New videos show how the world of Killzone Shadow Fall was created

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New videos show how the world of Killzone Shadow Fall was created

Last week we released two behind-the-scenes videos that provided an intimate look at the Guerrilla Games studio and Killzone Shadow Fall’s PlayStation 4 powered technology. This week we continue where we left off: with two brand-new behind-the-scenes videos that focus on Killzone Shadow Fall’s story and characterss.
The first video goes into the creation of the story, which takes place 30 years after the original Killzone trilogy.

The second video looks at the intricate development process for characters in Killzone Shadow Fall.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our behind-the-scenes videos for Killzone Shadow Fall. The game is out in stores NOW along with PlayStation 4, so be sure to get one of each in time for the holidays! Also, keep an eye on the re-designed website for the latest Killzone Shadow Fall news, tips, features and interviews!

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  • Really enjoying my ps4 so far, I got your game killzone sf and assassins creed 4 with it but I’m having really trouble getting into killzone so far do you have any plans to update it I find the text in the corner of the screen to small to read (I know am getting old) also the way point marker I wish it would stay on the screen it annoying having to keep pressing down on the d-pad and then it fades and having to press it again.
    Also have noticed at points the waypoint marker is pointing in the wrong directions I spent a good few minutes trying to figure out where to go only to found out I had already gone passed in the 3rd chapter.

  • I glad it’s not just me then :D I am loving the game so far(Story mode) but WHY OH WHY?!?!(& this is spoiling the game for me as i play it) is the text on the screen sooooooooooo small for? :( It was the same for GTAV to on the PS3 to :-/ & a few other games in the past to. Don’t game makers realize that normal gamers don’t sit with their eyes stuck to their TV screens :D

  • The story in KZ:SF is its major weakness, as with previous KZ games. The whole premise of Helghans on Vekta is kind of dumb to start with, the Berlin Wall analogy does not work. The game lacked any impact. It turned out a less than average story that has been roundly criticized. GG painted themselves into a corner story wise with the direction and ending of KZ3 and the attempt to redeem the story line flopped badly. Hoping the hiring of Obsidian’s writer will change things in the future.

  • I am loving the game, its fast and furious. However, i must admit i have lost all credibility for the story and i really can’t say i am following it an more. I think it has lot to do with the death of the young boys farther at the beginning , the child displayed no emotion, no loss, no crying, no NOTHING at losing his farther. He just continued as though nothing had happened. The beginning of a story is soooo important, you have to belief there is a point to wanting to know more, i just feel this was lost at that point.

  • Im shelving this game until they fix the save system, if you dont play for an hour you wont save your game, sick of respawning at the cliff / owl section
    Why cant we have game saves at check points like every other game
    It even happened to a friend who paused his game while having his dinner and the ps4 powered down
    Really poor!!!!!!
    Pls advise if it will be patched as i might sell the game

  • My sentiments are echoed with others, the story was really B Movie quality & seemed like an after thought to be honest. Guerrilla Games should really take notes from Naughty Dog in how to develop a good script & storyline, just look at that opening scene from The Last of Us… That’s how you deal with loss in a game. No amount of flash visuals can disguise bad writing, which is a real shame as a charcter like Echo was very interesting & could have been given so much more story time (perhaps a future playable story relating to Echo?)
    Time to hire decent writers Guerrilla Games, it’s the only real weakness in your armour…

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