Gran Turismo 6 digital pre-order now available, in-game credits detailed

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Hello Gran Turismo fans. I hope you are brushing up on your driving skills as we move closer to the release of the most realistic driving simulator yet, Gran Turismo 6.

As you know, the latest iteration of the series has a whole host of new features that you’ll be able to take advantage of. If you’ve missed any of the news, take a look back at the feature reveal here.

Today, I’m happy to share some great new information for Gran Turismo 6. Starting today, Gran Turismo 6 is on the PS Store! You’re now able to pre-order the Standard Edition or, for those seeking that little extra advantage on the track, the Special Edition.

With the Special Edition, you’ll get the full GT6 Game, 20 extra cars (Torque, Performance, Adrenaline and Velocity packs), custom PSN avatars, paint chips, race suits and race helmets – basically everything you need to fly past your friends on the way to the finish line. And, pre-ordering either of the editions on the store before launch will get you the great cars included in the Precision Pack for free.

Precision Pack

For those of you who are either looking to update your PS3 or are still sitting on the fence (after all these years!) you’ll have some very impressive bundles available. I’m not going to reveal them here, but go talk to your favourite games store and I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

In addition, from launch at retail you’ll find a new option for building your ultimate fantasy car collection in-game credits will be purchasable through PS Store or your friendly local retailer at the following denominations: 500K, 1 million, 2.5 million or 7 million credits which you’ll be able to apply in-game for cars and parts. To know how much your credits will get you, take a look at the menu of choices. For 1 million credits you could get all the cars below.

GT6_A3 Menu_Blog_AW

And finally, I’m excited to announce that we’ll be traveling to Ronda in Spain to celebrate the launch of GT6. Ronda is a small city in the south of Spain near Malaga which you’ll find featured in Photo Travel mode of the game. In the game you’ll be able to take pictures of your best cars on top of the Puente Nuevo, or New Bridge, a bit of a misleading name since the bridge finished construction in 1793!


Kazunori Yamauchi will be there to explain how the game was developed and give interviews about the new developments in the game. Make sure to keep your eyes on the web that week because for all you GT fans, there will be lots of new information about your favourite franchise!

In the meantime, pull out GT5 and start brushing up on your cornering skills, you’ll need them to prove it on the track!

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  • I’ll read a GT6 post when you tell me it’s coming to PS4 ;-)

  • Hi there, good to see the pre-order content is all there.

    Have a couple of questions though.

    Will we be able to pre-download?
    Is there any word on cost?

    Just want at least the first answered before I decide to keep my pre-order with game or not!

    Thanks :)

  • – How much will each version of the game cost as digital download?
    – How many GB are required?

    Apart from all this, I have been playing GT for years and thsi is my top game that I have been waiting for this winter :D

  • Oh, I too would like to know the amount of space required, will it be the usual twice the size of the download?

  • Just had two of my questions answered by the pre-order appearing on the store page, thanks.

    Would like confirmation of pre-download though if possible.

  • Oh no! Another franchise down the microtransactions tube!

  • Yamauchi loves Spain! Really nice to see Ronda in GT :D

  • In-game credits ahem? You can take that piece of trash of a game and put it in far away place! The game industry is becoming a PIMP and believe me, I’m no prostitute you bastards!

  • Really happy about this – don’t need to replace my dying bluray drive now! Thanks sony/PD!

    @#4 – downloads always need twice the space to unzip, so 32GB should be safe – including day 1 patch.

    @#5 – the store says it will download on 5/12 and become available on 6/12.

  • Just saw that, thanks, pre-order with game cancelled :P

  • So fully installed game will be around 30GB right?Just saw on PS Store it says 14,3GB download…one more thing can someone tell me will there be 1 000 000 credits included with Special/Anniversary Edition like when you buying in store or thats GAME’s deal only?

  • @1 Never then? Beyond me why anyone would trade in their PS3 for PS4 when there’s hardly anything releasing on it that you can’t get elsewhere. Best of both worlds FTW.

  • Am I seeing right? Microtransactions? In a fully charged game? I was hyped until now, it’s sickening…

  • Can’t believe I’ll probably cancel my preorder, I just can’t support this kind of bussiness practice that’s getting more and more popular.

    Hell, I give 70 euros for it and expect no microtransactions. It’s NOT a Free 2 Play game!

  • @14 the micro transactions are just for in game credits, it wont effect your progression in any way.

    Mind you, even im not happy that micro transactions are available now, its kills the feel of progression when you know u can just pay a few more £s to get what you want

  • Ps4 is out and you guys still bringing GT6 to the Ps3…Ye just do that, really smart of you guys. You guys want us to buy Ps4, we buy it. Than we also expect good games and guess what…GT6, one of the biggest games on the Playstation consoles and if you ask me, the biggest, most succesfull racing game that we had till now. (Forza aint even close to GT’s logo, let alone the game) It would have been the ultimate launching title for Ps4 (Ps4 + Gt6) Sounds good huh ….ye thought so too. Just do a stunt like this, break the hearts of people that are royal to PS since PS4. PS4 IS ALLREADY OUT DAMNIT, WHY BRING THIS GAME TO PS3 WHY WHY WHYYY ????? So many people sold there Ps3 allready, like me, to buy a PS4, cuz ye, Ps4 is the newer machine, so it makes sense to get that one, right Sony. I want to hear/read a PS4 version before 2014 hits SONY !.

