PS4 global sales update

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PS4 global sales update

In what is shaping up to be a historic year for gamers, I’m delighted to share an important new milestone with you. PS4’s North American debut on 15th November was PlayStation’s largest ever, with more than one million gamers picking up a PS4 in just 24 hours. Now, with PS4’s global launch expanding to a total of 32 countries worldwide, including Europe and Latin America, I’m proud to announce that more than 2.1 million PS4s have been sold.
It’s an impressive and record-setting accomplishment for our company and for our industry, and we couldn’t have done it without you. I want to personally thank PlayStation fans, both old and new, for your vote of confidence. The best part: the PS4 journey has just begun. In addition to an incredible line-up of PS4 games from the best developers in the world, we will continue to introduce valuable new features and services to PS4 in the months and years ahead.
While PS4’s capabilities will continue to evolve, our commitment to gamers and breakthrough entertainment remains steadfast. We believe that videogames represent the pinnacle of artistry and entertainment, and we will work tirelessly to make sure that PlayStation remains the best place to play.
Thank you for your passion and your support – we couldn’t have done this without you.

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  • Fantastic numbers, and what is truly remarkable is that this will guarantee a sudden and rapid rise in VITA sales. 3 millions by the end of the year ? I believe.

  • It’s a good console but let down badly at launch by seriously under estimate network resources and obscene prices on the store. Both need addressed immediately if the PS4 is to succeed. Never mind Microsoft, Valve have a beast coming out soon that already have massive support.

  • Congratulations to everyone involved!

  • Congrats, now please get music, video and image support. XD

  • When will the PS4 release in India? Come on we are desperately waiting.

  • Well done sony.

  • Awesome! Next gen is coming full speed, hopefully I will get a PSVita & PS4 combo next year. Till then I will win the games on my pending PS3 list and get some trophies.

  • cannot wait till it’s released in Turkey on 13 of December
    can you kindly give us the list of these 32 countries that they had the PS4 last friday

  • Congratulations! Now, imagine how many consoles you could have sold if you prepared properly and produced enough PS4’s before the release …
    In Norway, people are selling it online for €1200(!).

  • Great news. Let’s hope Sony don’t do the usual thing and make some staff redundant which is what you always do after a successful hardware launch.

  • well deserved,hopefully you dont start slacking i like how you mention games and entertainment any chance of sky go app,and a freeview app (with a once off payment say 50 quid,basically like playtv but in app form)also how long untill the mp3 and streaming and ingame music,also whats happining with backwards compatability with gaiaki and a western vita tv release and also can you get the dualshock 3 working on ps4(it works on ps4 games because ps vita tv can play ps4 games with a dualshock 3)and when will the ps3 headsets start working on ps4,btw can you remove singstar icon on ps3 xmb and let me turn of the flashing light on the dualshock 4 and turn of the ps4 camera in the menus

  • @1
    Remote play is fantastic however I don’t think it will guarantee vita sales alone, many news outlets sing its praises then go on to say its not worth buying a vita for but if you already have one then great.
    When games detect your using a vita and then map the controls accordingly it will be even better(rear touch for L/R2 and 3 is not comfortable and its easy to press rear touch by mistake)
    I also hope they sort the dash as I would rather not have all my games spread across the xmb I like my folders :-)
    Good start and I’m really looking forward to seeing how it all evolves over the next 12 months.

  • Greatness Awaits!

  • I was one of the many unlucky ones who didn’t got one (but that’s ok). I cancelled my pre order to order the Killzone bundle but almost no shop has them and no one knows when it’ll arrive.
    Please shine a light on this.

  • Congratulations to all of you at Sony!!!
    Now please keep the momentum going and ship more consoles.
    I will be picking one myself this month or in January
    Hopefully this will put the Vita in a much better position too

  • @12
    gaiaki is not planned for the EU until 2015, at that point it will support ps3 titles on ps4 only with vita and ps3 support expected to follow later.
    USA should have it 3rd quarter 2014(will be lots of teathing issues so there basically beta testing it in the USA).
    The only way gaiki interests is if its going to use a subscription model where you pay a monthly sub for unlimited access to the titles available like Netflix.

