Putty Squad is reborn on PS4 this week

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For over 30 years, System 3 has created and published some really unique and exciting games, and we are proud of each and every release. Way back in the early ’90s, we released Super Putty, a break from the traditional platform genre that we thought had become a little stale.
Its cutting edge graphics and catchy soundtrack were well received, with the press awarding scores upwards of 90%. Super Putty was a huge success, and due to the huge support from gamers, we got to work immediately on a sequel that offered the same frenetic gameplay, but in a whole new setting for Putty’s next great adventure.
Sadly, the 16 bit era on home computers came to an end very quickly, just as we were finishing Putty Squad. We even had demos on cover mounted disks, with gamers playing over and over, setting high scores and sharing their stories of Putty’s adventures with their friends. What came next was a crushing blow – retailers weren’t taking Amiga games anymore, and we had this brilliant game ready to go. And so, it remained, locked away for decades.

A few years ago, we thought, “perhaps there’s a place for Putty again”, and since then, a swathe of brilliant and unique retro-styled indie games have been popping up, and all the while, we were happily working away on a re-imagining of Putty Squad.
We reworked everything from the original Amiga data files, redrawing sprites, re-working level backgrounds, balancing gameplay, and adding in new features not present in the original, such as challenge mode.
We didn’t stop there, though, with the original music re-mastered for the modern gamer, but still retaining the charm of the original. We then added the sticker book – a way to earn downloadable content for free.


The most exciting development was still to come. We still had the original Super Putty data, and what better way to celebrate the arrival of the eighth generation than by giving away every graphical level of Super Putty for free as part of the Putty Squad season pass with day one pre-orders for PlayStation 4 at GAME stores in the UK.
We’re incredibly proud to be part of the launch of Sony’s next great console, and releasing Putty Squad after 20 years is an honour. We’ve put our heart and soul into making Putty Squad the definitive version of a classic game, and hope you enjoy playing it just as much as we have making it.
Putty Squad launches on PS4 via PlayStation Store this Friday, priced  €19.99/£15.99.


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