  • @Psycho-Turn

    Option 1 – Release GT6 on a system with 80.000.000 users
    Option 2 – Release GT6 on a system with a couple of million of users

    You tell me, from a business standpoint, which one is better? Nobody forced you to buy a PS4 at launch, and even if you do, you can play all kinds of games on it. Next year big exclusives start releasing, and even racing games like The Crew, Drive Club and project C.A.R.S.

    Just be patient.

  • My PS3 getting some love before I switch fully to next-gen with this and PS+ with so many games I still need to play.. Sorry PS4 won’t be playing you 24/7 still got a lot of gaming to do this Gen. PS2 only stayed around for FF12 and that didn’t last all that long

  • @16 You really think they would just abandon then install base of the PS3? There are many millions of people that own the machine, the amount of PS4’s out there is nothing compared to that, so they are going to publish bigs games on the PS3 still as that is where the real money is right now. We all know that there will be a GT for the PS4 but it’s not this one. No point complaining, no one made you sell your old machine to get the new one.

  • PD what have you DONE!!?!?

    Seriously, I’ve been looking forward to my PS4 since the start of the year, nothing I wanted more then my PS4 with games like Battlefield 4 with 64 players, smoother fps and Killzone Shadowfall etc.. etc…

    But over the last couple of days I’ve been finding myself looking foward to GT6 even more! 2 weeks reminding to next-gen starts for me but here I’m only a couple weeks away from my glorious PS4 and the only game I can think about is GT Freakin 6 :| After playing GT6 academy awhile ago and noticing the improvements STRAIGHT AWAY (took off all the HUD + everything) I thought “No wonder why this game is on PS3”

    But I still looked forward to my PS4 more… But now!? I just can’t wait for GT6..

    I really want to know if a G27 steering wheel will work on PS4? Could get the PS4 steering wheel (which works on PS3) but the G27 seems a lot better & a bit cheaper… but if it didn’t work on PS4 I’d be pissed off I didn’t get the PS4 steering wheel… Need an answer so I can buy the wheel that would suit me the best.

  • @15: Oh, but it will!

    Ingame credits are used to buy cars and tune them with better equipment. So, if you have enough credits, you can buy better cars, and have a better chance at finishing first place in the many challenges.

    Plus, it usually tempts developers to tweak (eg lower) ingame earnings, forcing gamers to choose between grinding or paying.

    Ingame (credit) purchases should be prohibited for any non-f2p game.

  • Pre release dlc, pre order bonuses, and in game credits. This all stinks of greed.

    Sony. Your customers do not want this.

  • Microtransactions are just greedy. Theres no excuse because you could always just have in-game cheats and disable trophies when they’re used, instead of trying to fleece more money. Sony are really getting up themselves after riding on Microsoft’s mistakes.

  • It was highly unlikely I would of bought GT6 but now microtransactions are concerned I definitely will never playing this game, unless it comes to Ps+.

  • I TRULY hope this totally fails. EVERYONE DO NOT BUY INTO THIS NONSENSE. If you buy into it, you accept a full retail game with microtransaction is acceptable.

    I’ll certainly be doing my own troll damage to your ratings too.

  • shame on you for transactions

  • Already got the Anniversary Edition pre-ordered and can’t wait. I’d rather play the game though so the micro-transactions do not interest nor bother me.

  • Micro transactions? This is terrible news.

    It’s bad enough that there are special editions, where you’re given ridiculously good cars at the very start of the game. I hate that too.

    I still buy the special editions, as otherwise it’s impossible to obtain certain things, but I dislike doing so. I’m not really bothered at all by the extra price, but it’s the fact that it spoils the first part of the game, and you feel like you’re cheating.

    I have to force myself not to use the bonus vehicles until I feel it’s appropriate. This just makes the experience at the beginning more annoying.

    But now micro transactions too?

    You might as well start selling trophies, game completion, and physics alteration cheats! — You might get even more money out of stupid people who might pay for such things?

  • @ShadowDoGGG

    this is not the first retail game to go down this route.

    gta v and dead space 3 are 2 that come to mind that will allow you to buy virtual currency to progress faster but you can still get everything through normal play.

    people accepted the microtransaction route in retail games long before that when they started to pay £££ for stupid cosmetic items in games that should be unlocked through normal play .

    dont blame the devs for making money blame the idiots that buy these things as if no one bought them they would stop doing them

  • Yep, Forza series did this…its not game wrecking but there’s something very annoying about entire car manufacturers garages being unavailable to buy as every car in them is DLC or buying the GOTY edition with every piece of DLC only to have to grind credits to actually use the DLC in career mode and the car unlock chips which you can buy – the racing is phenomenal but all the micro transactions did was appease the lazy.

    I’d be less inclined to buy this as according to Kaz it isn’t the finished product and the day one patch won’t make it the finished product. As a fan there was no need to rush this game out just to hit holiday sales.

