Tearaway’s acclaimed soundtrack available for download tomorrow

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Get your ears ready, because the Tearaway original soundtrack is available on the PS Store tomorrow!
Composed and performed by our very own Kenneth Young and our good pal Brian D’Oliveira, the critically-acclaimed and award-nominated Tearaway soundtrack will take you on a folk-infused journey ranging from the traditional to folk-dubstep and beyond. With a play time of about 1 hour and 15 minutes, there are 44 tracks included on the soundtrack – all your favourite tunes from the game mastered into an awesome standalone musical experience.
The Tearaway Soundtrack is priced at €4.99/£3.99, and is available for download when PlayStation Store updates tomorrow!
To tease your ear canals check out this short video showcasing the music of Tearaway:

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  • Assuming this is the same soundtrack that got distributed as pre-order bonus, for those interested: this soundtrack can be downloaded to a PS Vita, unlike other PSN soundtracks, and is roughly 200 MB.

  • I just love the soundtrack! ‘The Lab’ and ‘Wendigo Fissure’ are my personal favourites. A definite purchase for anyone that enjoyed it.
    I can’t wait to see what’s next from MM!

  • One of the best game soundtrack in years =)

  • What format is this music in?
    Can it be copied to and played on something other than PS hardware?
    It’s impossible to tell from the download page :-(
    I mean, I’d like to play it on something other than my Vita or PS4, I hardly ever use my Vita for just playing music – I’d like to be able to easily play it on my home stereo or tiny music player, and not use up 183MB (or MiB, who knows) of my RM.

  • @4 They are in mp3 format. And, yes, they can be played on non-PS hardware. I have the soundtrack – and TLOU – on my iPod and iTunes.

  • Tearaway vita had me feeling bittersweet joy and elation like no other game as i walked through the ending scene best ending ever ! And im a hardcore gamer for over 25 years !!

  • Anyone knw exactly how (step by step for the computer frustrated types like me) best way to buy sountrack to tearaway and put i it on my ipod nano ? Can i buy from PC maybe and drag file to my itunes ?

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