Gran Turismo 6: Red Bull X Challenge goes live today

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Hello everyone. I hope you’re enjoying your time on Gran Turismo 6.
Entering fully into the festive spirit of the season, the maker of Gran Turismo, Polyphony Digital, has revealed a new update available from today, 18th December. Included in the update will be two new Red Bull cars and the Red Bull X Challenge, an innovative collaboration with Infiniti Red Bull Racing that includes 2013 Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel mentoring players in the art of driving an authentic formula car.


Owners of GT6 will have the opportunity to select the first two of four new Red Bull cars. The ‘Red Bull Racing Kart’ and ‘Red Bull X2014 Junior’ will arrive in dealerships in-game via the update, while the Red Bull X2014 ‘Standard’ and ‘Fan’ cars can be expected to join them at a later stage. All of the new Red Bull X2014 cars have been designed for GT6 in conjunction with Infiniti Red Bull Racing’s legendary Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey.
Here’s what Kazunori Yamauchi, President of Polyphony Digital, had to say of the special event:
“We are very grateful to Adrian Newey, Sebastian Vettel and Infiniti Red Bull Racing for providing this special gift for Gran Turismo fans. To be taught how to drive downforce cars by the best racing driver in the world is very special and the new Red Bull X2014 cars are another exciting addition to Gran Turismo 6. This is the latest update for the game and there are more to come.”


A second phase of the Red Bull X Challenge, along with the other two Red Bull cars, will be made available in a future update for GT6. Meanwhile, the other elements included in this latest Update 1.02 include:
Consecutive Login Bonus
When you login online for consecutive days, a bonus to all credits awards will accrue up to a potential 200% bonus on the 5th day. Be sure to login everyday to earn more credits!
Entry requirements for Seasonal Events lowered
Players will only require a National B licence in order to participate in Seasonal Events and, for a limited time, there will be unique special events that will reward cars as prizes, so don’t miss this opportunity and remember to login online!
Bonus Events within Seasonal Events
Two new Seasonal Events will run from 20 December 2013 to 17 January 2014 and 02 January to 30 January 2014. These unique events to mark the seasonal holidays and the New Year will feature special bonus credits.
Credits earned in Career Mode increased


Finally, as a bonus to players who participated in GT Academy 2013 – this update will provide a very special gift, the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 N24 as raced by Yamauchi-san himself at this year’s Nurburgring 24H race.
There’s lots more news to come on Gran Turismo 6, so keep your eyes on and here on PlayStation Blog for more news.

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  • do we have any idea what time the store update will be today?

  • Great update! Thank you Polyphony Digital!

  • Sony and Red Bull should definitely do a worldwide X-Challenge GT Academy. Imagine that coming to life!

  • It just gets better and better. :D

  • Thanks GT! I love the fact that Gran Turismo is always on the ball with updates, and plenty of dlc right away. I’m having a blast with GT6 so far and wait till I get my hands on that red bull car!!

  • Hi Penrose, you are missing the paragraph for “Credits earned in Career Mode increased”. Anyway thank you for the update!
    It should state:
    The amount of credits earned in Career Mode have been increased. Rewards for Novice Class races have been raised to approximately 110%, for National B Class up to approx. 130%, for National A Class to approx. 140%, for International B Class to approx. 150%, for International A Class to approx. 160%, and for Super Class they have been raised to approximately 170%. This may give good incentive to go back and try some races you’ve already cleared!

  • Any idea when Beyond the Apex 2 app will be released? Been looking for it all over but have not received it with my Anniversary Edition Pre-Order.

  • 1255MB…
    damn it :(

  • Please tell me that the RedBull Challenge does NOT contribute toward game completion.
    It was daft in GT5 and I can’t see it being any better this time around.
    Everything else is a welcome addition.
    (has the Stockyard bug been fixed in this release?)

  • Nice update, loving the X2014 Junior car.
    The exciting first lap of races in that car, with its grid starts, are proof that Gran Turismo needs to step away from the processional, boring single file rolling starts.

  • i be on the game next week so how long will the updates take as i am planning to play this next wednesday

  • I updated the game today I completed events vettel but the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 N24 I have not seen even the shadow I played the demo and I received the email but where the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 N24?? ?

  • Nice update, but in cockpit view the red lights on the steering wheel of the X2014 Junior flash constantly, which is really distracting. I guess this patch stops the AI cars from doing huge stoppies too? Really enjoying GT6 : )

  • I don’t think I got my GT-R either…

  • Please for the love of god add more dynamic leaderboards to all of the races / time trials not just the seasons ones :(

  • Great update I especially like the return of the daily bonus. Now what I hope for the most in the next update is the used car dwalership. Collecting cars is just not as fun without it.

  • Kart racing really, adding Kart racing as a required series for 3 levels to complete is a joke. I have every GT game 1-6 so Im a big fan but each new game it seems gets a little worse. with this kart crap being one problem if the programers like racing go karts good for them buy Mario Kart. Then this PP thing it’s way to restrictive I have 2 races left on S level and once I finish that I would like to race whatever car I want in whatever race I want, what’s wrong with these programers they are more interested in locking down the game then letting us ” me ” enjoy it for what I want. Sure use PP for online and once you win a race but then open it up. Plus this not bringing over any money or cars from GT5 is BS, once again more locking down then letting us enjoy it. Because of some hack people figured out in GT5 well guess what I didn’t cheat and Im not going to so stop screwing me. Give me my game back because it’s the last one Im going to buy in this series ever again.

  • Well jluksa21, think about it, would you expect to have a ferrari FXX in a kart racing game in real life? it’s like saying: run while i’ll be in my car to whatever place. This game is there to reflect reality and if you don’t like it, go buy burnout or NFS if you wanna enjoy yourself in racing. personally i don’t really like these games even though NFS is looking more and more real than it used to be. And seriously criticizing go kart in GT6 is immoral and saying that we’re better off buying Mario kart for this instance is just as bad, furthermore Mario kart is a kid game and i doubt you’re it, so behave the way you should be behaving and play GT6 the way it should be played. Plus GT6 is really different compared to GT5, as well as the last one is compared to GT4.
    Otherwise, really nice update but can i ask why the new update bringing up the second part of the red bull x challenge isn’t there yet? it says that it’ll be there soon, by the 1st of january and yet nothing happened. it doesn’t matter if you are rather late posting the new update, but could you let us know the new date?

  • Geronimonimo
    I think your missing the point, I’m all for the restriction on each level to win them but once that’s done remove the restriction. This is becoming a less and less fun game to play ” why it’s not selling well”. And GT4 was the best GT game so far. I don’t know about you but the stupid cart races are Mario cart, and yes I finished all the races and the Red bull races except for the last one that’s not realest yet. They are more interested in stopping hackers then letting those that bought the game enjoy it on their terms. And stop this slow release of levels crap, I paid for the whole game when I bought it give me half my money back until everything is available.

  • Gran Turismo?can you add in the next update a TRD spoiler for both of the Toyota Supra’s please they look way better then the others. Thanks xXTORTURER75Xx

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