Toukiden: The Age of Demons hits PS Vita next month – new screens

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Toukiden: The Age of Demons hits PS Vita next month – new screens


Hello, hello! It’s been a while. Today, I would like to talk about our upcoming title Toukiden: The Age of Demons developed for the PlayStation Vita. Having sold half a million copies in Japan, it’s coming to Europe on 14th February 2014.
Set against a backdrop inspired by various historical periods of Japan, Toukiden tells the tale of humanity’s last stand for survival. When monstrous demons (Oni) of varying strength and size invaded the world through cracks in space and time and started attacking humans, the only opposition came from the Slayers; a caste that has always secretly protected mankind from their murderous intent.

Eight years after the Oni first appeared, a brave young Slayer embarks on a journey to thin the numbers of the enemy and help humanity survive.
The player character (YOU!)
You take on the role of this young warrior and can fully customise their appearance, weapons and armour, and form a group of hunters to take down the destructive Oni.



The Slayers organisation has secretly dealt with the Oni threat for more than a thousand years. Since large numbers of Oni appeared eight years ago during the event known as the Awakening, they have served as the guardians of mankind and taken centre stage in the land’s history. The warriors that serve within the organisation are also referred to as Slayers. With the unique ability to slay the Oni and purify their carcasses from the miasma infecting the land, they refer to themselves as the “demons who slay demons.”



The strange, demon-like creatures came from another world to devour the souls of living beings and change them into their own life force. The larger Oni also possess the ability to regenerate any limbs that they may have lost. For more than 1,000 years, the Slayers have fought against them from the shadows, but when vast hordes of them appeared eight years ago during the Awakening, the order of the world was permanently disrupted.


Possessing a potent life force, the Oni have the remarkable ability to regenerate themselves. No matter how much damage their bodies may take, they will look for an opportunity to recover as long as they have sufficient life force remaining.


You have to work together with the other Slayers to destroy their body parts and then use the Ritual of Purification to prevent the Oni from regenerating.


Toukiden: The Age of Demons for the PS Vita will be available in Europe (in physical and digital formats) on 14th February, 2014. For more information about the game, please visit the official site.

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