PlayStation Store charts, December: Minecraft debuts at #1

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December was a huge month on PlayStation Store, with older titles resurfacing thanks to year-end sales, alongside a handful of big new releases. One such game absolutely dominated: Minecraft. Mojang’s world-building phenomenon was way out ahead in first place on the PS3 chart after its first 13 days on sale. Other big new entries included Gran Turismo 6 on PS3, Terraria on PS Vita and flOw on PS4.
A few FYIs. Firstly, the PS4 chart does not include PS3 upgrades. If it did, Call of Duty: Ghosts would have come out on top, bumping Battlefield 4 down to second. Secondly, from now on we won’t be splitting PS3 titles into ‘PSN‘ and ‘HDD‘ sub-categories, but to compensate I’ll now be listing a top 20.
Without further ado, here’s the full rundown:

PS3 games

  1. Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition (New)
  2. Battlefield 4
  3. Gran Turismo 6 (New)
  5. The Walking Dead: Season Two (New)
  6. Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag
  7. Crysis 3
  8. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
  9. The Last of Us
  10. WWE 2K14
  11. Need for Speed Rivals
  12. Dead Space 3
  13. Mass Effect
  14. Grand Theft Auto V
  15. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
  16. Call of Duty: Ghosts
  17. Battlefield 3
  18. BioShock
  19. Need for Speed Most Wanted
  20. Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel

PS4 games

  1. EA SPORTS FIFA 14 (2)
  2. Battlefield 4 (1)
  3. Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag (5)
  4. Need for Speed Rivals (4)
  5. Call of Duty: Ghosts (7)
  6. Trine 2: Complete Story (8)
  7. Flower (6)
  8. Killzone Shadow Fall (3)
  9. flOw (New)
  10. NBA 2K14 (New)

PS Vita games

  1. The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season (2)
  2. Terraria (New)
  3. Killzone Mercenary (5)
  4. Need for Speed Most Wanted (RE)
  5. Persona 4 Golden (RE)
  6. Muramasa Rebirth (4)
  8. Assassin’s Creed III Liberation (RE)
  9. Rayman Legends (RE)
  10. Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut (RE)

PS one and PS2 Classics

  1. Crash Bandicoot (1)
  2. Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped (2)
  3. Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (3)
  4. CTR: Crash Team Racing (4)
  5. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (5)
  6. Final Fantasy VII (6)
  7. Spyro The Dragon Trilogy (7)
  8. Final Fantasy VIII (9)
  9. Final Fantasy IX (8)
  10. Driver (RE)

Head on over to the US PlayStation Blog to find out what was selling across the pond.

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  • Might just get Minecraft. Dont see whats all the fuss, but there must be something there if its shifting so many copies across so many formats.

  • By the way…Fifa 14 on PS4 is SO much better than on PS3. Well done EA for making such a poor game that was released at the end of one console generation look so much better on the next.

  • Why is Tearaway absent from the Vita chart, it doesn’t show up on the Vita’s own PSN top sellers list? Is your database screwed?

    • It was a really tight month with all the festive discounts! Remember it was in last month’s chart at #1. It was 13th in December.

  • I really don’t understand what people like about minecraft.

  • Good… I hope they all noticed that the majority of the best selling games are from January sale/12 Deals… Now they might actually keep adding great sales (like January sale) with great games and excellent prices…Not like the last… 7 years

  • I know Sony won’t do it because of business reasons. But the actual number of sales is what would be interesting.

  • I’m not surprised twd was number 1 on vita, most people were saying that p4g was most requested sale item on the blog but if you had been coming on regular you would have noticed people requesting twd all the time.
    Lets just hope telltale take notice and move there butts with wolf and twd season 2 for vita

  • I’ll +1 on NFS Most Wanted Vita soon
    btw Fred, is there a chance to see Resistance BS on Plus? I know it’s on sale but it’s still quite expensive for what it is (and I can’t understand why it’s still that overpriced)

  • “I really don’t understand what people like about minecraft.”
    It allows everyone of all ages to use their imagination to build and destroy, there is no story so there is never an end when playing with friends. I strongly recommend this game specially when playing with mods on a pc/mac, you will soon find yourself losing track of time.
    I do hope when i get a ps4 sometime next year that there will be some kind of ability to have free mods even if they are scaled down! Saying that having this on ps3 is a must have, it is a game that you will keep coming back to and for the price its a good deal


  • Surprisingly, An inferior version of a game on PC(Not talking about specs, I’m talking about content, Controls, Etc) is the Number one seller
    And hey, P4G is on the top 10 Vita games, Nice

  • Minecraft… Didn’t see the appeal. Thought “everyone is playing it might be good creativefun for me and my 5 year olds”. Now we’ve tried it…. Oh my, it’s absolutely brilliant! Split screen is fantastic and everyone can work together for a common goal, or go off and do their own thing. Adventure, build, mine, farm… Whatever. My wife even had a go. I can totally see why it’s number 1.

  • Minecraft is just like Wiiiii:
    almost everyone bought it
    almost noone played it more than once!

  • What? No PS3 Upgrades? This is unifair!

  • Santa put Minecraft on my ps3 at some point on xmas eve and my son was over the moon on xmas day.
    He absolutely loves the game, already had the pocket edition on the kindle. Both him and most of his friends love it, although I personally can’t get into it myself.
    Seems any game that involves creation and exploring is right up my little lads street, Minecraft, LBP, Tearaway all up there as his favourites.

  • @Fred @Ry_Ratchet
    Actually there should be NO chance that Resistance Burning Skies appears in the IGC, for the simple reason that it is too bad.
    The official rule had been that titles with >70% at Metacritic are IGC candidates. RBS has 60%.

  • Glad to see Dead Space 3 on the list… Although it failed miserably at being a Horror game (parts 1 and 2 weren’t great at that to begin with), it was a great atmospheric action game. The story was interesting and the gameplay just felt perfect! One of my favorites of 2013…

  • Good for Minecraft.
    I’ll take it one day on discount. 19€ is too much greedy guys :P

  • Where us mirnecraft coming to ps4?

  • Please upload GUN and Tony Hawks Pro Skater to PSN!!!!!!

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