Zen Pinball 2 launches on PS4 tomorrow

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Today is a historical day for pinball, the game that has been able to evolve and move forward with every new generation of technology. Zen Pinball 2 will be available on the brand new PlayStation 4 tomorrow afternoon when PlayStation Store updates!
There are a few details that we really need you all to pay close attention to so you have a smooth transition from PS3 to PS4. As you may have read in the announcement post, if you bought the tables coming to PS4 in Zen Pinball 2 on PS3 or PS Vita, you can import those to Zen Pinball 2 on PS4 at no charge. Here are more details on how that works:

  • The tables can only import from Zen Pinball 2 > Zen Pinball 2. You cannot import from Marvel Pinball or Star Wars Pinball on PS3 > Zen Pinball 2 on PS4. You CAN import from Marvel or Star Wars Pinball on PS3 > Zen Pinball 2 on PS3 and then > PS4.
  • There is no going backwards from PS4 > PS3. If you want to play the tables on PS3 in the future, we suggest you buy them on PS3 first and then import to PS4.
  • For those of you who downloaded any of the applicable tables via PS+, you can import to PS4 just the same. However, if your PS+ account expires, you will lose access to the content.


The actual import process is pretty easy, but here is a step by step walkthrough that you can reference if you encounter any issues:

  1. Press the square button (Import Tables) on the collection screen to start the import process
  2. Please wait while the game is searching for tables available for import
  3. If there are tables available to import, the store will offer the next batch of content it has found. Press the x button (Enter) on each offered content’s download icon to add them to downloads, then press the circle button (Back) to return to the collection screen, and if there are still tables to import, the store will offer them in the next batch. Repeat this process until all content is added to the download queue.
  4. Alternatively, if you want to import just a specific table, you can go to the table’s menu, wait a few seconds while the game checks for availability and press the “Download and play!” button when it appears. As the store comes up, press the x button (Enter) on each offered content’s download icon to add them to downloads, and press the circle button (Back) to return to the game.
  5. Wait until all downloads finish (you can check their progress in the PS4 user interface under Notifications/Downloads), and there you go! You can play your imported tables straight away!


If you find the process is not working for you, we have posted a comprehensive FAQ  in our forums and are standing by to answer your questions.
Lastly, don’t forget that the new Doctor Strange table releases tomorrow on PS3, PS4 and Vita for €2.99! See you on the leaderboards!

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3 Author Replies

  • As always, when are you going to put some older tables in a sale? Anything not Star Wars (which oddly did get a sale, despite being newer).

  • Great import feature!
    The developer-who-must-not-be-named wants my money again for the tables I already bought on the PS3 version of their pinball game.
    Are there some new tables coming in the near future which are not related to Marvel or Star Wars?

  • They just gave us a free ps4 upgrade. Don’t be rude as king for a discount on older tables!! :(

  • 3D supported on PS4?

  • Any chance the SFII take will be ported?

  • I know what I’ll be playing tomorrow. Looking forward to all the great tables in the future.

  • @ownjoouk, he wasn’t being rude, we’ve been asking for some sale since forever. Aside from the discount he mentioned, the last sale we had was exactly 2 years ago, Dec 2011. Just two tables were discounted then, it’s not unreasonable to ask for a sale after all this time have passed.
    Anyway, Dr. Strange table for me, I’m dying to try out my favourite Marvel character in his own pinball table, Zen Studios style! :D

  • It’s a shame that you can’t import all the tables that you have there are a few on PS3 that i cant import over to the PS4 version, but at least my favourite ones are part of the ones that can be imported so i’m at least 95% happy and if they can eventually import over the rest then that will be great, cant wait to see what new stuff they have coming, A gen one Transformers Table would be awesome.. nope this isn’t a hint.. no really no hint… ok it’s a hint.

  • Can’t wait to play it on my PS4 :P thanks ;)

  • Are you still planning to restart PS4 leaderboards from scratch ?

  • PS. Awesome game btw, great on Vita too.

  • Rly good game all worth it.SUCH FUN!!
    I am going to what I call pinball on my ps3!

  • @Toppv81 the leaderboards will be from scratch as will the trophies as they cant import over any other PS3 related stuff it’s on different servers etc only tables can be imported nothing else.

  • I read an article online that the Zen Pinball 2 has been delayed until 12/24. Is this true?

  • Haven’t got a PS4 yet, but definitely going to purchase the Doctor Strange table.

  • can you confirm if the tables on the ps4 are simply ports of the ps3? as the arcade pinball guys are saying they have reworked their tables tweaking them etc

  • if you see Lance_87 on any posts that dont go with his comment please ignore him he has been spamming the same thing everyday for 4 weeks now i just hope someone tells him to shhhutup

  • Why PS3 users cannot see PSV and PS4 users? Please, fix it.

  • i really like that you guys at Zen Studios are not such money wh*res like the creators of Pinball Arcade.

  • Zen Pinball 2 been delayed in North America until 24/12. Reading there blog. No news if EU is delayed though.

  • Its up now on PSN. Search Zen Pinball 2 PS4

  • Zen Pinball 2 is a video-game, Pinball Arcade is a simulation, very different costs.
    The PS3 was not powerful enough to do this justice so they are adding a lot more bells and whistled to the PS4 version to try to better simulate the look and feel of the real tables, which costs money.
    Pinball Arcade is likely more complicated licensing. They pay for permission to digitise and distribute simulations of real tables, including the original ROM code, that may mean each time they are moved to another platform they have to pay again. That is unlikely to work the same as Zen where the game code belongs to them and the engine needs little change from platform to platform. There are still licensing issues but its unlikely to be as complicated.
    Zen Pinball 2 doesn’t really NEED much improvement, it was perfect as it was because it wasn’t trying to simulate real life pinball tables, so its cheaper to port.

  • I own all 6 star wars tables but both ZP2 on PS3 and PS4 are only finding the original tables and not balance of the force. When I play star wars pinball stand alone, all 6 tables are present. I notice two entries for balance on the PS3 store. One I own, which isn’t a demo or trial or unlock. The other I don’t, which is what it wants me to buy. Help would be appreciated, OP. Thx.

  • I was really happy to here this was coming to ps4 as i already have it on ps3/ps vita but was a bit more than dissappointed that it was not really easy for you to import your previously bourght tables as it just wouldnt port them in, also the amount of tables you can port over is very limited which i think most will agree that we who have purchased tables on previous consoles where lead to belive these would be available also where are the original 4 tables from Zen pinball as these are part of Zen pinball 2 on other systems ps3/ps vita.

  • Ugh I wish I had come here first. I downloaded it on PS4 and it showed the new Star Wars tables as available for ppurchase. I had a feeling I’d bought them before but figured if it showed it for sale then obviously I hadn’t. Now I’m $20 out of pocket. Next I bought the rest of the tables I didn’t have yet. Great until I find out I can’t import tables purchased on PS4 to my other systems.

  • Where are tables from Zen Pinball?!? I want em, coz they are THE BEST!

  • Is anyone else experiencing slight lag in bumper response on PS4?

  • Yes Slarrit I am experiencing input lag at least three quarters of a second so when ya need that killer shot almost impossible to play. Very disappointed really wanted to play these tables too

  • There is no going backwards from PS4 > PS3. If you want to play the tables on PS3 in the future, we suggest you buy them on PS3 first and then import to PS4.
    no problem buth i tink you forget to mention we also not geting ps vita version ( ps3/vita = combo , buy ps4 = no vita version )

  • Are all the tables from PS3 going to be able to import to the PS4 eventually? I’m hoping for Excalibur!

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