  • using my vita to play my ps4 games is amazing (allthough killzone the vita screen is too small) was playing resogun and contrast last night whilst the mrs watched her boring soaps. loving it loving it

  • Now in the statistic I’m part of that 2.1 million. Which doesn’t help me anything as my PS4 is on its way to Sony’s repair partner with no ETA for a replacement :(

  • Waiting for Indian release.

  • This is 4 the players

  • Congratulations, Very pleased with my console and cant wait for the next batch of releases but have plenty to go through until then. Playstation fan for life.

  • Great news, now how about a reward for the new PS4 owners and give us the 12 Deals of Christmas so we can all enjoy our new toys better with some love from SONY & PSN?
    It really upsets me to think that your loyal fan base always misses out on special deals like this just because we are early adopters of your newest tech.

  • at 17 thanks for the info,id prefare to own the games on gaiaki (I think we should get discounts if we already own the games)i think a gameing version of netflix would be good but id like the choice if i want to own a gaiaki copy of a game or have an all access sub

  • Also what’s the deal with the rumble on the gamepad?
    In resogun,Lego marvel and injustice you can hardly even tell its on, I thought it was 3x better or something like that as it stands I t does not seem better

  • @alaann
    The only issue I see with buying gakai games is how much they will cost, as physical ps3 titles will still be on sale at the time there’s a good chance gakai stuff will still have high costs like digital titles have now.
    The rental model seems like a natural extention of the plus model we currently have.

  • Back at E3 you decided to back the gamer more than the Publisher, even when you could have easily followed the xbox and forced a new gen of gaming on us. You didn’t and in doing so you won gamers like me and other, we said then we would back you and today 2.1 million gamers have done just that. Now it’s time for you again to step up and proof that the PS4 is the Best Place to Play!

  • Didn’t it only release in 20 countries on 29 November with a further 10 countries on 13 December? That’s what your launch event blog post said.
    Plus USA and Canada on 15 November gives 32 markets

  • What a great update! Happy to be a part of the revolution!

  • I’m amazed how ignorant sony still is when it comes to their consumer markets. 1.1 million sales in europe and latin america? could’ve been MUCH more imo. I don’t understand why USA is still the prefered market when PS3 sales in europe alone where much higher than in north america due to the american “buy american” sentiment and everybody getting microsoft machines. 1 million units for USA vs 1.1 million units for all of europe and latin america seems like some sort of insult

  • congratulations playstation =)
    keep bringing great games to the ps4 and it will keep selling like hot cakes

  • Congrats Sony!
    Any word on when ITV Player and 4OD player will be added to the TV/Video services?
    I really need these apps for my PS4 to become my main machine for entertainment.

  • If you lower the prices of the games to a fair price, I will buy a PS4 late next year or in 2015. £52.99 does not equal $60.

  • @evilwitch83
    you know the method we used to get ps3 games at a lower price still works on ps4,amazon usa is best place to sort this out without having to buy cards ;)

  • Hey Mr House, here’s some numbers for you:
    33% increase in first-party titles on ps4 (no increase in U.S.A)
    2 PS3 titles in IGC (instead of 3 – no reason given)
    2 Vita IGC titles that haven’t changed, yet were stated to.
    Save your sales numbers for the shareholders & try to match the passion and support that customers have shown in the European territory by giving us a decent service instead of treating us like dirt.

  • Mr House and everyone at Sony please make sure that this time the system is not going to be shafted by third party developers.
    The PS4 is the more powerful console compared to the XboxOne and it should be having the better looking/performing versions of the multi-platform games. Make sure that there will be no compromises when developing for the PS4. Do not let those developers “enforce” parity to their games on both consoles, holding the PS4 hardware back.
    The “Cell excuse” is over now.
    Congratulations and I hope that you’ll send many PS4s in Greece, a small country that traditionally supports the Playstation brand.

