New PS3 trailer for Rambo The Video Game

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New PS3 trailer for Rambo The Video Game

Hi everyone! Nice to be speaking with you on the PS Blog! We have been working hard over the last 18-months to bring Rambo fans the best and most authentic John Rambo gaming experience to date. One of the main challenges has been to squeeze three movies worth of classic Rambo action into one PlayStation 3 game. Our goal for Rambo The Video Game has always been to allow players to lace-up Rambo’s combat boots and head-out on an action-packed journey through the iconic action-sequences and story-arcs of First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II and Rambo III.
Authenticity to the classic motion-pictures has been key throughout the development process – and we were greatly assisted by our partners at Studiocanal who spent weeks searching their extensive archives to find original on-set recordings from John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) and Col. Samuel Trautman (Richard Crenna). These recordings provided us with pristine vocal performances from the central characters – ensuring the game will be locked and loaded with all the classic motion-picture dialogue, rage-screams and exclamations fan’s expect. Rambo The Video Game also includes extracts from the classic movie OSTs to ensure maximum authenticity.
We also wanted to ensure that Rambo The Video Game’s gameplay stayed true to the motion-pictures and allowed players to partake in as many of the classic Rambo action set-pieces as possible – everything from shooting-up the Hope Police Station with the M60 HMG in First Blood through to the classic explosive-bow takedown of Lieutenant Tay in Rambo: First Blood Part II and of course ramming the tank into the Russian HIND at the finale of Rambo III.

We want Rambo The Video Game to give players the chance to take-on the classic scenes from the motion-picture trilogy through John Rambo’s eyes. And just as John Rambo was an expert infiltrator – not every mission will be based around pure shooting skills: silent bow takedowns and perfectly timed stealth (lethal or nonlethal) eliminations will be required too.
The gameplay system we have created combines the classic arcade-heritage of a rail-shooter with a contemporary graphics engine and all of the cover-taking, weapon-switching and super aggressive enemies possible on PS3. All of John Rambo’s trademark array of knives, SMGs, LMGS, Grenades and variety of arrow-tips will be on-hand for players to deploy within the game’s 16 Missions. It also supports the PlayStation Move controller so player’s can experience every trigger pull, grenade-lob, knife swipe and bow-pull in the most connected way possible.
The XP and levelling system allows players to unlock unique skills and perks for John Rambo as they progress through the game. Equipping these skills and perks into a limited number of slots allows each player to customise their interpretation of John Rambo. From tricky but brittle hi-score oriented builds to wrathful ‘power’ builds typifying John Rambo’s appearance in Rambo III – we believe all interpretations of the legendary one-man-army are possible to create. However, as a game influenced by classic arcade games the highest spots on the leaderboards will be reserved for those players willing to take on the Rambo’s most dangerous missions with skills and perks based around score multipliers rather than pure survival.
The PS3 release will be far from the end of the player’s journey with John Rambo – as soon as we complete development of the core game we will start work on DLC which will explore further facets of Rambo’s character and battle skills. We very much look forward to sharing more details on the DLC in due-course.
Rambo The Video Game will be launching on PS3 soon and we have prepared two, completely exclusive, hand-painted John Rambo figurines based on the classic movie posters for First Blood and First Blood Part II. These will be given away across Europe with approved retailers, while stocks last. Details of this pre-order offer can be found here.


Thanks very much for reading our blog update and enjoy checking out the new trailer. If you would like more info. and exclusive sneak-peek videos on the game in action please follow us on our social media at the following links:

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8 Author Replies

  • Is it because I have a PS4 or are the textures just awful?, after seeing Hideo Kojimas MGS Ground Zeros Character textures, it makes Rambo look like he is made out of plastecine!, Hoping it will improve. Good Luck Guys.

  • Day 1 digital release on PSN Store?

  • Still no release date ?
    Can you at least give us targeted month of release :) Is it January, February or March ?

  • Will the storyline from the fourth Rambo movie “Rambo” be added as a future DLC?

  • Made in Poland. Sad that not as good as The Witcher ;)

  • I’m sorry, but those graphics are just laughable. Please put some more effort into the character models.
    This is a PS3, not PS2.

  • Hello MantaGTJ001,
    Thank you for your comment. We are still in the final stage of polishing the game so the graphics will look a lot cleaner and smoother in the final product.
    Hello slocod,
    Yes, the game will be available on PSN as well as full retail.
    Hello GOJCcc
    We are in our final stages of development and our partners at Reef Entertainment are doing there best to fix the right release date for the game. Please be patient with all of us =]
    Hello Timebat
    Unfortunately not, as RAMBO (Rambo 4) was not made by the same studio as the first 3 films, it wasn’t possible for us to acquire the licence, but speaking of DLC we have something else that we are working on that Rambo fans will love.
    Hello gnysek
    You haven’t played Rambo yet =P
    Hello JamieSI16
    As the release date is not set in stone we can neither confirm or deny this. =]
    Hello MaxDiehard
    I’m sorry you think this, but video’s are never the best representation of what a video game is all about.

