RESOGUN out today: Expert tips for taking on the leaderboards

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Today we celebrate the official release of RESOGUN and PS4 in Europe. As you can see in the artwork and video below, RESOGUN is not only a great shoot ’em up, but also a technically mesmerising and vibrant game.
The image below shows off a bunch of enemy concepts and although some of these didn’t make the cut for the final game, it gives you a good idea of the killer waves you will be blasting to pieces when you play.

Resogun art

As Tommaso mentioned in the previous blog post, you’ll need to learn a lot of tricks to master RESOGUN and achieve the best possible score. As you can see in the video above, style and technique are happily married in RESOGUN, so be assured you’ll amaze whoever will be watching over your shoulder.
Because the game was released in North America a couple of weeks back (what an unfair advantage, right?), I am going to use this blog post to share a few hints that should help Europe catch up on the leaderboards in no time.
1) Boost to kill
Boosting in RESOGUN is not only vital to escape enemy waves, but must also be used as a weapon to ram enemies and to explosively blast into the middle of swarms. The end of a boost is always accompanied by an explosion, and the more enemies you hit with a boost, the bigger the explosion. Also, notice that each enemy you hit with the boost will slightly recharge the boost itself, allowing for really long and devastating charges.
2) Overdrive
The overdrive meter is filled by collecting the green cubes left behind by enemies after you blasted them to pieces.You also score points for collecting the green cubes, but when the overdrive meter is full, any green dust collected cannot be stored. So, when the meter is full and the screen crowded with enemies, it makes sense to activate the Overdrive and blast as many enemies as possible. To get the highest possible score, try to use the Overdrive as many times as possible on each level.
3) Keep your multiplier up
The life of certain humans (let’s call them “secret humans”) depends on the multiplier at certain phases of the level. Check out the glow behind the multiplier to understand if you’re going for it or not. If the multiplier is high enough, your multiplier will flash and release a human. If your multiplier is too low, that human will be lost instantly with an accompanying sound effect.
4) Kill the Keeper enemies in the correct order
Starting from level 2 some Keeper waves appear in ordered groups and there’s a specific order in which you have to kill them. The first one is always marked with a green glow and a target, while the others are marked in red. If you accidentally kill the wrong Keeper and break the kill order, the human from that group will be lost.
5) What’s that “Throw Human” button for?
Some people seem confused by this one. Don’t be! Throwing Humans should be a standard button in every game. What the button does is simply… ehr… throwing a human in the air. For what purpose? Well, if for example you are boosting, you can use the ship’s inertia to throw the human further and this becomes really useful if you’re busy fighting waves but still want to:

  •  Deliver the human to the next escape pods
  •  Make sure the human doesn’t die with you if you’re about to blow up

Also, a skillful mastering of the Throw Human button allows you to juggle humans – two or even three at a time. Why in the world would you do that? To be cool, first of all, but also to score more points and also to unlock the ‘Micromanagement’ trophy.
Just before the holidays start, we will reveal expert techniques in more detail. Stay tuned to PlayStation Blog for more details. Thank you for reading/watching and good luck out there!

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