Music Unlimited update: 3 months of music for £3

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Music Unlimited update: 3 months of music for £3

MU offer

For a very limited time Music Unlimited is offering you the chance to listen to all the music you want, whenever and wherever, for just £1 a month. Listen on your phone without an internet connection in Offline Mode or sample your favourite tracks in the highest quality streamed audio, available now on your PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PC and more.
Haven’t tried Music Unlimited yet? Or maybe you tried it sometime ago and haven’t seen the many updates from the past six months? No problem. Simply purchase 3 months for just £3 today and enjoy this limited time offer.*

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Call of Duty: Ghosts soundtrack and interview
The new Call of Duty: Ghosts delivers the kind of epic soundtrack you would expect from such a blockbuster title. As ever, we bring the PlayStation community the best selection of soundtracks from newly released titles and you can listen now HERE.
David Buckley, veteran composer of COD Ghosts and other blockbuster games including Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, has compiled an incredible collection of 35 tracks that set the scene for the game. We were lucky enough to get some time with him and ask him how the soundtrack came about. Check out the full interview HERE.
Best of 2013 playlists
Check out our new Best of 2013 playlists, celebrating the finest music from last year in each respective genre, from indie rock to classical and metal to jazz. Find your favourites and discover new gems handpicked by our expert Music Unlimited editorial team.
Ones to watch
Recently named #2 in BBC Sounds of 2014, the incredible vocals of Ella Eyre and her Deeper EP are promising to fill the airwaves, especially with an album due later this year. Collaborations with Rudimental, Bastille and Tinie Tempah have already paved the way for what promises to be one of the most exciting artists of this year.
Jazz song bird Zara McFarlane’s highly anticipated new album ‘If You Knew Her’ will be available on the service from 20th January and is sure to impress, combining classic era piano movements, Miles Davis-esque double bass lines and dulcet vocal performances.
Finally, our new office favourites Wild Feathers have provided the necessary get up and go to see us through the January gloom. Their debut album is available on the service now, and here’s hoping they extend their current headline US tour to Europe later in the year.
*Offer closes 23:59pm on 31st January. Valid to all users except for current subcribers and trialists. For full terms and conditions, please see.

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  • Hey. I really would like to try out Music Unlimited. But everytime I try to use it, the PS4 (or ps3 and Vita) tells me that it isn´t supported where I live.. is the Faroe Islands (which is part of Denmark who has music unlimited) never going to be supported..?

  • littrally signed up to this 3 days ago! anyway to get the offer when already signed up?

  • Any chance ‘current’ subscribers will be getting a deal soon? I’m currently on the free 2 month offer Sony gave with the purchase of a PS4. The service really isn’t worth £10 a month. Buggy ios app, musci stopping all the time on PS4, bad web interface.
    I’ll be sticking with Spotify.

    • Thanks for your comments. The issue of music stopping on the PS4 and other devices has now been resolved. Also, we’ll be looking at rewarding current customers with further discounts in 2014. Remember, we also offer a PS4, PS3 and Web subscription in our Access tier for just £4.99 per month.

  • *Off-topic: how about fixing the dam store you put on assassin creed3: liberation HD bonus pack & a free demo as a trail & unlock but forgot the unlock key or full game the heading on the store says jan 15th. :|

  • Well, cd>to>mp3 works wonders 4 me, so thanx but no thanx.

  • Recently bought a Sony Xperia Z tablet and got a free trial for 60 days and because of this I can’t purchase an additional 3 months for £3.
    You really should look at allowing people to stack up subscriptions for this service. I’d have bought an additional 3 months to go on top of my free trial at this price.
    As it won’t let me though, I won’t be bothering at all.

  • God dammit! I’d of taken you up on this offer if I’d of been allowed to but as I’m currently on a trial I’m excluded >.<

  • This sucks, as I had a one month trial with my PS4. This then negated my abilitybto activate the 2 month trial my xperia z1 offered me,so I paid for another month which ends Feb 3rd. Meaning I can’t get this offer either. Not amused to say the least and I really like the service to be honest.

