Gran Turismo 6: TV commercial unveiled, win a racing pod

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Gran Turismo 6: TV commercial unveiled, win a racing pod

Hello Gran Turismo fans. I hope that you’ve been working on your driving skills to ensure you’re ready to jump into the action this Friday, when GT6 arrives on PlayStation 3. Check out the brand new European TV commercial here.

And to get the petrol really flowing through your veins, I’d like to let you know about an exciting competition that’s just kicked off. Several lucky winners will have the opportunity to set up the ultimate GT racing package in their house. For the first time ever, we’re offering the GT Pods that we use in events to dedicated GT fans. The racing pod includes a 40″ Sony Bravia TV, a Thrustmaster wheel, a racing seat and of course a PS3. This will be delivered with a copy of GT6 so that you can take your skills to the track.
In order to receive one of these coveted pods, you’re going to need to brush up on your GT knowledge. Head over here and answer the questions as quickly as possible. The five fastest correct entries will take home the pods and the 10 runners-up will receive a PS3 with a copy of GT6 (terms and conditions apply).
Good luck and see you on the track soon enough!


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  • Great prices. Can someone please explain me how this game handles micro transactions?

  • Cool if you won this you could sell the pod and buy some of the cars in game ;p

  • Do you know how much game data it weighs for the GT6. GT5’s is huge!!

  • Does anyone know when they plan on releasing GT for PS4 :)

  • There’s really no excuse for microtransactions in this game. The claim is it’s a convenience thing and entirely optional but you could always just allow the player to adjust the flow rate of Zcoins and disable trophies for using a non-preset rate (easy,medium,hard difficulties.)

  • @Serpantino You are so wrong about so many things i don’t even know where to start…
    1) You can’t have different levels of income in a game where all unlocked cars are also used in multiplayer.
    2) None of the basic systems of earning cars/creds was changed to promote unlocking cars via microtransactions (Like Forza 5).
    3) GT5 also had cars that were 20 mils.

  • @Vik26061993
    1) So then, by your logic, you’re saying it’s ok for it to be pay to win online to some extent…. it’s not ok to allow people to change the rate at which they unlock things but it’s ok to allow them to pay for them with real money?
    2) Apparently patch 1.01 has some cost reductions which sounds like backtracking to me.
    3) That may be so but do you really think that micro transactions in a full priced game shouldn’t be spoken out against?

  • Not for holland… Boooo!

  • @Serpantino
    Your point #1 is so out of place it’s obvious you are not even trying ti have a civil discussion here…
    If you wanna show off a cool car online (btw not always “the bestest and fastest car in game”) you either have to commit same time ingame OR pay. They are not power tools for online victories, they serve more as bragging rights. And you can totally beat them with cars you unlock during usual progression.
    But its kinda obvious that you don’t even play GT series and post here just to join “microtrastactions hate train” bandwagon.

  • Can we buy these pods anywhere?

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