, sorry to kind of hijack this post, but I’d like to point out I’m yet to receive the e-mail for the free 1 month of PS+ and PS4 competition from the PS Vita Promo =\

  • Out of subject sorry but i noticed on the IGC for February that outlast is not available in saudi arabia, Can you please tell me what is the replacement game?

  • This seems as good a place as any, just a small question.
    What happened to the PS3 release of TMNT Out of the Shadows?

  • Will this fix problems on PS4 such as freezing and wireless headset issues ? thx for any update on this…

  • @ #12 Playstation Blog EU will inform any Country on a Replacement Game for Plus members that wont’ be able to get Outlast next week.

  • I shouldn’t really moan about this(because i guess it’s to make PSN better) but i was hoping this(the maintenance) would be a thing of the past once the PS4 came out(well the PS4 wouldn’t be affected i mean with any maintenance) Oh well.

  • The Infamous Second Son PS4 Bundle now on pre-order on Amazon UK priced £384.99.

  • Would make more sense to do maintenance when people at work and not at home.

  • So like ok, when is the next Firmware coming out?

  • @Carl-G
    Maintenance on servers is like doing virus checks on computers. It needs to be done regularly to make sure it stays running smooth, making modifications and optimisations to get the best performance.
    It’s always going to be infringing on time for someone around the world. As much as I hate to say it, we in the UK aren’t meant to be top dog in SCEE territory. It’s meant to be equal. I know there’s irony in that somewhere.

  • well I got get into ps store so fred why I cant go ps store. i log in and i got go to store. plz help me anyone.

  • @ScooterMix
    Are you getting an error code? Try resetting your router. PS Store loads fine on my end.

  • Es URGENTE que en la proxima actualización de software del PS4 se pueda copiar archivos de video y guardarlos en su disco duro como en el PS3
    Tambien que reconozca un disco duro portatil conectado atraves de sus puertos USB.
    Ademas que es totalmente inaceptable que una consola de nueva generacion tan poderosa coma la PS4 no tenga todavia disponible la palicación para YouTube.

  • @meka5h_en
    No es urgente, aunque la función se vería favorecida, como sería de reproducción de MP3.
    Parte superior de la lista en este momento es la fijación de un código de error que se cuelga el sistema a través de la mayoría de los juegos. Además, la implementación de la característica de suspensión.

  • Hi guys, I’m commenting here as this is the most recent post.
    Do you know when/if the Lighning Returns Demo will be available from the Norwegian PSN Store?

  • This should be one of the last stops in service. It’s a paid for service now.

  • Someone people complaining about the oddest things. There doing system maintenance, it needs to be done. PSN is Sony’s responsibility they have a right to take it offline when they need to and run maintenance so we the consumers don’t have to suffer through black outs or hacks, or data loss online.
    On a side note, I’m at work all day till 6pm or so, when I get in I’ll play Ni No Kuni or something so its no biggie for me.

  • So for Australia Day Microsoft give gamers a free weekend of Xbox Live Gold, Sony gives us network maintenance…

  • Lets hope you fix the ce-34878-0 error and add some content to PS4 because its getting boring. Could at least have some ps3 games on the store so we got something to do in the meanwhile….don’t starve just isn’t worth more than an hours playtime :(

  • 6 hours of not being able to access the PS Store, Home or Account Management but you can still play online….
    If that affects you in a major way then you truly are ‘affected’!

  • Online play and Netflix will still work, at least 6 hours where I don´t waste money on PSN :P.

  • If we signed in before it goes we can play online games,

  • That news is fine with me. I only recently got a new job and now I’m so busy I’m lucky enough to get some gaming done on the weekend. :( My life sucks right now!! Always so busy! :( Miss waking up in the morning and playing till night time

  • I’m amazed at all the complaints, have people ever bothered to read the post? If you’ve previously signed in before you still can play online. Unless you’re complaining because you know you want to use the PlayStation store at that point, why are you upset by maintenance?
    It’s not like the store updates on a Monday anyway, so if you want to buy something, then buy it Sunday? Geez some people just love a moan lol

  • @vMacherano The PS Blog is no place for your religious views
    @AbandonedTrolley Sadly, people always need something to moan/cry about. Still can’t believe there are others who think maintenance should be a thing of the past. Technology changes daily, and this advancement needs to be handled properly, ie maintenance and patches. If the PSN got hacked these same whingers would be crying and bleating about Sony not putting in enough time to protect the network.
    Don’t worry though, the waaaambulance is on it’s way ;)

  • @rekuhs, if you do the time conversion it goes down Tuesday the 28th @3:30am for us. Australia Day is on Monday and if you happen to have the Tuesday off as well it’ll over by 8:30am.

  • Stop complaining people. The maintenance needs to be done.

  • These bouts of downtime for maintenance are rather frequent , now that online is a paid service for some of us is it unreasonable to expect Sony to be more in line with there main competition who have a paid online service and hardly ever go offline for maintenance?
    I personally don’t care about the downtime but it was kinda implied that with money being invested from plus into improving the online infrastructure these would start to become a thing of the past, yet we basically have one a month still so you can see why people are mentioning it.
    Also why is it as soon as someone shares there point if view on this blog and it does not conform with the view of the majority they are immediately labeled a moaner or cry baby etc? Can people not just ask there questions or share there views(in a nice way) and just get an answer or response without all the snide remarks!

  • Thanks for the heads up!!!!.

  • @29 It is because no one like Australia.
    I joke.

  • @ haylzlink I sort of understand where your coming from. I would fully agree if we couldn’t connect to online services at all during these downtimes. But we can we can play online still. We simply just can’t connect to the PSN store or use account management for 6 hours.

  • @ocelot07
    I’m not bothered by it I’m just trying to make a point to be honest, I hardly ever play online I’m a solo player as I tend to think I’m better at games than I am and going online bursts that bubble :-D

  • So who’s for a bevvy? :-D

  • “If you’ve signed in to PlayStation Network any time since 20th January you will be able to play games online”
    Oh really now? how come me and all my friends got kicked out from PSN, and are now unable to connect again? cant play online when disconnected from psn you know.

  • What about people that have paid for premium access to games like War Thunder? Will you extend their sub by the time you force the store down? Absolutely amateurish company. Microsoft never have to do this but it has become a regular occurrence for Sony.

  • @Voodoo341
    It’s 6 measly hours, just do the smart thing and sign in before it goes down.

  • @max
    It’s 6 hours at peak time and some of us work. I have a 60 day premium service on War Thunder. Sony are denying me access to an expensive service I paid for and can’t access any other way. I have already been denied access twice by Sony. A third time isn’t good enough. This never happens with Microsoft.

  • Why are you all complaining? Even now it’s charged for on PS4 to play online when this maintenance happens, guess what? YOU CAN STILL PLAY ONLINE.
    That’s what your paying for not the store or account management.
    PS4s servers are way better than PS3s and that’s thanks to maintenance so as long as we still get what we, pay for where’s the problem?

  • @Voodoo341
    Does it connect to the store to see if your subscribed or something like that mate meaning you can’t play?
    Again like my above comment people are jumping on someone for making a point, if you don’t subscribe to war thunder how would anyone know how maintenance effects this, hopefully voodoo will explain this or perhaps he is just viewing the maintenance like the downtime over Christmas which did lock you out of everything.
    Unlike when the psn is down during planned maintenance you should still be able to play voodoo unless it does have to verify your sub by some other method.

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