The Players’ Monument unveiled

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Today we are launching the Players’ Monument to celebrate the impending launch of PS4 and Players everywhere.

This is where you’ll find Players from all over the world, represented by PlayStation symbols. Each symbol contains the pledge they made – their individual declaration of play. You can explore the Monument and discover all the Players, what type of Player they are, what they play and where they are from.

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If you have already pledged your allegiance to the Declaration of Play you can sign in to find out where you and your friends are within the Players’ Monument.

And if you’re not part of it already, sign up to take your place amongst the world’s Players in the Players’ Monument.

Visit and explore the Players’ Monument today.


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  • Can you please ask Chris to answer some of the Questions on the December Instant Game Collection thread?

    It’s like we are just being ignored.

    Seams like an odd time to start annoying your customers too!!?

  • Yes, yes, yes, this is fantastic and all that… but can we put the ps4 IGC to our download list via pc (if we don’t own a ps4)?

  • @jamesbduk

    This is a Blog, not a forum. The mods aren’t obligated to reply to comments, that is their choice.


    Yes you can.

  • @MaxDiehard

    then, what do we make out of this:


    Do we have a new development that im not aware of?

  • I am PlayStation 4 LiFE :P

  • Can someone please explain to me the point of this Players Monument? I just don’t get it. Other than being some bizarre advertising gimmick I struggle to see the point.

  • 33093 pledges #4ThePlayers

  • Psplus becomes really weak.If we cannot purchase ps4 games via pc or ps3 this means sony is becoming arrogant again.Xbox one may benefit from this.Pls sony dont make us abandon you

  • It is very low not to answer or give a satisfaction to your customers…

    Everybody is unhappy with the constant decreases in quality of the plus service but not clarifying if it possible to put IGC PS4 collection on your download list is pure incompetence.

    I’ll assume, as was with the anual(ahahaha) refresh of the Vita IGC and the constant silence and mixed answers that we’re basically screwed. We’ll see…

  • Guys right now on the US version of the Web PS Store!/en-US/home/games (sign in with a US account) you can purchase and grab PS4 games and Plus content. There is no reason that we won’t be able to do this in Europe in 2 weeks.

  • @andrewsqual
    Then why did we lose a ps3 game when America didn’t, and why can’t we preorder ps4 games via the webstore while SCEA customers were able to.

  • I read it as Kanye West might and every once in a while shouted, JESUS WALKS WITH THEM!

    I recommend everyone else does this also

  • @Alphaembryo

    A new PS4 UI walkthrough video posted by Sony earlier was demonstrating how to buy PS4 games using the Web and Mobile PlayStation Store, and it would be downloaded and available on your system as soon as you were home.

    I’m going by info I saw firsthand.

  • Is the PS4 really going to be worth it there might be problems nobody would expect and we will have just bought a glorified toaster sorry for knocking SONY im just worried

  • @MaxDiehard

    I watched that video too. But this doesn’t answer my question. What I need to know is whether I can buy PS4 content or grab the PS4-IGC through the store, via pc, >WITHOUT HAVING A PS4<. Because, the ''would be downloaded and available on your system as soon as you were home'' part, implies that I already own (and maybe registered -I don't know what little details might be important here) a PS4.

  • Yes you can. I was able to get PS+ games from the IGC for Vita before I even had one. With the web store, absolutely everything would be available through that, so yes, you will be able to.

  • @MaxDiehard

    I also have all the PSV given content despite not having a PSV.
    The logical answer is that we, indeed, can put our PS4-IGC on our download list through the store via pc or a smartphone, but I need confirmation from someone from SONY, especially after this response some days ago, that I provided earlier:

    Q:Posted on 13 November, 2013 at 1:11 pm by eddibhoy

    I won’t be buying a ps4 until next year. Can I add the ps4 games to my download list so they can be downloaded once I own a ps4?

    A: Posted on 13 November, 2013 at 4:20 pm by Chris Howe

    No PS4 games will only show up on the PS4 Store

  • @Alphaembryo

    I would be more than happy to tell you yes you can as everyone in the us who did not own a ps4 they were able to download the IGC from their PC

  • @ oCapTiNz: In the US they could also pre-order PS4 games in the PS Store. Good luck trying that in the EU.

    SCEE should just clarify this issue instead of ignoring customers again. Same goes for the 2 Vita titles that didnt get replaced. They told us several times they would be replaced after 12 months and not once told us that wouldnt be the case until there were only 8 days left until they should be replaced.

    The worst part is ignoring their customers once again though. As several people predicted, they went silent again. But when they have some good news to share they are all over the Blog to receive the compliments. Maybe Sony shouldnt replace the Vita titles but replace some people of the Blog team instead.

  • @oCapTiNz

    That’s good news, but again that’s only an indication, not a confirmation. We need confirmation from SONY (but we only get the silent treatment it seems…).

  • @WizzNL

    if that’s the case they better bring back the third ps3 game as they promised us to get when we signed up for the playstation plus

  • I don’t plan on buying any more PS3 or Vita games “in the foreseeable future” because I “don’t feel it is is the right time” to purchase them.
    Once my Plus subscription ends I don’t plan on renewing because of the recent cuts so I am not purchasing any more games until my plus subscription ends unless they are on an unmissable deal (but with the state of SCEE sales that is unlikely) so I want to play my plus games before they expire.

  • Here are my reasons for not renewing.
    You have already cut the PS3 games from 3 to 2 while America stays the same, and you may end up doing it again in a couple of months.
    You have decided to not change Uncharted and Gravity Rush “in the foreseeable future” because you “don’t feel it is is the right time” to change them, so you may end up doing the same with the 3 yearly ps3 games in June or remove them completely.
    According to Chris’s comment in the December Plus Content, we can only add our PS4 games via the PS4 store, so I won’t be able to add my ps4 games do my download list yet the Americans can.
    I was planning on purchasing my PS4 once either Final Fantasy 15 or Kingdom Hearts 3 get released, but as I won’t also have a collection of plus titles to influence my decision, I may as well buy the other console these games are on.

  • I’m new to PS3 and PS+ and was wondering how long Remember Me, Giana Sisters etc etc will stay free for + members?

  • @24, Jeff, presuming you mean you are a new subscriber to Plus, then I would recommend downloading everything on the IGC, even Vita games if you don’t own one. You don’t have to fully download, you can cancel anything you don’t want from your download management, but it gets everything on your download list. Plus games, once downloaded, or put on the download list, are free for the duration of your subscription, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year ect… As long as the games are on your list, you can download and delete as much as you want, and if you choose to let your sub run out and don’t subscribe again for say 3 months, then all content you have downloaded previously will become available again…so download everything, then delete what you don’t want. Any further queries and I’ll,or someone else, will clarify. :)

  • Aw thanks so much! You answered all my questions and more!
    Having a blast with my PS3 so far. Hope everyone is as kind and helpful as you. Peeeeaaace!

  • You left out The NOOBS on your monument… *heavily exasperated why-must-I-explain sigh* There are ALWAYS NOOBS…

  • Yo!

    I have been a longtime fan and user of Sony Playstation, recently bought a Vita too. PS4 was ordered in June.

    Anyway – the only people who can be added to the monument are Facebook and Twitter users – why not through a web browser registration or via the PSN ?

    I don’t use social media for reasons I will not go into

    Am I missing something? Can I register without FB and Twtr?

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