Robot Rescue Revolution comes to PS3 next month

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Hi everyone! This is Aneta from Teyon announcing our upcoming release of a very unique puzzler for PS3, a puzzler that even the team who developed the game had trouble unraveling! Let me with great pleasure introduce you to the quirky robots from Robot Rescue Revolution!

In Robot Rescue Revolution your mission is to maneuver a bunch of wacky robots that have been trapped in deadly labyrinths to the exit and ultimately save them from a disastrous ending. Each labyrinth is full of interactive items from teleports to mines that either help in cracking the puzzles or are consequently lethal. Sounds simple, right? Well don’t be fooled by its simplicity just yet as there is more to this game than meets the eye.


The twist in this game of strategy and logic is that each and every robot shares linked controls. This means that you can’t move each robot individually, rather each and every move you make will cause all the robots to move simultaneously in the same direction- and here is where the fun begins!

Besides cracking the puzzles on your own there is also the option to play with a friend in Two-Player mode which is broken down into co-op and split screen modes. In Co-op mode you and a buddy can play on the same screen and work together to crack the puzzles, bringing the robots back to safety. Or if you’re feeling a little competitive you can challenge a friend in Duel mode where you will battle it out on identical but separate maps seeing who solves the puzzle and makes it to the finish line first.

Robot Rescue Revolution also lets you take a backseat to all the brain-bending puzzles by giving you a chance to be the mastermind behind your own maps. With Map Editor you can design your own maps and upload them online, sharing them with the rest of the Robot Rescue community. Oh! And don’t forget about earning all the Robot Rescue Revolution trophies for your PlayStation Trophy Cabinet!


Robot Rescue Revolution will be available on PlayStation Store from 4th December priced €6.99. Keep an eye on our website and on PlayStation Blog for more updates about this wacky game. We welcome any feedback you may have!

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