  • Regarding Gaikai, I don’t get it. US doesn’t show in any top 10 list of fastest internet available. Why try it in a low tech country when you have more developed countries to choose from?

  • In January when stores get it in stock again the sales numbers are going to sky rocket again. There are SO many waiting to get one, Sony delivered way to few PS4 machines to Europe.

  • Impressive numbers, congrats!
    Personally I hesitate if I should really jump onto another PS generation. While I like the hardware and adore many people working for Sony, from yosp to Shahid, I just can’t stand anymore how differently US and EU markets are treated.
    Whatever part you compare, be it the variety and value of sales, the amount of apps & service or now the IGC too, US is always priorized.
    As an adult German, Sony’s often adverse interpretation of german laws is just the cherry on top.
    When I have the choice between an open system as Steambox, that globally treats people alike, and SCEE’s PS4 … well, till the Steambox appears on the market, SCEE still has time left to convince me.
    Considering their progress within the last years, I doubt that they’ll use that opportunity.

  • Great news. Now please get some more games out. ;-)

  • I have gotten my PS4 and I love it, but Denmark need more consoles.

  • Excellent video & excellent Console the PS4 is! :P Well done SONY ;)

  • “over 2.1 million ps4’s have been sold”. Yeah, but not all of those have even got their console yet! Lots of people on Amazon, myself included are sort of in limbo with getting ours. Ordered on 3rd November (before 13th November-cutoff point for xmas) and Still not got it. Customer Service keep saying they cant tell me a dispatch/delivery date, but I WILL get it before xmas. “24th then yeah”?! And a note on my order saying “you will recieve it After xmas” I complained about this and they just said “a lot of people have got this, its just an error, We will add a delivery date when it becomes available.”
    Have Sony simply not made enough PS4 consoles?
    Is that why Amazon seem so reluctant to give me a product that I bought, When I order something, I expect it to turn up. At this rate Id be lucky to get in by the New year!

  • Congrats Sony I know you will still sell many more ps4 because I will only be getting mine in January much more success.I LOVE BEING A GAMER

  • Congratulations! Never lose sight of who your primary audience is. Keep respecting your audience and providing them with value and they will naturally flock to your platform.

  • @Jlangley09 It doesn’t include anyone is waiting to get their console.
    UK is the region who got most of the 700,000 PS4 that was available in Europe.

  • we ll done to sony playstation 4 there success but I was not impressed well I got mine ps4 Game that are out now is very poor and when I set up mine ps4 I was disappointed that all my games and bolt data was not on it as it’s not supported On there ps4 ala money that I have spent on the ps network was nothing I am very angry That’shas happened I feel reaped off I will not be gating a nava p s console again

  • i Love my PLAYSTATION 4

  • I am verry happy to be a ps4 owner señor,
    Is truly fun fast and playing my vita remotely is a dream come true.
    Sooo looking forward to what is coming and as a gamer appreciate the super hard work and hours everyone put in to make gaming so much fun :)

  • En este momento estoy algo decepcionado de mi PS4 ya que no se puede guardar tus vídeos,música e imágenes en su disco duro como en el PS3 por lo tanto no hay forma de como reproducir los vídeos. Esperaba mínimo poder verlos en youtube pero gran sorpresa no tiene la aplicación y tampoco esta en la PSN del PS4 el navegador de internet es casi igual o el mismo que el del PS3 así que no sirve de gran cosa valla desilucion.
    Y para colmo no reconoce los discos duros externos conectados a la entrada USB,hasta ahorita estoy mas feliz con mi PS3 espero que en la próxima actualización de software ya incluya la reproducción de vídeos y música por lo menos.
    Ya que como comentaban en los comentarios anteriores espero que Sony sepa valorar la confianza y la gran inversión que hicimos los jugadores al comprar la PS4 tan cara al menos aquí en México.Ya que para mi punto de vista la PS4 ahorita no sirve para nada a excepción de jugar.

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