  • Who cares bout microtransactions, on GT5 everyone just redid 1 race over in over to get money, same on GTA5 (or cheated) even on GT4 which it was possible to do a race 1-3hours into the game to gain crazy amount of money..

    Point is, its just a grind on 1 race/level in these games to either slowly(GT5) or fastly(GT4) to gain money. GT6 will be the same if you dont got the time, pay up with real $$ or grind away.

    Not like its effecting your game & what you do on it

  • What is this microtransactions garbage?

  • @ XSpike
    I hope you’re right that it won’t affect everybody else’s game.

    I just get the feeling that to encourage players to spend real-life money on fake in-game money, they’ll make the in-game money harder to earn than it would otherwise have been — and that the game will feel like more of an unnecessary grind.

    I also get the feeling that if I race a friend a few days after the game is released, if that friend threw a lot of their real-life money at their game, he’ll win no matter how little effort or skill he has put into playing the game.

    I just hope 1 credit == 1 £/$/€ or 100 ¥ :P

  • Wow, there are as many crybabies over here in Europe about GT 6 not being on PS4 as there are in North America…

    PS3 install base = 80+ million people

    PS4 install base = 2-3 million people by GT 6 launch day.

    Do they not teach math or economics in Europe anymore?

  • @ JROD0823

    Nah… Instead, here they teach ‘maths’!

    As for comments on this post, I can count only two people from European countries who’ve commented that they want GT6 on PS4… Of those two people, at least one did not exactly cry about it.

    There was one more comment, but the commenter was saying humorously that GT6 looks so good they’re looking forward to it more than getting their PS4 — not crying. And in any case, New Zealand definitely isn’t in Europe.

    So, on this post, just one person? Perhaps maths is better than math? :P

    As for economics, I would buy a PS4 at launch if GT6 was coming out for it. Even though PS4 and its games look great, I’ll be playing GT6 too much for there to be any sense in buying a PS4 straight away.
    I honestly feel it’s nice that GT6 helps me not to buy a PS4 too early, before I really need one; it saves me some money for the time being. :)

  • Why is everyone acting as if they have to use these micro transactions? im not a fan of them but who cares? they aren’t forcing you to buy into them if you want to play through the game legit. Fine that’s great good for you but what about they guy who doesn’t have the time to race and grind for 10 mil credits to buy his dream car? that’s all these micro transactions are for i think it’s a rather good idea not that i will use them but it attracts more casual gamers rather than just hardcore gamers who have the time and patience to grind

  • Ca I get an answer please? When it will be available in US PSN store? I want to get the digital pre-order like gamers in UK. Many thanks.

  • To Mr_God_Cat:”Why is everyone acting as if they have to use these micro transactions? im not a fan of them but who cares? they aren’t forcing you to buy into them if you want to play through the game legit.”

    Because there used to be a time when those people would just have to enter a cheat code and be done with it. And we have to be vocal about why we think that this trend of micro-transactions is slowing killing the media we used to love. I won’t buy GT6 because I try not to condone micro transactions.

  • NEVER buying a full priced game with Pay To Win microtransactions in it! DON’T BE LIKE MICROSOFT, SONY! Don’t destroy good game design and our hobby with this garbage!

  • Ehm, i think i read somewhere that you’ll be able to upgrade GT6 to PS4. Not completely sure about this.

    Just letting ya all know the little birdy told me this. :)

  • So, you are charging the game at a full retail price and implement micro-transactions on top of that? Shame on you and the industry.

    I will never ever buy a game that includes micro-transactions and I hope that most consumers won’t either.

    If this is where you want to take things from now on, I wish you all the failure in the world.
    Well deserved!

  • I, too, will avoid any full priced product that will include microtransactions in expense of its gameplay and will also inform anyone about this malice. I am not against the principle of MT when is done right but i am afraid that it will be handled horribly.

  • C’mon ppl just leave the credits in place. Sure no one likes the MT’s. Its the same as all the hackers, there will always be the people that goes for that kind of thing. If you find them online and in your lobby, kick them. find you all on the other side of GT5 from 06/12/13.

  • Penrose, I have a question.

    There was no pre-order incentives in Croatia and I got my Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray Steelbook case without the Precision Pack code (which is available to other EU/PAL pre-orders when pre-ordering).

    Is there a way to get the Precision Pack code somehow? Thank you in advance.

  • I have brought the pre-order on the PlayStation store and it says it is available for download on the 5/12/2013 but I am unable to do so.

  • I preordered online and already downloaded the game plus the 10 “packs” (cars, paints, uniform), however (a) I haven’t received the 1mil in-game credits (as per the promotion email and game description before and after the purchase), and (b) how do I get the steel anniversary case that goes with this preorder ?

    All other packs installed correctly, so I got the cars, the uniform/helmet, plus the paint jobs (I think….)

    I have sent the same as email to the support (for Greece) and I would really like some answers regarding those issues.

  • Just to let you know, my email to bounced and failed, due to the inexistent email address!! But this is the email that Sony provides to Greek customers, in order to contact Support!!

    You should really take care of this issue and provide a valid and working email for contacting Sony Support.

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