PS4 available in 48 countries from today

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PlayStation 4 has been in the hands of gamers in much of Europe and Australasia since 29th November, and today we’re really happy to welcome 12 more countries into the fold. As of this morning, players in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Slovakia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and South Africa can get their hands on the most powerful videogame console ever created.
In addition, PS4 also goes on sale today in Bolivia, Nicaragua, Paraguay, and Uruguay, bringing the total number of countries in which PS4 is available to 48, with more to follow later this year and into early 2014. If you’re still waiting, thank you so much for your patience, we are doing our upmost to ensure availability in your region as soon as possible.
To all those who are picking up a PS4 today, we hope you have a fantastic time with the system. As announced earlier this month, there are over 2.1 million players waiting to show you the ropes, and there are more than 20 titles for you to choose from on day one. Remember to share your PS4 experiences with us via #PS4Share.
Thank you for choosing PS4! We’ll see you online!

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  • Actually the countries are 12 you forgot to mention Greece.

  • And the Christmas love from psn store sales on ps4 available in none LOOOOL

  • Congrats to all my fellow Turks/Turkish citizens and people from all other countries in the list. Welcome to the next gen !!

  • I got mine! It’s really a superb console!

  • Yey! For Hungary ! To all my relatives there, have a good time!
    Can we now get the next Christmas deal ?

  • I’m actually surprised that it has sold that much, I never thought MANY people would buy a console at launch
    I could be just in the minority that doesn’t i guess

  • I meant as in the ones that have no real interest
    I’m sure most are saving or something

  • I’m lucky I got mine a few days earlier as there is almost no stock in Turkey today. Merely 2000 consoles are rumored to be available on launch day while demand is actually so much higher.
    So many actual gamers are going back home without a console, since almost the entire stock was sold before launch to retailers or friends of Sony Center/retailer staff who are now shamelessly trying to sell the console for 1.5x the retail price. Funny thing is, preorders were officially banned by Sony Eurasia, so people had almost no way of securing a PS4 at launch.
    Congratulations to PS TR and Sony Eurasia for making such a mess of a launch.

  • And sold out everywhere :-(

  • Will it be available in other african countries other that SA?
    I’m moroccan and I’m getting it from france, but it’ll be nice if sony introduces countries like morocco in wich playstation is very popular in their distribution network.

  • To those who got one: enjoy it.
    Still no fun here in Switzerland, ordered mine a while ago, and still not got one. :o(

  • ♡♡♡PS4♡♡♡

  • To the people who haven’t managed to get one google stock informer ps4 one of most helpful sites out there just check it every 30 minutes or so. I didn’t preorder but managed to get a knack bundle of amazon when they had a quick 20+ in stock ordered on the 6th got it on the 7th all thanks to stock informer :)

  • The header is hugely misleading. I just got a notification that the Killzone, extra controller and camera bundle is not available until somewhere into 2014.

  • No money for ps4 i spend it all on ps3 and ps vita :) Welcome to Greece ps4 i see you in 3 months :)

  • I feel like what you meant to say was not “the PS4 is now available in 48 different countries, but that “The PS4 is now sold out and unavailable in 48 different countries” :P

  • You forgot to mention Hungary.

  • It seems to be sold out everywhere tho :( I got mine :P but i want SONY to have loads in stock so it can sell loads more than ‘you know what’ :D
    + 1 worrying thing is that some shops have no sign of any PS4 stuff :-/ I went into Argos & they had a MASSIVE Xbox ONE display & nothing for the PS4?!?! :-/ This is what happened with the PS3&X360 Gen i.e MS getting all the Gaming space in the Shops. No wonder SONY had a hard time selling the PS3 in the UK(& i bet it’s worse in the USA) Oh well, rant over :D

  • Picked up mine in South Africa this mornin! Was the first in my town! Thank you Sony!!

  • Hey Fred, sorry for going off topic but when will the Tearaway codes from the Weekend Debate being sent out ?

  • Shameful that third world countries get PS4 officially before EU countries such as Croatia. Really shameful.

  • managed to get it today…i used some inside work to make it happen…however there wont be any xmas stock for local retailers

  • When is the PS4 being released in Malta?

  • If you can supply to this many countries now, then surely you can boost stock as easy. I preordered mine from GAME and am still yet to receive mine.