  • I’m aware that videos don’t represent the final quality, but I can clearly see a medium range polycount. A lot of stuff looks blocky.
    I’m just trying to give some feedback of my thoughts so far. I can see lots of potential with this, hopefully some higher poly models will make it in during polishing.

  • Very intrested in this im a fan of all the movies, was wondering will this ever see a release on the PS4? If not i still own my PS3 and can see myself firing it up to give this game a go.

    • So far there hasn’t been any talks of moving Rambo The Video Game to the PS4 as out next project after we have finished development will be the DLC for Rambo The Video Game.
      Sorry that I can’t give you a better answer.

  • Hi
    I’m not specific looking forward to this title, but I’m interested.
    Graphics aren’t everything. The gameplay is way more important imo. But why have you(r team) chosen to keep that gun in that strange way? It looks realy difficult to aim this way.

    • Hello axeldc
      When analysing what sort of game to make Rambo into, we analysed the film and realised that John Rambo never aimed down the sight of the gun, but instead always fired from the hip.
      So to replicate this we explored the best options possible to make the player feel like they are John Rambo. This is what it may look off when you are not playing it.
      I hope this helped =]

  • Am I the only one who thinks the Megadrive version of Rambo looks better than this PS3 version??
    Golden Abyss on the Vita looks so much better too and that’s a game I’ve recently played without my rose tinted sunglasses.

    • Hello Mr-Matt13
      I am sorry to hear you say this, but as I said above video’s are never the best representation of a games true game-play or graphics, I hope you will give the game a go when it releases.

  • Please tell me this is coming to PS4? I had to sell my PS3 to help pay for my PS4.

    • Hello never_give_in
      Ah I’m really sorry to say that so far there hasn’t been any talks of moving Rambo The Video Game to the PS4, as out next project after we have finished development will be the DLC for Rambo The Video Game.

  • Looking forward to this. Very pleased to hear the iconic Rambo soundtrack in there!

    • Hello KaneTheGoth
      Yes, when we were told that our partners at Reef had signed the original soundtrack, we were all very excited. It really helps bring a level of authenticity feel to the game =]

  • It might not be the best looking game out there but it does however look like a lot of fun is to be had and like they have said its not finished either, give it a chance folks. I just wish there was some kind of release date revealed, maybe even 1st, 2nd of 3rd quarter…..

    • Hello TVR-77
      Thank you for your kind words, I really do hope that people give it a chance and I’m sure that they will be surprised =]

  • why is the PS4 still as rubbish as it was on launch day why have we not had updates yet why realease somthing when its not ready it is still a jumped up ps2

  • I don’t mind the graphics. There isn’t much more that one can expect after 18 months. Low budget doesn’t necessarily result in a bad game, but it probably won’t be the best game ever. ;)

  • If you put this on PS vita also you will sell lots more and the graphics would look better as its more compact looking in vita.
    The video looks even good on vita YouTube. Try!
    That being said,
    This game should be lots of fun though and I’m personaly looking forward to it!

  • If this is as good as Ghostbusters was I’ll be happy. That wasn’t an incredible game, but it captured the spirit of the movies perfectly. The second and third Rambo movies are over the top, bloody and jingoistic. That’s why people love them, and it looks from the video that you’ve really tried to capture the spirit of it.
    Rambo’s face looks a bit odd though, there’s no expression there! He’s mowing down bad guys with a look on his face like he’s trying to remember the name of that song off that advert he saw last night on Corrie. Like, a bit annoyed but not that annoyed…. only mowing down Viet Cong with a MASSIVE GUN.

  • Timing and pricing are critical for me on this one. Definitely interested but PS4 beckons…

  • I can appreciate the texture comments. High end graphics are not what make some games awesome. With tweaking this looks like a lot of fun. Simple control mechanisms and smooth gameplay are a must. Price and trophy set?

  • Really looking forward to this! Hopefully there’ll be more iconic 80’s actioners made into games.
    Personally I’d love to see a Big Trouble in Little China game. Also Escape from New York would be A-Mazing as a video game. Please pop back and update the blog when you have a release date confirmed.

  • Again! Why do videos not work on the iPad?!
    I would really love to view this but I’m not going to be in front of my computer for some time!

  • I’m glad Sony are still supporting PS2 with this release….
    Wait, what? This is a PS3 game?
    Seriously? Honestly? A Playstation 3 game? As in a game designed to be played in HD?
    It looks older than the first Metal Gear!

  • Omg was this developed for the ps2.

  • Is this a ps2 game. Lol

  • I like to chose the way I play some part of the game. So I like to see in this game that you can play stealth and also very loud if you want :)(sorry my bad english)

  • will check this out and will buy rambo soon.

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