Daily challenges now available in Spelunky on PS3 and PS Vita

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Daily challenges now available in Spelunky on PS3 and PS Vita

Spelunky on PS3 and PS Vita

Hey, everyone! It’s Derek once again. First off, thank you for your tremendous support of Spelunky on PS3 and PS Vita. You’ve made it clear that it was the right choice bringing the game to PlayStation! We’re really happy about how the game has been received (generally with much glee, followed by screams of anguish, followed by more glee).

But I’m really here to talk about our first update, which is out now. Of course, every game launches with some number of bugs, and Blitworks has been working hard to fix as many of those as possible. The slowdown in certain areas of the game was probably the biggest issue, and that’s been addressed. They also fixed a bug that was preventing certain Trophies from being earned.

Also, if you’ve been watching streams of people playing Spelunky on PC, you may have noticed that that version of the game has a unique feature called the Daily Challenge, where each day a set of levels is generated that has the same seed for everyone playing it. If you get a high score on the Daily Challenge, you can really attribute it to your skill and knowledge of the game, rather than the luck of the draw (i.e. serious bragging rights).

Spelunky on PS Vita and PS3Spelunky on PS Vita and PS3

On top of that, you only get one chance to play the Daily — if you die, you gotta wait until the next day to try again! So yeah, somehow we managed to crank up the tension of playing Spelunky even higher… and PC players seem to really like it!

When Blit heard about this new mode, they couldn’t wait to implement it on PSN. That’s one of the great things about working with them — they love their work and relish the technical challenges of doing an awesome port. It’s right in line with the spirit of Spelunky and the spirit of the Daily, which, as you may have guessed, you can now play on PSN as part of this update.

So enjoy the Daily Challenge. Enjoy the bug fixes and optimizations. Enjoy life. (Enjoy death, too.) Just enjoy.

(And special thanks to Doug Wilson and Zach Gage. They gave us the idea for the Daily Challenge in the first place and have been great friends and supporters for a long time. You guys are the best.)

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  • Oh sweet, love the game and I was disappointed to find that the PSN version didn’t have this feature, but you’ve managed to sort that out, and at the amazing price of free!
    Many thanks for the great game!

  • Thanks for the patch. And thanks for the patch notes actually included when you install the update, the majority of developers don’t bother.

  • Mighty fine update.
    Thank you. :-)

  • AWESOME! Thanks so much!

  • Great update – just when I thought I had got over my addiction of this game!

    Does anyone know whether these “bux fixes and optimizations” fix the slow down on foggy levels and such?

    Best value for money game I’ve played in years, and infinitely fun! Can’t wait for a few more titles like this (Rogue Legacy, Binding of Isaac)!

  • Phenomenal game and a great (albeit unexpected) update. Shows the dev team care.

    Derek Yu take a bow!

  • I wanted to try this game but I’m afraid it’ll be too difficult… I don’t like games that require too much thinking (like Limbo).
    So I’ll pick this up when you discount the game for PS+ members.

  • I’m dying to play this on Vita, but with the backlog of games i’ve got from Plus etc. i just really can’t justify it to myself… now if it were to go on sale sometime in the near Christmas future, i can definitely see me buying it.

  • Really big thanks for adding daily chalange, have been really waiting for that. You guys made a great game, also thank for trophy fixing. I only have a question about 100% journal trophy, I did 100% before this fix, is there any way to get that trophy now?

    Again thanks for daily chalange, have been really waiting for that.

  • You have answered my gaming desires. The only thing that spelunky needs to do now is be on ever machine known to man, because for me it has became my Tetris for Platforming.
    Also maybe remove a few of the animations that you need to get past before you can start playing, because any moment I’m not playing spelunky is an affront to the gift that is life…and spelunnky!

  • This is fantastic news! Much love and respect for Derek and Blit!

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