The PS4 Share button: 20 million minutes of live gameplay broadcast, and counting

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The PS4 Share button: 20 million minutes of live gameplay broadcast, and counting

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As you may have seen, last week we announced that PS4 has sold over 2 million units around the world since its launch late last month. Of course, it’s great to see such healthy numbers, but even more heartening is seeing just how enthusiastic the response has been to one of the new systems banner features: the Share button.
Today, we’re happy to announce that there have been nearly 800,000 gameplay broadcasts and more than 7.1 million spectate sessions via Twitch and Ustream. In total, that adds up to more than 20 million minutes of live gameplay streamed from PS4 systems across the globe.

Here are a few more stats for you:

  • According to Ustream, each broadcast lasts for an average of 31 minutes
  • Twitch reports that 10% of all content broadcast via its platform since 15th November has come from PS4 systems
  • PS4’s Share Menu has been accessed 10.9 million times since launch

“PlayStation 4 is specifically designed so people can share their gaming experiences and interest in streaming live gameplay has surpassed our wildest expectations,” commented Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios.
“We’re very excited to see gamers embrace live streaming from their PS4 system and we look forward to seeing how PlayStation gamers advance social gaming in the coming years.”
So, how have you been using the Share button? Are you broadcasting your play, or watching others? Let me know below!

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  • All those sharing features are brilliant, and yet they neglected any form of “Friends Streams Only” filter. Why?

  • What Nokkon said!
    I think there’s a lot to be improved & patching to be done in general with the PS4…

  • And the beautiful thing is it was always part of the vision for PS4 shown off at the hardware reveal almost 10 months ago now. Well done to Sony. You could say the only thing shoe horned in was Twitch support but who is going to complain about that? Especially when the company advertising it since E3, didn’t even make it into their console for launch. ^_^
    Will Singstar be coming to PS4 in any shape or form soon? Would love it on the menu along with the recent Dancestar app too. ^_^

  • I have used to share function for specific things, for example I set out to get the micromanagement trophy in resogun (save 2 humans within 1second) and as soon as I got it I hit the share button :) that was fun and I could see it being great for trophy guides in the future when YouTube is supported.

  • 20 million minutes of pointless video for maybe an hour of stuff worth watching, the net bloat continues….

  • I’ve only used it once and it was to take a screenshot of my trophies when I got my PS4 set up because I had 1886. The Order, anyone? :D

  • It would be neat if you could, when not playing any game, go to the captures stored on your hdd and be able to share them from there, instead of only being able to share whilst actually playing a game.
    I am finding with Live from Playstation though, if you watch a few streams there comes a point, maybe a half an hour in, where if you try to watch other streams the comments load but not the videos. I find that i can get them working again if i shutdown and restart my PS4. It’s happening mostly with Ustream broadcasts btw.

  • The question remains, how many of those minutes were actually watched? I know the Spartan Show probably counts for a lot of the actual viewing minutes, but in general, I gather that hardly anyone is really interested in watching random gameplay of other gamers.
    As for me, the Share button could have simply not been there, as I never intend to use it, but watching my friends play might be fun.
    But, wasn’t there supposed to be a feature too, where I am able to take over the gaming session of a friend, and help him out in a tight spot, even if I don’t actually own the game? Was that function skipped?

  • Asia will add to those stats when PS4 launch here this Friday i can’t wait to join the PS4 nation :)

  • What Nokkon said +2!

  • Youtube uploads via the share button please. Even though I thought I heard this was never going happen.

  • @chrisbowers
    I thought we would have to own the game to help out did they say otherwise because that would be a better way to try games than a demo.

  • I’d like to be able to turn this off so that it isn’t thrashing my disk drive!

  • i keep forgetting its there!

  • My console is now being processed!! Yayyy!! Can’t wait to check out this share button!

