Welcome to PlayStation 4

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Welcome to PlayStation 4


Today, in 20 countries across Europe and the wider PAL region, PlayStation 4 goes on sale. It’s a huge day for everyone here at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and, more importantly, it’s a huge day for gamers. After years of hard work from our brilliant hardware teams, the most powerful gaming console ever created is now in your hands and you can finally experience our vision for the next-generation of gaming.
Since PS4 was first introduced to gamers at our New York event back in February, we’ve been happy to see our decision to create a sophisticated, connected and gamer-focussed console resonate with both our community of players and the media alike. Critics have hailed it as “a pure gaming thoroughbred” and “an exceptionally well-crafted console”, and we’re confident you’ll agree.
Of course, it’s not just about raw power – it’s the games that matter, and with 20 titles available to purchase today, including Killzone Shadow Fall, Battlefield 4, Resogun, FIFA 14, Call of Duty Ghosts, Knack, and Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, you have a huge range of phenomenal software to choose from.

And this is just the start. With over 180 titles currently in development, including Destiny, inFAMOUS Second Son, DRIVECLUB, The Order: 1886 and a brand new Uncharted adventure, our journey has only just begun.
While the games might be the PS4’s core focus, as ever, we’re also happy to offer you a huge range of entertainment services, with 18 apps available for download today, including NetFlix, iPlayer, Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited and many more to come. Not only do you have the best games at your fingertips, but a complete library of movies, music and video too.
Whether you made it out last night to celebrate with us at one of our many launch events across the region, or are patiently awaiting the knock of a delivery man this morning, we’d like to thank you for choosing PlayStation. PS4 exists for you; you’re the reason why we continue to push at the boundaries of play, crafting experiences you’ll not see anywhere else. Please enjoy your new console – we can’t wait to hear how you, the players, get on.

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  • Thank you Jim, and thank you Sony, thanks to everyone involved from concept right through to dispatch.
    Thank you to The Players.
    Now where is the courier with my PS4?

  • Congratulations on a succesful launch, where ‘next gen’ becomes ‘current gen’ all across Europe!
    Greatness has arrived!

  • Congratulations to the entire PlayStation team for a fantastic new console! Thanks a lot for the hard work so far and I’m hoping for a lot of great updates in the future too!

  • Czech Republic is only 14 days till launch :) Ou, those will be the longest 2 weeks in my life :(

  • BBC Breakfast News. “Parents complain their kids play video games for hours on end”. Jim says “they should be better parents then”. Great, well said Jim.

  • Thanks Jim.
    I was there at midnight launch for PS3 many years ago. But unfortunately both GAME and HMV closed down in my hometown and unable to be there at midnight launch of PS4.
    I preordered PS4 and it will be delivered today.
    I took day off work but I realized few days ago that the console will be delivered at my WORK!
    I gotta pick it up before it even reach there!

  • Thank you Sony for recreating that feeling I had when you wake up and creep downstairs on Christmas morning except it’s the 29th November, I’m 34 and the delivery man is Santa. Ha ha.

  • Just a pitty there wasnt enough stock to go around as many of us are without the next generation

  • Congratulations on the launch. I’m sure it’ll be a success over time.
    I’m waiting a year before getting one though. Then the firmware and first production run issues will be ironed out. The PS4 doesn’t have any games I want either, at the moment. It’s all a little dull and uninspired.
    Since you killed WipEout and the PS4 doesn’t launch with an awesome next-gen WipEout game I have no reason to pick up a launch unit. I’ll make the jump when it has enough exclusive games that appeal to me.

  • It was the first time i went on night opening to buy a video game system. It was very fun :) And so far I’m very impressed by ps4, im sure it will impress even more in the near and further future

  • Congrats For Gamers across Europe , Sadly Gonna wait untill december the 13th to get our lunch In Middle East, Thank you for keep us waiting untill everybody gets their PS4 Mister Ryan .

