PlayStation Network announcement

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PlayStation Network announcement

UPDATE 5 (10.28pm GMT, 3rd December): We are pleased to announce that Live Item in the Content Information Screen is now live on PSN on PS4. We will continue to update you as we bring new features to PSN.

UPDATE 4 (10.36pm GMT, 2nd December): We are pleased to announce that What’s New is now live on PSN on PS4. We will continue to update you as we bring new features to PSN.

UPDATE 3 (9.09pm GMT, 1st December): We have been working on the PSN service roll-out throughout the weekend and are continually increasing the availability of the voucher redemption functionality. The next phase of the roll out is to introduce the What’s New Activity Feed and Live Item in the Content Information Screen, which we will be able to update you on tomorrow. Thank you for your continued patience as we manage PSN to restore full service.

UPDATE 2 (9.22pm GMT, 30th November): Users will be aware that core network stability has returned throughout today and we are beginning the next phase of PSN service roll-out e.g. users will soon be able to progressively see the content info area for game titles. Voucher redemption continues to be controlled in order to cope with volume. We will have an update tomorrow. Thank you for your patience as we manage PSN to restore full service.

UPDATE 1 (11.22am GMT, 30th November): We are making progress in identifying the source of the current PSN disruption. Currently sign up, sign in, trials, store, online gameplay, share and community functionality is available. Redeem voucher is still not open to users. Further updates will be posted later today.

ORIGINAL POST: We are aware that users are experiencing some disruption to the PSN service. To minimise the inconvenience we have suspended the “redeem voucher” functionality whilst we investigate further. Unfortunately this means that money cards, product vouchers, PlayStation Plus vouchers, PS3-PS4 upgrade vouchers and any other vouchers for digital content are not redeemable at this stage. Other PSN features such as log-in, online multi-player gaming, PlayStation Plus trial, PS Store (excluding voucher redemption), trophies, messages, friends etc. are all available.

We apologise and will provide an update to this announcement soon.

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  • I can’t seem to be able to log in but i understand there is high traffic today. I am speaking with my friends and we just want to sign in for a second to associate an acceptant with our PS4 so we can start collecting trophies or there is no point to start a game then re start it again when we can log in.

  • I finally managed to sign in but I cannot redeem the PS plus trial. It was there at first, tried redeeming it but the store threw up an error. Now when I go to the trial section on first page of store there is no option for me to redeem the 14 day trial

  • I have a question, did the UK packs not get the 3 free gifts that USA got, ps us time, £10???

  • I am really frustrated because the only game i bought was NBA2k14 and i more or less NEED to be logged in at PSN. Or else the whole currency system in the game gets messed up.
    I hope atleast the log in gets fixed ASAP!

  • I cant sign in, United Kingdom here. How did you sign in MrGrey?

  • People – stop stressing. It’s not the end of the world if you cannot sign in to PSN for a few hours – go chat with you families / friends if it’s not working ! Embrace the moments.
    There’ll be plenty of online play available in the coming weeks and months …

  • Well the problem is @chryogen that i waited in line for over 8 hours to get the PS4 on launch date.
    Is it too much for me to ask that i can atleast play it quickly and utilize the fact that i got it first?

  • Can’t sign in, it just loads for few minutes but then throws the error message. Any idea when this will be fixed and will we be getting some sort of compensation? I really wanted to play some BF4 multi D:

  • loving my ps4 just wish i could log in to my account on it lol

  • Been trying to login all day no joy. Expected Sony to be better prepared for this. The demand for PS4 has been advertised as high since august, What did they think no one would try to these the network on release day!!!!!! Very disappointed

  • I’ve been on since yesterday, only thing is there is a lack of games!!! Other than that I freaking love it…

  • ahh guys dont cry about this its not that we pay to be on the psn….oh wait we do pay

  • Faaaail, Sony. How did Microsoft manage with a global release day whilst Sony has messed up in a staged roll out? Time to spend that PS+ money on some better servers guys, Pentium 2 is not good enough anymore.

  • @toz6666 no we didnt get the extras like the free store credit so read into that what you will……i know what it says too me ;)

  • “Some disruption” is a major understatement, havent been able to login to PSN all day. pretty bad when so much of the system relies on PSN connection.
    Surely Sony could have done more to prepare for today, they knew how many were pre-ordered and they previously announced the sales figures they were anticipating, so theres no excuse here.
    If only customer service was as important as sales to them.

  • Yes I agree chryogen, cause why would we expect to play a console we just forked out €400 for, That’s right, so we could talk to our ****ing families and friends
    *Looks for a Slap Key on Keyboard*

  • Guys chill out play through single player it was always gonna be abit tough to get online. Enjoy your systems. Currently playing through bf4 single player and loving it

  • Yeah this hasn’t helped at all. Still failing to log in like it did for the last 4 hours.

  • i got in and sorted took a few attempts and failed at various stages but picked up from wherever it left off each time.