    • Thanks CassidyUK, sorry to hear that you’ve missed the offer this time. Pleased you’re enjoying the product and we’ll let you know of any discounts in the future here on the blog.

  • At the very beginning of this service Music Sync filled my library with useless cover upon cover of a huge amount of music I did not want. Not matching up with my personal collection at all, which it was not clear at all that would be the result. Now I just want a easy fix to wipe my library clean. I rang support only to get the run around to be told to use the delete song by song individually function which I already knew existed. This took about 4 months to be told there is no solution and we will not help you.
    If Music Unlimited is at best a flawed augmentation of other things right now. It is not out of line to ask for greater control of the library especially when Sony is seeing fit to make it the only choice on the PS4 and maybe even beyond. The fact you can’t get in contact with the Music Unlimited Development team directly is frankly a joke and that goes for all Sony departments, we should be able to give direct feedback and ideas to the teams that need it.
    As it stands, it’s not even worth free with how an utter mess my library is. -20 for how ridiculous support was. I want to be able to pay fair prices for music but the user experience has to be there.

  • I’m using a Logitech UE Smart Radio.
    Do you expect to launch an app for that device?
    (now I can only choose Spotify, Deezer, TuneIn, ShoutCast and some local radio services)

  • I’ve been using music unlimited for over a year now and find it slow and unresponsive a lot of the time across all devices, on consoles I get server issues every time after a few songs, mobiles and tablets seem to fair better, they stop playing, but don’t exit the app like the consoles do. I got the ps+ deal last year and the 3 for 3 deal a few weeks back so i’ve only been paying a euro a month, but unless the servers are drastically improved this is not a service I’ll ever pay full price for.

  • I wish that the service was available in Israel, even for a fee.

  • Seems pretty daft to exclude current trialists. Don’t you think that if those people are liking the trial they may be the most likely to pick up a short subscription such as this.
    Does it also exclude anyone who has had a trial in the past, like all subsequent trial offers do, or are they eligible?

  • Had a membership for a year and loved it but its run out now. Is there anyway to buy this just using funds from your wallet without installing a credit card. I don’t want this to auto renew once the 3 months is over and I don’t trust myself to remember to cancel it. I noticed you can by the other subscription packages without inputting credit card details but unfortunately I cant justify the price.

  • @MikLSP
    I think as long as your current trial expires before 31 Jan, you can use this offer. Luckily, mine expires 25th Jan.

  • Thanks for the reply, I will probably give this another go seeing as I have a lonely £2.86 wasting away in my PS Store wallet.

  • Yep, defo worth £1 a month. A lot, needs to improve before I pay £10 a month though

  • Too bad a credit card is required, which I don’t have.

  • First of all – forcing us to enter credit card details to company with such horrible data privacy protection history is a deal breaker here and even if you’d allow us to fund it via PSN wallet – the crappy app for Android crashes all the time making it basically unusable anyway and while home there are much better and most of all cheaper alternatives than this, sorry.

  • Don’t bother if you’re mainly a mobile user. Their support for the apps is horrendous. I bought a Nexus 5 at launch which came with Android Kit-Kat but the Music Unlimited app wasn’t compatible, which I fully understand as it was the very first phone to have that version of Android, so I gave them time. That was back in November. We are now in mid-January and there is still no support nor any explanation! My subscription is just currently going to waste.
    To be honest, the app itself isn’t great even when it does run on your phone. There are many bugs and crashes and a lot of time has connection problems. It is usually months between updates, it’s like they don’t really care about their apps, they’re just there to reel you in to give them your money. I have already taken out another subscription elsewhere (starts with S) even though I have another 2 months of Music Unlimited left. Don’t think I’ll ever pay this service another dime.