  • I tried it for the first time last night. It told me the network was down and it couldn’t be shared :(

  • I’d love to use this feature but with Virgin Media offering such a poor upload and heavy traffic management I guess I’ll give it a miss. Loving everything else about the ps4 though

  • This is a really cool feature I totally underestimated up front. I literally feels like you’re sitting in a stranger’s place, looking at them gaming and messing around. And it’s all so quick at the touch of a button. Just yesterday I ended up watching a stream for 2 hours eventhough I just wanted to do a quick watch. I’m gonna be using this feature to spy on people A LOT, it’s a great thing to do in between playsessions.

  • Great stats but I am hoping for an option in a future update to turn off auto record as well as the LEDs on the pad. I read an article today where they disabled the lights and the pad charge lasted 3x as long. I NEED that as I am charging my pad every day, sometimes twice!

  • I have briefly looked at the share features, found them a little lacking and definitely unintuitive.
    e.g. What’s the point of the different options for how to take a screenshot when it takes one every time you open the menu anyway regardless of which method you use.
    Why is it so difficult to just view your saved media and delete them.
    Why can only some actions be done from the little folder icon on your profile and some from the share menu.
    Why do I have to screenshot my main menu all the time just to access the share menu to access something I previously recorded.

  • Not to keen on streaming my gameplay because i like to take things slow & i think people would get bored of watching me play the way i do :D But i have put a few Videos of FIFA14 goals & 1 KZ:SF on my FaceBook page(which i only set up for the PS4, i hate FaceBook) :-/ But i would rather put them on my YouTube page :( PLZ do that SONY sooooon + A YouTube APP for the PS4 to would be cool;)

  • It’s a cool thing but you can’t save it on USB Stick so you can put it on Youtube or something or i can’t find it

  • Share Button is cool and so on but it still has some issues. For example: I wanted to save a spectacular goal in FIFA14 but it was missed in the 15min. video. I hit the button 30sec. after the replay has been shown. It seems that the last 2min. of my match was not recorded correct.
    And then the ability to EDIT your video directly through the menu and save it to USB sticks would be way better then to demand an Facebook account to do so.
    Hope Sony fix that in coming updates cuz the Share Button is a fantastic feature.

  • And eventually internet will come to a grinding stop with all these useless gameplay videos.

  • Can’t use it on my Sub account :( …

  • Can’t use it on my Sub account :'( …

  • And here it is. Most useless blog article of 2013. Problems with sign-in? Ignorant customer support? Useless PS3 and Vita FW updates? Forget that everything! Lets celebrate some stupid function.

  • Yea and if there isent any Ce-30003-6 errors then it will be even better. Have to turn off and then on my ps4 to start stream after this error.

  • PLEASE add USB functionality because I don’t want to upload everything, I need to edit clips on PC first.
    I can only cut ONCE per video and upload separately instead of making multiple cuts to one video, so it’s a VERY tedious process and it spams my friends’ feeds on PS4 and Facebook.
    The video editing feature needs a LOT of work.

  • @comment 12 – Tony1kenobi
    Of course uploading to Youtube will be patched in at some point. I mean even the PS3 game Hustle Kings had Youtube upload so why on earth wouldn’t PS4?

  • Unfortunately the share function doesnt work for me. I press the button, it captures the screenshot, but either captures random video from hours earlier in the day, or doesnt capture video at all.
    I contacted Sony support last night and they helped me rebuild my PS4 database.. which fixed the problem for a while. But I just tried to use it again and it hasn’t captured anything at all from my last 2 hours of gameplay, in which I pressed the share button about 3 times.
    It seems to be completely broken.

  • very nice feature!! but on facebook lacks the ability to share content with specific people or groups!!
    I don’t want all my contacts see my activities, if you can’t share your videos or pictures only on PSN, at least it would be useful to be able to have more options on choosing who to share

  • @Gash-Hammer
    same problem here

  • Why don’t I have a broadcasting icon when I hit my share button????

  • Thanx Sony but the ps4 dash board needs a lot of missing things (themes. Pause for downloads and and plz fixe it soon) what I mean is the things what we can do on ps3

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