  • I haven’t managed to link my PSN account all day so I’m a bit dubious about playing games yet.
    If you unlock trophies on the default user account, will they then unlock on your PSN account when you can finally link it?

  • Please hurry sony, I understand the issues with launch I suffered a similar process with FFXIV on the PS3 during launch day. I’ll keep trying until I’m signed in <3

  • You know Fred, I seriously knew this problem would come. As you see, not everything works flawlessly day one. Xbox One had the same issue, GTA Online had the same issue and even the US PSN had the same issue.

  • I got my PS4 this morning just after 11 I changed my hdd to a 1tb ssd in seconds well easy then updated it set it up and logged in fine.

  • This is just unacceptable, SONY had over two weeks from the US launch (which had pretty much the same problems), they knew exactly how many consoles they would sell today, and still we get these problems.
    Why am I paying for Playstation Plus when I cannot login. I expect some compensation for this.

  • Huge fan of Sony here but I totally agree with Hyper_Sniper and Chryogen here, i didnt buy a 400 euro console with 200 euros of games with it through PSN to not be able to play on it. They should have learned from previous mistakes and should have setup plenty of capacity this time to make sure this could not happen. We have been sitting for 6 hours now looking at a PS4 without being able to buy a single game on PSN. Oh wait, we can buy one now after that it says communication error again. I was just expecting a bit more from Sony this time around.

  • I still can’t log in to psn on ps4 :( that’s a shame. I was expecting this to happen but Sony should have learned already…

  • But now I am at hospital on a dialysis machine (since about 1630) and have still got 1hr 29 mins to go before I can go :-(

  • “Other PSN features such as log-in, online multi-player gaming, PlayStation Plus trial, PS Store (excluding voucher redemption), trophies, messages, friends etc. are all available.”
    wait … what? why am i not getting online then the whole day? ;)

  • The network is being naughty and I can’t even sign in.
    As of writing this comment, my bro has managed to sign in.

  • Really can’t get into killzone so far it’s a little to hard for me on easy hope the psn starts working so I can download something fun.

  • Given the predictability of launch, lessons learnt from the USA and the known number of new PS4s that expected to go online today, this really isn’t acceptable! What’s the use of being a loyal fanboy / supporter and buying a new PS4 on launch day if it doesn’t even work properly. I trust Sony will be compensating us all somehow – once everything is running smoothly again, which is obviously your first priority. I understand the situation and doing my best to be patience, as you have asked, but at the same time this is immensely frustrating :-(

  • wow – now the log-in works, then it says maintenance :-/

  • Utterly shambolic. Another PR disaster and a complete own goal.

  • @Tenjin because of what they said, only redemption codes are unavailable.

  • This is part of the deal when you get a new console on the first day it is available. That said, I’d like it if Sony could have offered the same deal as the US with the PSN credit, etc.

  • can’t sign in .. sort it out sony … you should have been ready for launch ????

  • ah, i can’t log-in because redeeming vouchers is not available? tell me more about it >_< i try to login and it sasys maintenance … sure, it needs it bad, but hey, who could've known, that milliones of people qan to go online today? what a surprise sony … planning big shows fpr launch, but not thinking about getting prepared with your network? good old sony … when will you ever learn?

  • Stop being fools it could be any number of issues and I bet the majority of people with gd speeds are on it fine. Home time hurry :-(

  • Have been trying to sign in since 8.30am, JOKE is an understatement sony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tenjin well once upon a time someone accidentally miss-read your post lol am sorry thought you said have been, eyes go bit funny on dialysis.

  • THAT’s why when I tried to redeem voucher codes it just send me back to the home screen! I thought it was an invalid voucher or something!

  • Unable to log into PSN on either new PS4 since lunchtime when it arrived or on PS3 either. Absolute shambles as expected from Sony. You have had a year to invest in the back office infrastructure and yet have failed to do so. Will be sticking with mS for multiplayer stuff this gen same as last one because Sony just can’t deliver in that respect.

  • Argh, I added some money to my account through paypal and it hasn’t shown up. Now that the login process seems to work, I added 5EUR more and that appeared immediately. The bigger sum still hasn’t :( What to do? Customer service for Finland has closed for the whole weekend!

  • no multi player isnt available it says psn isnt available and is undergoing maintenenc for second time today. why you no tell truth?

  • wow . put a post … now signed in

  • @BIGTONYUK have you got fast internet? I got in fine earlier got mine @ 11am. cant check if i can, not @ home

  • Been trying all day to login to PSN – epic fail!
    This just isn’t good enough Sony and reflects really badly on you, why have I bothered to preorder and get a PS4 on launch day?

  • Cannot belives Sony has got into another pickle with its Servers, last time it was hacked and no body signed in for a month. Now inadequate server client provisions for a launch? Sony needs to learnt a thing or two from Microsoft.

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