  • Congrats on the PS4 and the Playstation family in general. Today has been far to long in coming and all im waiting for now is the nice delivery man to bring me the Next Generation of Gaming on the only platform its worth playing on.
    Cannot wait to see how the PS4 evolves over its lifetime and what games, third-party or exclusives join its already stellar launch line up.
    Thankyou and keep up the amazing work.

  • Congrats on a great launch Sony
    Picked mine up at midnight, don’t seem so long since I did the same back in ’95, yet another magnificent game-machine you guys have pieced together (yes, that’s all I ever use my consoles for)
    Been digging into the PS+ games all night. Time to get a little shut-eye before digging into Killzone and Knack over the weekend
    There are some awesome games on the horizon, but with the ever increasing dev-time of games I’m not really expecting the PS4 to overtake PS3 in game-hours for some months, but it’s a great investment all the same.

  • Best console ever, comes to mind.
    Hopefully the music and video support won’t be too far away.
    Any idea what happened with the store update?
    A number of items appear to still be missing like VidZone and the Lego Marvel demo.
    Also any idea when the Content Information Screen is coming back online?
    Been playing with the PS4 all day, lovin it

  • Picked up mine, so excited!
    I got concerned about the warranty, though. The clerk told me that their and Sony’s warranty is only one year. But in the EU we automatically get a two-year warranty, see here for the regulation: bit.ly/nR9iSp Sony can’t change the regulation.
    This is really poor form from Sony, I hope you will officially clarify your position that it is indeed a two-year warranty!

  • Thankyou jim for those kind words of wisdom i was the first four in line at ebgames in joondalup perth western australia and got some free stuff aswell awesome its the first lauch i’ve been to and it was hell worth it i’ve had no trouble with my PS4 console sofar loving the standby mode charge controller mode you should have done this for the PS3 cause i was really annoying have the console going to charge the controllers is ther any plans to do it for the ps3? I still have our original bulky ps2 at my bros place! But he never use it now!!

  • Mine is out for delivery!!!! :P
    I have a few ps3 titles to play through I promised I would, always would like to try all the uncharted I missed and still playing the amazing last of us, dragons dogma and Tomb raider.
    but I just wish to say an amazing and flawless launch and console in ps4 and let us hope all of you working hard for us gamers are rewarded in some way.
    Thank you Sony for another gen of surprises to come

  • What can I say picked my mega bundle up at midnight, raced home, updated, downed, played and used voice and facerecognition. It look great stood proud next to my tv and it was simple to setup and connect to the cloud services.
    Did a mention the companion app and vita oled looks and works like a dream! Plus one of my pet hates which is small text on the system menu’s has been addressed and I can now sit away from my tv and still read the text. Lol
    Well done sony.

  • Cheers Jim but, in my opinion, I think it’s quite cheeky to actually call out services like Video Unlimited in your missive when such a service is only available in a small handful of SCEE regions, with SCEE refusing to provide any information regarding its expansion despite repeated requests for updates.
    If you really care about your customers (outside of the UK) it’s time to face the music and at least provide an update, even if that update is “there are no plans to bring these services to other regions”. It’s been, literally, years since we’ve heard anything. I don’t expect an informative reply to this comment; SCEE have dodged this question for years and will continue to do so.
    Thank you.

  • Okay Jim, you successfully released PS4, so isn’t a time to go back to PS3 and finally give us an option to delete that insulting Singstar crap from our XMB?

  • More on the warranty: Apple had to change their policies to be in accordance with the EU regulations mandating a 2-year warranty. Apple had to pay hefty fines for false advertising, and I’m sure Sony wants to avoid that :P Here more: bit.ly/19QfQns
    I hope Sony will change their policy quickly!

  • Mine is being delivered today between 13:02 and 14:02 today.. At least I have my PS3 and Vita to occupy me until then.
    I hope Sony continue to bring amazing games to this new generation like we had for the PS3; Puppeteer, Beyond: Two Souls and The Last Of Us.
    Looking forward to playing with the best people on earth with the best console on earth, PS4.

  • grts
    have mine
    very confusing menu first time , stil looking where i can put touch movement on to use in menu .

