OlliOlli slams onto PS Vita today, with 20% PS Plus discount

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OlliOlli slams onto PS Vita today, with 20% PS Plus discount

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OlliOlli is out today, exclusive to PlayStation Vita! We’re super chuffed (yes, chuffed, we’re chuffed), we can’t wait to get your feedback and see what scores you post, especially on the Daily Grind. We’re giving you a five day head start before Nikos our senior Coder is allowed near a Vita and starts busting some serious high scoring moves. You have been warned….
So, the all-important question: Price. It will set you back €9.99/£7.99. However, those of you with a PS Plus account will get a 20% discount on those prices for the first week!

Once everyone has trained up enough and we start to see some ludicrous scores we’ll be running a competition to see who can get the highest score on a particular day of the Daily Grind. The lucky winner will receive one of our exclusive (there are literally only two of them!) OlliOlli Skateboard, Helmet and MANDATORY First Aid Safety kit, but more about that soon!

We really hope you enjoy OlliOlli, we poured a lot of love, time and devotion into this project and we really hope that shows!
If you fancy any tips and advice on how to rack up some radical scores then do check out our Creative Director John Ribbins displaying his uber skills in these videos here. Or you can check our out very informative illustrated instruction manual above.

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