Trine 2: Complete Story out now for PS4, with free trial and 20% PS Plus discount

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Hi everyone, this is Kai from Finnish game developer Frozenbyte – we’re extremely happy to announce that Trine 2: Complete Story is now available digitally for the PS4! We are also delighted that PlayStation Plus members get a 20% discount on the game! It’s been a hectic few weeks but now the launch is upon us and we couldn’t be happier. :)
Trine 2: Complete Story features online as well as local co-op for up to three players! This allows you to play through the levels with the help of your friends – you can put your minds together for solving puzzles, clearing obstacles in your path, and you can join forces when fighting dangerous foes.
Playing together with others is also a good bit of fun when combining some of the skills that you acquire throughout the course of the game. For example, you can use the Knight’s magnetic shield to push someone over large distances if they’re standing on a box made by the Wizard.


There are now 50 trophies in Trine 2: Complete Story for you to earn, and some of them are quite challenging. It may take some time before we see anyone with a complete list!
As you may have heard already, the game runs at beautiful Full HD 1080p resolution with 60 frames per second, and also supports stereoscopic 3D. We’ve seen and heard great comments from North American gamers on the graphics and especially on the 3D, and it’s worth repeating: If you have a 3D TV, give it a try! It will surprise you. :)
Trine 2: Complete Story is available now on the PS Store for £14.49/€16.95 – or if you’re a PS Plus subscriber, only £11.59/€13.56. There is also a Trial demo you can download for free if you’re on the fence. As always, if you want to stay up-to-date with news regarding Trine 2 and our other games, like our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, and read the news here. We can’t wait for the launch and all the feedback, keep it coming! :)


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  • I’d definitely get this had I a PS4. I’ve already played Trine 2 on other platforms though, so I can confirm it’s greatness!

  • does it realy matter whats on psn for ps4? when it seems like no one get log in to it form there ps4…

  • My PS4 won’t let me sign in :( keeps dropping back to the sign in page after I set my sharing preferences :( Servers busy I guess. Box looks nice though under the telly and controller feels nice in my hand

  • I’ll definitely give the demo a try over the weekend!
    How long will the Plus discount last for?

  • Been trying for half an hour now :( I wish it would let me sign in

  • Joel from developer Frozenbyte here, thanks for the feedback. :)
    Yeah the PSN servers are probably getting hit pretty hard right now, in North America the biggest rush seemed to last for roughly a day, after that PSN slowly got better. I think they’ve shut down some parts of the services to make it a bit smoother for Europe, but of course there’s still loads of people trying to get on at once. So a good dose of patience is needed! I do hope you guys get logged in eventually and can then go check out the game. :)
    @1 KawaiiShogun Thanks. :)
    @4 JO-AYNE Ah yes, the PS Plus discount lasts two weeks. So it ends on December 13. Sorry for not mentioning that in the post!
    – Joel, Frozenbyte team, developers of Trine 2: Complete Story

  • Hey Joel, does Trine 2 on PS4 support remote play?

  • @7 dylanwiggan Yes, Remote Play is supported. However the controls are using the default settings, which isn’t quite ideal, so we may be releasing an update at some point to make them a little more intuitive for Vita. No estimate time for the update release yet though.

  • Ok cool, thanks for the reply. Already bought the game just waiting for my ps4 to turn up, can’t wait to play!

  • I already own both Trine and Trine 2 for PS3. Beautiful games.
    I’ll buy this one too, when I get PS4 eventually.
    I’m bit sad that they’re not cross buy, but still price is fair and PS plus discount is nice. Keep it up guys.

  • Will we get a PSPlus discount like the US? Just now they are paying $30 for a year instead of $50. I think £20 for a year for us sounds about right.

  • @9 dylanwiggan Cool, hope you enjoy the game! :)
    @10 Kolobanov Thanks for supporting us so early on, great to hear. We’ll have some sales eventually next year so maybe that’s a good timing for you. We couldn’t do Cross-Buy due to different publishers (we’re self-publishing now) and of course Complete Story also has more content than the original game on PS3. Sorry about that! We definitely support the idea of Cross-Buy so our future games will hopefully have that where it’s possible.
    @12 AeonsDead Sorry, I don’t really know about the PS Plus stuff in general, probably better asked in another post and maybe Sony can answer. All I know is that this -20% PS Plus promotion for Trine 2: Complete Story is only valid in Europe, we wanted to do it in the US too but it wasn’t possible yet, so this time Europe got the better deal… but anyhow you should probably ask the question in another post. Hope this helps.
    Thanks all. :)
    – Joel, Frozenbyte team, developers of Trine 2: Complete Story

  • Joel ..
    why cant u make replies like all the devs/mods do on this forum? It seems u just make a comment instead of a reply since u miss the blue/grey box.
    U have been on here so long and still not accepted :(
    I played the demo on ps4 and i have to say it looks sweet in 3d. But i already got trine 1-2 on ps3 so still thinking if i should get this too just for the 3d.
    But nice work on it :)

  • Bought the game on strength of pc gamers reccommendation. Started playing it and i thought very good game. Looks lovely in 3d but in 3d it displays in 720p. Is this correct even for ps4? On strength of trine 2 I downloaded original trine on ps3

  • It’s 1280 x 1470 at 60 Hz on my projector.
    Not Full HD, but better than 720p.
    Looks really nice and smooth.
    What do the developers think?
    Is PS4 3D version nicer than PC 1080p side by side?