  • It’s great getting all the emails about the PS4 being released but they are as scarce as rocking horse poo.
    Sony need to get this sorted as soon as possible or people will be getting a XBOX 1.

  • Can you say anything about lauch of PS4 in Belarus?

  • Thanks Sony for letting us, gamers from Budapest with no PS4 preorder, a chance to become an owners of this great system in first raw! My personal thanks for Sony Hungary for a Sony tv-set I was lucky to win on the lottery held before midnight! You are great!

  • PS4 available in 48 countries and probably none of them has a PS4 for sale if you didn’t pre-ordered =(

  • Too bad its out of stock now (in UK)

  • I pre-ordered mine with GAME (UK) but like hundreds of others I have been let down by them. They tried to take payment from an old card they had on file, not the in date one on my account! and because they did not think to check to see if any other in date cards were on file they then cancelled my pre-order. I received an email from them stating if I wanted my pre-order reinstated I had to use a link provided, which did not work!!. I sent an email to complain of the issue only to receive another email asking to supply a telephone number so GAME could call me to reinstate my pre-order. Not surprisingly they did not call me back. I then received another email asking me to call a premium rate number to re-instate my order,which I tried to do but after 30 minutes waiting to be put through to a customer service assistant I gave up!. I will call again but I think I’m wasting my time. So much for GAME and their Customer service.I was really looking forward to getting a PS4 for Christmas and bought an extra controller and Killzone, I feel like sending everything back and just sticking with my PS3. ….Which is in no way in need of replacement :-)

  • What i really want is more PS4’s for the UK :-)

  • From Greece, for the players…

  • @ CarotideEtude
    Don’t get offended (you probably will anyway) but Croatia is also considered a third world country. In fact the only “first world” countries on the list are Turkey, Greece, Oman, South Africa and I believe United Arab emirates (don’t get mad if I missed a couple) but of these countries I’m sure
    I don’t think you know what “third world, first world and second world” actually means. And it is pretty sad that you would write such an entitled comment.

  • @ Lt-Combo
    Just to inform you that there are a lot of opinions what the terms ” Frist world, Second world and Third world ” stands for. From economical point of view, western influence and democracy, WW2, Cold war and so on. You are correct but also he is in some way. Depends on how do you look at it. And since Croatia is in European Union, it should be classified as ” First world countries “.
    The main thing is that we will get it and rest of the countries who didn’t had luck to have it under the Chritsmas tree. :)

  • We are waiting for Bulgaria Release :D:D


  • I got mine the day it released cuz of the pre order i made…and m loving the killzone

  • ps4 is amazing and i was happy paying the money which i think its a great price for the powerful new gen gaming console !! i pre ordered it at a game shop called “grainger games” and got my ps4 and 3games on the day it was released. just a bit disappointed that drive club etc was delayed on release !! thanks sony for a exciting powerful gaming console and looking forward to an exciting gaming future with exciting new games !!

  • just wondering is there any other country that got less consoles then Russia and no bundles at all? seriously, Sony, didn’t we deserve a little more than 3500pcs? i’m very dissapoined, a lot of my friends were forced to import it from and with no World Wide Warranty as was confirmed

  • LoL @ DJ_77 thx for trying to make us americans look like the tool you are… All caps and to boot you site lack of home as a reason not to buy the PS4 … Seriously hoping sony doesn’t use PlayStation resources on bringing home to the PS4 … And i seriously doubt your gonna see a $100 price drop in one year .. Think 2 yrs and it’s worth it for me and many others to get the PS4 now instead of waiting a year and a half to 2 years for 100 dollar price drop… 32V32 battlefield 4 worth it alone

  • By the way DJ_77 it really does sound like your mommy told you the PS4 was too expensive … Get a job son!

  • Depends if they send the stock out uk having major shortage with places selling ps4’s within seconds of going up on sale i hope to actually get a ps4 by christmas but may just end up buying an xbox one as you can actually buy them (( cos they suck well microsoft and their policy changes all the time))
    But i wish sony would move out more stock we have the release day stuff but now its coming in drips and drabs of stock which is also making the prices go stupid

  • When Belarus will?

  • Thanks for adding Norway to the list, finally i can play COD Ghosts on ps4 :) But noone i know have ps4 Heheh xD
    PS! Killzone is amazing

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