  • DPD aren’t bringing mine until 3.30pm. The sadists.

  • Can’t wait to open the box. My PS4 is currently en route. Thank you and congratulations at the same time!

  • Not pre-ordered because i wanted to see the specs first…. Now impossible to buy this year beacuse there are to little availaible consoles in Benelux :(

  • I’m heading to Gamestop right now to pick up my preordered PS4 with Battlefield 4! See you on the other side. :)

  • I’ve got a question: I live in the Netherlands and I’m considering buying the PS4 in the US in a few weeks, but will the ps4 run in Europe, or will there be any problems with the upcoming games?
    can’t wait to play it!

  • I was at the midnight launch at GAME and picked up my shiny new PS4, its all set up and ready and waiting for Sky to sort out my broadband problems so i can get online and update my new baby, for now i’ll just play offline :( Congratulations on a successful UK launch Sony XD

  • Just waiting my delivery from amazon. Got my 1tb HDD all ready and waiting.

  • Should I call in sick?

  • Congratz Sony with the launch of PS4 across EU region!

  • 13 days till Greek launch..thx you sony for making ps4 affordable!

  • @BuscuitPumpkin
    Definitely XD

  • Already have mine =D let’s play ;)

  • Buying a console that early is awesome, but not the wisest thing someone can do. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way by getting a ps3 a couple of weeks after release. Still there’s gonna be way too much fighting to resist the urge. If everything goes as planned and the desire doesn’t overcome me, this time next year with a bunch of free games from plus and a good bundle, will be amazing. I just hope Sony won’t go back on their word about supporting ps3.

  • Thanks team SCEE I greatly appreciate all you do for the gamers!
    I am literally looking out of the window for YODEL delivering my PS4!!!

  • My PS4 is set to arrive on december 20th. I can’t wait! :)

  • Disappointed with the lack of consoles shipped to Sweden. Pre-ordered in august and didn’t get one. Pretty much no stores sold it today, just for people who reserved one. Oh well, enjoy you who eventually got one.

  • Courier just delivered the future to my door!
    Thank you Sony and all of you design guys for producing the best console in the PS4.

  • See your interview on BBC Jim, Brilliant. “You need to look after your kids a bit better! We feel that parental responsibility is of the utmost importance.” – Jim Ryan

  • Dpd will be here between 4-5pm today so while I wait to play on my next gen thank you ps+ for grid2

  • Well, after being extremely worried about the DS4 design (DS3 is perfection imo) I ended up pleasantly surprised. The controller was smaller and lighter than I had expected and positively reminded me of the traditional design in that aspect. The Xbox controller influences started to show their mark after a while though.. The joysticks are better than expected when playing casually, but bring some issues for the real deal.. Clicking the joysticks while holding them in a position (sprinting for example) feels REALLY awkward to me, like I suddenly have to hold my controller in a different position real quick just to get it done..

  • R1/L1 buttons are way too small (giving them more of a secondary function like the bumpers on Xbox), and aren’t in the most optimal position in junction to the handles, which I think are too big and not curved enough. Defintely makes the thing feel a bit convulsive to me, putting some cramps in my hands.. Also don’t like how you have to push in the Dpad and facebuttons harder, and how they make that awful clicking sound. They’re also positioned a bit further from the joysticks which makes the transition slower and more awkward. All in all it’s greater than I expected but can never come close to the traditional design, which is a work of perfection imo.

  • One small question. Is it better to put the console in standby or turn it off completely? Or does it make no difference?

  • I really hope I can grab one at launch in 14 days. I have AC IV and LEGO Marvel on the way, getting me even more psyched for the experience. I think I’ll spend the time until launch playing Ni no Kuni and watching twitch streams – that should keep me occupied.

  • ok original post didnt go up basically i think the ps4 is really bad cant play cds mp3 or mp4 through usb cant change background /theme playroom gets boring after 2 mins cant play ps3 only 2 games for plus members instead of the 4 homescreen is basic compared to ps3 so is internet browser thinking about going xbox one

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