  • I was on the fence about re-buying this having got it on PS3, but I will definitely be getting this now with the discount. Looking forward to replaying with the DS4 and improved graphics.
    You guys and Housemarque are representing Finland excellently at launch.

  • Hell yeah, I have this one on PC with beautiful 1080p (and more than 1080) and 60+ fps for ages. It costs 3 bucks right now too… And it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.
    I hope it gets a bit more attention from hungry gamers who bought ps4 to realized that Sony fooled ’em and there is no reason to buy it other than just-another-killzone-that-is-just-killzone-but-in-hd.

  • Thanks for the reply, but apologies for the rude interjection FrozenbyteGames, i only mentioned this because i thought this thread would be tagged “PSPlus” and monitored by blog manager.
    I wasn’t expecting you to give me an answer, and i didn’t intend to hijack your post. One a Trine note, i do own Trine 1 and Trine 2 complete on PC, i am a big fan of the series and i’m eagerly looking forward to any new titles you may be bringing to PS4.

  • @ninenullseven
    Talking about 3D with this game.
    With the PC you do not get 3D 1080p with 60Hz on any TV or Projector, or do you? No prob 1080p on a computer-screen with 3DVision, but max 720p with 3D-Vision or 3D SBS with 1080p but you will only have half resolution for the width.
    Joel? What do you think?
    What’s the best 3D-experience one can get with Trine 2?

  • I’ve downloaded the demo twice to my PS4, it installs OK, but won’t run, it says I need a Licence ??

  • @14 Basket21 Regarding the replies and not having them as “official”… it’s just easier this way for now, since I’m not the poster, and there’s some other technical hiccups/hectic stuff going on right now too understandably. I think the replies only come up as official for the poster or for Sony folks, hence why this account can’t ever post official replies. Hope that helps. Thanks for the thoughts too, perhaps wait for a good sale on the game and then play it in 3D. :)
    @17 seanoc1 Thanks. :)
    @19 AeonsDead Ok no worries, and thanks. :)
    @21 praedor Hmm, this seems to come up sometimes – try logging in and out of PSN. Perhaps try rebooting too. It could also be related to the current PSN issues, so might get fixed in a day or two if nothing else works…
    – Joel, Frozenbyte team, developers of Trine 2: Complete Story

  • @15 opeth12 In normal mode the resolution is 1080p60 but right now in 3D the output is 720p60. This is a technical limitation in the standards/firmware. In the future updates may happen, and then output at 1080p60 in 3D should be possible (the game already runs internally at 1080p60 in 3D too). We’re not yet sure if it will require a patch from us, but if so we’ll try to do it as soon as it’s technically possible. It will require a recent 3D TV too, like some models from 2013 or a select few models from 2012. I believe (or hope) that the Sony KDL-W80x/W90x models support it, I have a W805 at home so I look forward to eventually seeing full 1080p60 in 3D on it, fingers crossed. :)
    – Joel, Frozenbyte team, developers of Trine 2: Complete Story

  • @16/20 FrenzelB I believe it’s indeed extremely difficult to get 1080p60 3D with any TV or projector right now. Some TVs support it like I mention above, not sure about current projectors. I should mention that I’m not an expert on this subject. As far as I understand though, it _should_ be possible, I’m just not sure of the exact steps (a computer, dual-link DVI -> modern 3D TV with HDMI 1.4b(?) using 3D Vision or one of the other modes, that might do the trick – I’m not really sure how they react to the TV display though, that could be a problem).
    That said, the 3D on PS4 and PC is virtually identical in any case, I think they both work very well. We just played the game from the beginning in 3D on PS4 on a couch on Friday with a 55″ TV, it looked perfectly fine for me and quite awesome. :) So PC and PS4 are both fine for 3D – PS4 is just maybe a tiny bit easier to use because you don’t really need to know much about the tech or setup, if the TV supports it then it simply works. That’s pretty great. :)
    – Joel, Frozenbyte team, developers of Trine 2: Complete Story

  • Picked this up on Saturday and have to say that the 3D is simply amazing, (great day 1 discount for PS+) the quality of the graphics and effects is up there with the best 3D blurays. Even my girlfriend was impressed with it all.
    Great job everyone at Frozenbyte, it’s certainly a step up from any of the 3D games on the PS3 and cannot see how well supported it might be this time around.

  • I bought the game on ps4, but I can’t run it. It says I need a license. I thought that when you pay for the game, you own it and can play it, but no. How do I get this license??

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