  • I’m in the same boat jk12324 got the new Nexus 5 with the latest Android KitKat OS and now my Music Unlimited isn’t compatible so I’m pretty much paying for a service I can’t use. Tried the ps4 app a few time but it keeps crashing mid song saying service under maintenance. And even if it did work my main use for Music Unlimited was for when I’m out and need it on my phone.

  • I’ve taken advantage of this great deal.
    But the android app isn’t compatible with my Motorola Moto G running KitKat.
    Is this being worked on?

  • £1/month is a very sweet offer (took it) but I will never pay £10 for this service. £3 is the max I would go.
    Please fix the android app
    Please do not force us to enter credit card, Sony still has to earn our trust on the data privacy front.
    Please keep these offers coming, maybe a £12/year offer? wink wink
    Overall happy customer.

  • @21 Too late I already purchased this.
    I actually think this is a good music service but…..I have a Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 both on the latest Android KitKat 4.4.2 and it will not work.
    The app has been updated on 9th January 2014 but doesn’t include any of my devices.

  • Fortunately for me I backup using Titanium backup, I restored an older backup of Music unlimited which now works fine on all my devices.
    However not many people root and backup their devices…..1-0 to rooting. ;-)

  • Music unlimited just isn’t up to scratch, I’d love to use it as I own a Vita and an Xperia Phone with Walkman, but Play Music and even Spotify is just so much better it’s not worth it.
    Let me upload my own music for free, sort out duplicate songs / albums and stop the android app freezing, taking ages to sign in EVERY TIME etc. Also allowing Vita to stream music in the background of games would be nice.
    Also, what’s up with lots of deals for new members but none for current/past?? I should of got 60 days free with my Xperia Z Phone but it wouldn’t let me have it because I’d subscribed in the past… Rant over :P

  • Thanks. Mine had run out after the £12 for a year deal. Will take these 3 months and go from there.

  • For anyone who’s reading this and still on the fence the playback on PS4 is still not working…
    Fine if you are just in the app but as soon as you move to background playback it drops out within 1-3 songs…very poor, especially considering it was stated as resolved in the post above!

  • Seems to work well on Ps4 but it did crash and I Couldn’t load the app until I reset the console. It was annoying because I was playing KZ online.
    I dont like the UI on PS4, it reminds me of the store. Thought it looked better when I ran it on PS3. Wish it had the PC options regarding searching.
    Biggest issue is certain albums that were available previously available the last time I had a sub are no longer ‘available in you region’.
    It’s easily worth the cost being asked, but I still dont see it at the normal cost.

  • How do I take advantage of this offer in Australia. Play station store is not showing me this offer.

  • Is Music Unlimited no longer availible on Android? I can’t seem to find it on the Play store.

  • The app has been updated to support devices on KitKat, all is OK, it was updated on 22nd january if you searched the play store before this date it would not show up because your device was incompatible, try now it should be there.
    A belated the for the offer, never be to proud and say thanks when things are corrected, especially within 7 days. :-)

  • Hi guys,just wanted to comment on Music Unlimited and the play back issues, they are still an issue, i probably on average have music unlimited running for 4 hrs per day and it can drop out and crash a s often as 15 times in the time, never had a single crash out on the PS3 ever, so i can only assume that the way the app works is completely different but on a similar note Video Unlimited also runs really badly, sometimes running for 10mins in low res before it starts to get better and getting anywhere near HD. IGN app also crashes out. My broadband is with EE and my download speed on my PS4 clocks in at 10 mbps. Downloading updates and playing online etc are fine, so is it something to do with the way the system streams or are we being bottlenecked by our Broadband when streaming?

  • Id like to throw in a few more questions
    1) 3D ASAP please
    2) Access to my download list on PS4,i have films i have payed for but cannot access due to not being currently on the store.
    3) 4K happening or not in UK
    Cheers :)

  • Tried signing up, can’t even complete the transaction. No error messages, nothing. The payment page just refreshes. If I check the Transaction history I just see “Missed Charges”. What gives? I want to use the service but you’re making it impossible and frustrating to!

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